Get Paid $2,740/Day Or Is Secret Millionaire Training A Scam?

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is  Secret Millionaire Training a scamLooking at Secret Millionaire Training and wondering if it’s going to scam you or are you really going to learn how to make $2,740 per day?

I know your search to learn how to make money online has been extensive and many of you will encounter all sorts of scams because unfortunately there are more scams than real programs out there.

Systems like Secret Millionaire Training gets worse because of their deceptive marketing tactics and their business model doesn’t create real value for anyone.

My Secret Millionaire Training review will show you what this really is and cover the parts their sales video never tells you.

My review is broken down like this:



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Program Name: Secret Millionaire Training


Price: $49

Owner: Jeff Lerner (or affiliate of his)

Recommended? No

The Secret Millionaire Training sales video sure sounds great right?  Who wouldn’t want to make $2,740 per day everyday so you can become a millionaire.

The sales video is there just to make you feel excited about what it would really feel to be a millionaire, to have just thousands of dollars rolling in everyday.


 Secret Millionaire Training Home Page Sales Video


The system apparently runs on 100% autopilot and does everything for you, you won’t need products, touch any websites, be technical in anyway, no marketing or promotional materials needed, no customer service to deal with, and you even get a millionaire mentor.

The best part of the system: you hardly need to work, just 30 mins a day is all they ask.

To anyone not familiar with this industry, this seems like the magic system they’ve been searching for and dive right in.

When you do and fork over your $49, that’s it, get ready to spend a LOT more.

You see, this is all smoke and mirrors, you’re being blinded with the shiny object of making fast cash and loads of it.

They don’t really need to tell you what you’re getting yourself into, they just want you in the door so they can start calling you on the phone.

Once they get you on the phone, you’ll be getting a sales call, not a mentoring call.

That’s right, Secret Millionaire Training is not even a real system, it’s a fake to lure you into a high ticket program called The 16 Steps To 6 Figures (Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System).


 Secret Millionaire Training's Real System is 16 Steps To 6 Figures


You don’t know this until you’re at the checkout page about to buy it, there’s suddenly nothing about Secret Millionaire Training and that name is seen nowhere on the checkout page.

And that sales video?  I’ve seen it many times under many different names:

They do this to evade all the negative reviews out there written by people like me who keep exposing them.

Let’s dive deeper to see what you’re really getting yourself into.




Now that it’s revealed that Secret Millionaire Training is not even a system, I’ll be telling you how the underlying system works.


The Real Truth

You’re not going to a lot of training before you have to schedule a call with your mentor.

In reality, your mentor is definitely not a millionaire and in fact is just a sales rep that’s going to try to talk you into spending thousands of dollars.

You see, the way these high ticket systems work is that they use a licensing business model where you have to buy everything you want to make commissions from.

They are usually all digital marketing products so nothing physical but these packages will cost in the 4 to 5 digit figures.

That’s the only way it’s possible to make high commissions that they talk about in the sales video.



If you can make $1,000 commission from a product, you’re usually paying about $2,500 for it first so you’ll need to sell 3 of these products in order to just make your investment back and start making a profit.

There’s even one part of the video that says you can make up to $25K per sale!

That would mean you would be spending anywhere from $50K – $75K for a package like that!

Do these digital marketing packages come with a house for that kind of money??  No marketing package is worth that much.

Who the hell can you sell these to?

Not retail customers, because you’re basically recruiting people to come into the system to pay for these products so you (and the phone sales rep) can make a commission.

When you join, you’ll be buying the products first so the person behind Secret Millionaire Training can make their commission.


Secret Millionaires Gives You Free Mentor


There are no separate millionaire mentors and sales teams that come with the system…. just sales teams, and they are there to make you spend money.

No one is being mentored and do you think you’ll get much help once you start buying those high ticket packages?  They already got your money so fat chance.

You’ll be left to figure out how the system will be 100% autopilot which you’ll quickly find out that it’s not 100% autopilot and that you do need to put in quite a lot of work.

No one else will be helping you make your investment back and the way they show you how to get leads to your template landing pages will make you spend even more money since they want you to use paid traffic.

Using their template marketing materials will only get you so far so you’ll have to use paid traffic to get any of these materials seen by anyone.

If you don’t know how to use paid online advertising, then you’ll be looking at spending thousands of dollars a month trying to perfect high converting ad campaigns.


Why This Won’t Work For You

This is just not the best business model to use since you’re not building anything of value.

You’re basically passing money from one new member to an existing member and this type of business model is not okay with the FTC.

The FTC has recently sued Digital Altitude for having such a licensing business model and they didn’t like their misleading marketing tactics either.

So joinnig this 16 Steps to 6 Figures will be very risky for you as you will be at risk of being shut down by the government and all your time and money will be down the drain.

Even if this business model was okay by the government, do you think you will be able to recruit a lot of people into such a system that you have to pay thousands of dollars in?

You would need to recruit massively to find the few who are also crazy enough to join such an expensive high ticket system.

You will find that most who join such a system hardly make their money back and most real testimonies would tell you this is a scam, all they do is make you pay.

It’s going to be way harder than you think, and 30 minutes of work a day is not going to make you a millionaire, I think 99% of the self-made millionaires out there will tell you the same thing.




Thumbs DownYes, I would consider Secret Millionaire Training a scam because not only it doesn’t tell you the truth but it’s deceiving you that this system is actually Secret Millionaire Training.

Secret Millionaire Training doesn’t exist and not any system, just a front to lure you into a high ticket program that you probably would never join if you knew the whole truth from the start.

Even your personal information is at stake here because in the fine print of the checkout page, it says:

By submitting my information, I hereby agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy and consent to receive recurring information by email, telephone calls, and/or SMS even if I am on a State or Federal Do-Not-Call list. Standard Msg and Data Rates Apply

So that means, once you pay your $49, that’s it, it’s marketing hell from here.

You won’t be getting rid of them any time soon even if you’re on a Do-Not-Call list, oh my lord.  These guys are wolves.

Do not give them any of your info!!

I highly do not Secret Millionaire Training or the underlying program of 16 Steps to 6 Figures.




No, you sure don’t and anyone telling you need to do that is just trying to get you to give them your money.

Sure any business has expenses but if you have the right business model, then you don’t have to spend thousands upon thousands before you even get started.

That’s why I love the business model I use because it doesn’t make me pay before I play and still takes advantage of the millions of products that are available online these days.

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You simply won’t find another platform like this which also includes a community of like-minded people waiting to help you as well as myself.

Stop being scammed by fake sites like Secret Millionaire Training and start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Secret Millionaire Training is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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