Become A Millionaire Or Is My Online Business A Scam?

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Is My Online Business A Scam?Have you come across Matt Driscoll’s My Online Business and wondering if you can really become a millionaire or is My Online Business a scam?

The sales video on his site sure sounds very tempting with the possibility of making thousands of dollars in just a few sales without much work or time.

He even promises you $500 just for watching his video to the end, did you get the $500?

I’m sure you didn’t because these types of products always do that to lure you in to take that next step.

But before you do, I hope you will read what I can reveal in my review below, you’ll be shocked at what you’ll need to do in this program.

I will go over the following sections:



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My Online Business Logo


Program Name: My Online Business


Price: $97 or $49 with discount

Owner: Matt Driscoll

Recommended? No.

This program My Online Business says that he can show you how to become a millionaire in just 6 steps.

He will even show you how easy it is to make $1,000’s in commissions per sale from selling high ticket products.


My Online Business sales page


Matt goes to say how you can just “turn on” the traffic and then direct that traffic to Company X that has all the high ticket products, and you’ll make commissions just like that.

He offers you a millionaire mentor and a sales team of your own to close all the deals for you so you don’t have to work much at all.

You won’t need to call anyone, sell to anyone, you just have to bring in 50 people a month who can afford these high ticket products and you can just sit back and collect the commission checks.

All you have to do is sell 1 of these products every 3 days and you’ll be on your way to being a millionaire.

He even claims you won’t have to work for more than an hour a day.


My Online Business Never Have To Work For More Than An Hour a Day


Sounds very tempting all of this, but he leaves out a very important point.

This My Online Business is NOT the system you’ll be buying. In fact, My Online Business is nothing but a sales page to lure you in.

It’s a front to funnel you into a very expensive program with almost the same name.

I will show you what I mean in the next section.




The purpose of My Online Business is to con you into a program that you will probably turn away in a second if you just knew in the beginning what it was.

He uses fake testimonials to paint you a picture you can relate to, having financial problems but using this system has given them a life we all dream about.



He also uses exclusivity to get you in the door making you feel special that you got selected to be one of 70 people to join this secret club.

Well, this My Online Business is all a hoax, just like Automated Daily Income and Massive Online PayDays, to lure you into a very risky business called MOBE (My Online Business Education, Ltd).

It’s a system that gives you a coach, your very own “millionaire mentor”, to make sure you upgrade and make sales.

My Online Business free millionaire mentor


You see, you can’t make those high commissions in the thousands unless you upgrade to one of their certified levels to become a MOBE Certified Consultant.

Once you upgrade, then you’ll be able to have the right to sell those and make commissions off of them.

These are very expensive high ticket memberships:

  • Silver – $2,497 one time + $27 per month
  • Gold – $4,997 one time + $64 per month
  • Titanium – $9,997 one time + $121 per month
  • Platinum – $16,667 one time + $198 per month
  • Diamond – $29,997 one time + $295 per month

You will have to be at the level you want to sell at and you have to “qualify” for each level too, so if you want to make commissions at all levels right away, you’ll need to invest over $64K!

Yes, do you have that kind of money to invest?

And then you’re supposed to find people who are willing to do the same.

Matt makes it sound very easy to do that in the sales video right?  Just find the people who has the money to pay for high ticket products and then they’ll close the deal for you.


My Online Business free sales team


Well, the personal sales team you get is basically the “millionaire mentor” for the people you bring in as is your millionaire mentor is the sales team for the person that brought you into the program, the owner behind My Online Business (Matt Driscoll if that’s his real name), in this case.

See how the program really works now?

Also, forget about the $500 you’re guaranteed… they say will make this $500 from the program or they will give you the $500 but you need to show that you’ve done everything they say which includes investing $1,000’s of dollars into the program.

So either way, they win and they’ll never have to really pay you $500 because even if you did invest and didn’t make money, they’ll gladly return $500 of those $1,000s you gave them.


My Online Business Guarantees you $500


The sales video on My Online Business also feeds you lies like you are guaranteed to make money and that you won’t lose money but the truth is, there are so many people that lose money in this MOBE program.

Just search it online, you’ll quickly and easily find many people not succeeding in this program and end up with massive amounts of debt.

They will tell you to take loans out just so you can upgrade.

It’s a very risky program this MOBE program; how and where will you find people who will put in that kind of money for this program?

It just doesn’t make sense for anyone new to this making money online thing to try such a program as it will only get riskier using paid advertising as well to promote it.




I would have to say My Online Business is a scam because it doesn’t tell you the truth of what you’re getting yourself into.

You don’t have all the details of what the program entails plus they make it sound super easy to make $10K a day.


My Online Business $10K in your bank


There are no quick, easy riches on the internet, and My Online Business is just plain telling you lies throughout the whole video.

My Online Business is nothing but a sales video full of smoke & mirrors to lure you into a very risky business called MOBE.

Is MOBE a scam? No, because they do have other retail products that you can promote as well, it’s not all about membership, but it does have a very risky business model plus a high failure rate as you can imagine.

To conclude, I do NOT recommend you falling for My Online Business and joining MOBE.




Earning thousands of dollars a day would be great and all but the risk is way too high to take for most of us.

What I’ve done instead is building an online business that doesn’t require as high of an investment and in fact, it’s free to get started!

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I don’t leave anything out and you will see all the details on how the business model I use work, why it works, and how it can generate you an income for years to come.

You will be learning from the best (not me, Lol) and will have all the necessary business tools to get you started for free.

I’ve been using the same business model since September 2016 and haven’t looked back or scammed ever again because now I have a path to build something that will give back to me 10 fold.

This is not a get rich quick thing and DOES require your real work effort and time, so don’t think you’ll get rich any time soon with it.

However, with your work and dedication, you will be building an asset that can pay your bills for many years to come!

Stop wasting time and money on scams today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether My Online Business is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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