Is Online Income A Scam Or Can You Make $379/Day?

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Is Online Income A ScamThe same type of programs keep popping up and Online Income is no different than other link posting systems I’ve reviewed before.  Is Online Income a scam like all the others or can you really make $379/day?

Well, I’m here to show you the truth and how you may want to think twice before buying into a program like this.

Sometimes things are not as they seem to be and programs like these will trick you with words and make you think things that aren’t true.

I will reveal all in my Online Income review below:



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Online Income Logo


Program Name: Online Income


Price: $97.95

Owner: Crystal Croft

Recommended? No Way.

Online Income is yet another program about link posting and how you can make $379/day using their system.

This sales page makes it sound like there’s a job but you don’t pay for jobs, you apply for them.  They use the words like “job report” and “spots available” making it sound like a job but this is just a trick to make you feel safe about this offer.


Online Income Sales Page


Really, they are offering a system to show you how to post affiliate links all over the internet and claim that you can make $15 per link posting on it which is a ridiculous claim.

An affiliate link can’t be measured by a dollar amount like because what you can earn from one affiliate link can differ vastly from another depending on the program, product, or service you are promoting.


Online Income Fake Calculator


This program is essentially using affiliate marketing and while this is a great business model to use to make money online, the way Online Income is teaching you is going about it all wrong.

You cannot just take an affiliate link post it all over the internet on social media, forums, and blogs because that would be considered spam.

If you do that, you won’t be doing it long because those places you will post on will ban you from doing so.

Also, if you find a forum or site that will allow such postings, you won’t find much people there to click on your link because people will know to stay away since those are sites that are considered just junk.

This program is very similar to so many that I’ve reviewed before like these:

If you compare them all to this one, you will find that they all have the same set up, same elements, and same program basically.

Programs like these just changes names all the time when sites like mine reveal what they really are and it’s a vicious cycle that never ends it seems.




Like all the other link posting programs I’ve review before as listed above and more, there are many red flags to Online Income that makes you think if this is legitimate or not.

Let’s take a closer look at them now:

#1 – Fake Owner

This is a classic one when they use stock images for the so called owner “Crystal Croft” but when you are taking people’s money, you really shouldn’t be hiding behind stock photos.

I know this because this same photo was used in another program I reviewed and who’s name was “Heather Smith”:

Online Income Fake Owner



#2 – Identifying Companies With No Affiliate Programs

I know a lot about affiliate marketing and how it works as I use it everyday for this site so I would know which companies have affiliate programs and which ones don’t.

On the Online Income’s sales page, in their Step 1, they identify a bunch of companies you can get links to promote for but I can tell you right now two of those companies don’t have affiliate programs!

Online Income Using Wrong Companies with No Affiliate Programs

Netflix used to have one but they took it down long ago and I had confirmed this recently in another review I did.

Secondly, Blockbuster doesn’t even exist anymore so why is it even on there?!  It’s been merged into another company.


#3 – No One Can Get Affiliate Links For You

Staying on their three step instructions, it sounds like you just have to log in and put in your info and you can start getting links to post but it again doesn’t work this way.

You must apply to affiliate programs individually by yourself in order to get affiliate links to the products you want to promote.

People can’t just give you affiliate links and if they do, those are THEIR affiliate links and you’ll be promoting on their behalf and you won’t be earning your full commissions!  They may just give you a small portion of what they are earning.


#4 – Limited Spots Available 

Products like these always use the scarcity tactic to make you buy right away so there really isn’t limited space in your area.

Why would any company want to limit how many people could promote their company anyway?  That doesn’t even make sense especially with the internet these days.

Online Income Limited Space Availability

Anyway, I know those are fake counters on the sales page because I can go back tomorrow and the next week and the number will be the same.

These guys will take as many $97.95 payments as possible so don’t you worry about running out of time.


#5 – Fake News Links

Here is a tactic they use to make you think that THEIR opportunity has been featured on these news channels but really it’s just “Work From Home Opportunities” in general and not their program.

Online Income Fake News

If it was their program, there would be links to each of those logos to the actual news stories about Online Income but there aren’t any links to those logos so it’s just to make you think there is some trust here.


#6 – Fake New Video

This is kind of the same as #5 as there’s no real news stories being told in the news about Online Income program itself but just work from home opportunities in general.

As well, this news video has been used 100’s of times!!  Every single one of this type of product uses this same news video.

They could at least change it up!

Online Income Fake News Stories

If you look at all my other reviews I linked above in the previous section, you’ll see that this is the same video used in every single one of those products and there are even more that I just haven’t mentioned in this post.




With all those red flags, I have to say this Online Income is scam.  These link posting programs will never make you $379/day.

A real online business can earn you that, not just posting links all over the internet.

These types of products are fly by nights, meaning they will disappear in a few weeks or months and will be rebranded to a different name.

You really cannot trust such products and you will not get really far if you join.  If you are stuck, you will not get much help either, and you’ll be left to figure it all out on your own.

I highly do NOT recommend this Online Income program.




Link posting is not a real way to make money online.

If you want to learn how to use affiliate marketing the right way, you can do so by learning how to build an online business.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Online Income is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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