Is Home Based Wealth System A Scam? Make Or Spend $379/Day?

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is Home Based Wealth System a scamI was emailed this morning this Home Based Wealth System and when I took a look, I knew right away this was a scam.  I’ve been reviewing this type of scam for awhile now and they keep popping up.

Even worse, this scam is not even what it’s marketing to be, you’re actually being misled to another hidden product that you probably wouldn’t know.

That’s why I’m here to tell you what this really is and why you should avoid it as much as possible.

My review below will show you the truth and why Home Based Wealth System is a total scam.

I will walk you through the following sections:



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Home Based Wealth System Logo


Program Name: Home Based Wealth System


Price: $99 – $29,997 (YUP!)

Owner: Raena Lynn (Fake)

Recommended? NO

There are sure a lot of scams on the internet and a lot of them are hard to decipher what’s what especially when they come up with a product like Home Based Wealth System.

Home Based Wealth System is just a front to make you think you are buying this “Home Based Wealth System” to learn how to make $379/day from the comfort of your home.


Home Based Wealth System Sales Page


They even show you a lady called Raena Lynn who’s gone through so much and needed to find something to get out of her financial rut.

She amazingly finds this man who gives her this system that supposedly makes her enough money to quit her job and only work 1 – 4 hours a day while doubling her income with this “easy work at home job”.

This Home Based Wealth System then goes into what it is and how you can post links to make money on the internet and giving you 3 easy steps as well.

However, not only does this “link posting” thing is sham, but this whole Home Based Wealth System doesn’t even exist.

As I scroll down the page even more, I found my answer to what this really is.  I see there’s a video and I played it to see what it was.

As I watched the first few seconds, I knew I’ve seen this before and then I saw the person that tipped me off what this product really is: Carolina Millan.

There’s a lady in the video named Carolina Millan and she’s a big time MOBE promoter, and she has her own site, Laptop Lifestyle System, that I’ve reviewed before too.

Here she is with MOBE owner, Matt Loyd.

If you don’t know what MOBE is, then you are in for a ride if you sign up because you’re going to be a spending or getting yourself into huge debts!

MOBE is a high ticket program, giving you the opportunity to make high figure commissions but there’s a huge cost to this program that they never reveal before you join which I’ll go into in a bit.

Home Based Wealth System is really no different than another fake product that looks exactly like this called Automated Daily Income which is also a cover up for MOBE.




What Link Posting Really Is

The Home Based Wealth System wants to make you feel like you are going into something quite easy like posting links for companies who are “desperate” to have people post links for them.

Telling you how you can make over $11,000 a month ($379/day) by just spamming all over the internet.

Home Based Wealth System is a front to get you to think you are buying into your dream “job” when there are no jobs or positions that are limited.

This is a business opportunity but it’s not possible to earn $11K/month just by posting links.  Doesn’t work that way.

The real process for this “link posting” thing they are talking about is actually affiliate marketing but you cannot build this kind of business by just posting links all over the place because it will just get you banned.

Also, no one will trust to click any strange links these days, the internet users are much smarter.  You also don’t make any money just by posting links.

You have to have people click on it, and buy something at the site that the link takes them to.

Spamming links everywhere may have worked years ago but these days you can’t use affiliate marketing like this, the most you’ll make is a few bucks here and there.

Nothing in the tunes of $379 a day.

I know this because I use affiliate marketing everyday to make my living online so I kind of know how it works and this Home Based Wealth System is giving you the worse advice ever.


Home Based Wealth System Lies

I usually go into great depths here showing my readers all the lies that are on these types of sales pages, but today I won’t be doing that because I want to get to the underlying product MOBE.

You can see the same types of lies that are on Home Based Wealth System right here on Computer Experts Online, as I just finished writing about another fake product that looks just like this.

However, the exact same set up as Home Based Wealth System is found on Automated Daily Income as mentioned earlier.

The usual lies on these pages are summarized as follows:

  1. Fake Owner – that stock photo has been used so many times in these types of products (see Computer Experts Online for samples).
    Home Based Wealth System Fake Owner
  2. Fake Testimonies – always using stock photos for their testimonies and same ones too.
  3. Fake News – Home Based Wealth System, this product, has NEVER been mentioned in the media.Home Based Wealth System Was NEVER Featured in the news
  4. Fake Video – has nothing to do with Home Based Wealth System, it just talks about home based businesses in general, and this video has been used hundreds of times.
  5. Fake Limited Availability – this is only used to get you to buy now, just a scarcity sales tactic.
  6. Link Posting method – out of date, a method that doesn’t work today, can’t spam on the internet. Totally misleading and not how affiliate marketing works.
  7. Income Exaggeration – no way you can earn that much with their method.
  8. Work 60 Minutes A Day Only – no way you can make 5 figures a month just working an hour a day.

There are tons more lies and misleading things I can say about Home Based Wealth System’s sales page but I think you can get the point and see the length these guys will go to make things look legit.

This is why I made it my mission to make sure guys like these don’t get away with it and I write these reviews to inform those who are just wanting to learn how to make money online properly.


The Truth About MOBE

All this smoke and mirrors just so they can get your personal info and your first $99.

Once they have your personal info, they will get you on the phone so they can sell you those high ticket programs.

You see, MOBE is a MLM company and they use a licensing business model where you will have to buy all the products you want to make commissions from.

These products are digital marketing packages that cost in the thousands, so if you want make high commissions, this is what you have to do.

Just how high do these products cost?  Take a quick peak at their compensation plan:

MOBE True Costs
See for Full Details.


So, not only do the packages cost 4 to 5 digits, you have monthly fees to go along with it.

When you buy into these packages, then you can qualify to sell them right away.  The other option is to sell 5 of each of these packages to qualify, if you don’t want to buy but that’s not the point of the sales call, they want you to buy.

They even say this is your mentor or coach but this person will be neither, it’ll be a sales rep that will get a piece of the pie (commission) when he/she closes your sale.

If you buy in, the person that got you into the system will also get commission, in this case, it’s the person behind Home Based Wealth System.

Their goal is to get you to Diamond level as quick as possible but for you that’s a $64K+ investment!  Do you rather put that kind of money on a house instead?  It would sure make a good down payment.

The spending doesn’t stop there.

Once you buy in, it’s time to promote to hopefully sell the packages you bought in to make your money back.  You usually have to sell about 3 of the package you bought to start making a profit.

The way they tell you how to promote will be to use paid traffic since they don’t want you to learn the real way to attract free organic search traffic to your landing pages.

You will be spending hundreds, or more like thousands, of dollars if you want any of your template marketing materials to be seen by anyone.

You will need to recruit massively to get the kind of people that are crazy enough to buy in as well.

It will be way harder than what Home Based Wealth System makes the system seem, totally misrepresenting what the underlying system MOBE is really about.

You’re really just getting people to join the system so you can make commissions, passing money from one new member to an existing member.

Never making sales to any retail customers or have any retail sales.

Oh and a similar set up of this type of business just got sued by the FTC, so yeah, maybe I should have said that from the start!

It’s only a matter of time til the FTC also shuts down MOBE.  Very risky to join at this point.




Thumbs DownI usually don’t reveal this til this section but I already told you in the beginning that Home Based Wealth System is a scam.

I hope you now agree with me that this is a total sham only to try to get you into the real system MOBE which has a business model that’s not kosher with the government.

There isn’t much more I need to say about this except that if you really want to learn the proper way to make money online, keep reading in the next section.

Obviously, I do not recommend Home Based Wealth System or MOBE.




I know there are more scams out there than there are legitimate businesses and I was in your place not long ago.

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There are no magic systems on the internet that can just “dump truckloads of cash in your bank account” as some scams say.

Use real training, and get the guidance you need to build your future with.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Home Based Wealth System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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