Get Paid $5K/Week Or Is Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret A Scam?

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is Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret a scamAre you looking at Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret and wondering if you can really make $5K per week or is Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret a scam?  Does Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret really have a secret?

That’s what Jeff Lerner want you to think but really there are no secrets to making money online but what’s worse is that Jeff wants you to think that working very little can make you thousands of dollars a week.

There are some very misleading things in his sales video that you need to know and my review will tell you exactly what that is.

Don’t be blinded by the shiny objects that Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret dangles in front of you, you will be taken for if you do.

I’m glad you’re smart enough to do your research and land here to learn about the truth.

So, let’s breakdown what Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret is all about in the following ways:



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Program Name: Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret


Price: $49

Owner: Jeff Lerner (probably not, but an affiliate)

Recommended? No

The sales video at Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret is very convincing to tell you to wonder how those people in coffee shops can just stay there all day long with their laptops.

Making you thirst for such a lifestyle that you can just be at a coffee shop all day playing around on your laptop.


Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret home page sales video


Then Jeff takes you through his sad story where he used to play piano at a bar for money and then he wasted a lot of money to try different things to make better money.

He supposedly found a magic system that has made him millions of dollars and that it can start dumping thousands of dollars in your bank account.

A system that makes sales on your behalf so you can just earn thousands of dollars without closing one sale.

The system did “everything” for him and making him $40K per month.

The system is so great that you don’t need:

  • Technical experience
  • Create any products
  • Create any marketing materials
  • Any traffic
  • Create any promotions

What you’ll be doing is just sending leads/people to the his system and the system does all the work.

This sounds all nice and easy but sending leads is actually the hardest part of the entire system and they don’t tell you much about the costs inside once you get in either.

So let’s get this straight, this system is definitely not as great as it sounds and you’re being blinded by the shiny object of making tons of cash in a short amount of time.

It just doesn’t work that way.




What Jeff Lerner never reveals to you is that once you’re in with your $49, that’s going to be the start of your spendings.


Deceptive Names

In fact, he’s been lying to you throughout the whole sales video since the system is not even “Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret” but the real system is called 16 Steps to 6 Figures or Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System.

Either way, this guy comes up with all sorts of names to mislead people time and time again, Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret is similar like Payday Shortcuts where he’ll just mislead you into thinking that this is yet another new system but it’s the same crap.

So the real system, whatever he wants to call it, will really work like this: you will get a bunch of marketing materials with your training, but before you can make any sales or at least earn commissions from their products, you’ll need to buy them first yourself.


High Ticket Program

This is actually a high ticket program where you’ll need to buy all the products that you want to make commissions from first, which they call a “licensing fee” but really, this is so the person who brought you into the system can make money first from your purchase.

Then that’s what you’ll do as well, you’ll be bringing other people in so that they can buy those products and you make commissions.

So you’re just earning commissions from people you bring in to do the same thing you do.

The products are not cheap as you’ll be paying for at least double the commission you would make from it, so if you want to make $10K like Jeff tells you, you’ll probably need to spend at least $20K or more for that high ticket package.

What’s even worse is that you supposed get a coach and that coach is supposed to help you with your business but guess what?

That’s not a real coach, it’s just a sales rep (your sponsor’s sales team) trying to sell you the high ticket offers.

Making you even take out loans and go into debt so you can further your business according to their sales tactics.

If you do stuff like that, you can easily get yourself in deep trouble like the way my reader did here who lost over $15K chasing the dream of easy money.

You think they will actually help you build your business once they get thousands and thousands from you?  Think again.

This business model is not a good one and it will be shut down sooner or later as a bigger fish in the sea was recently sued by the FTC for this kind of business model.


Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret won't do everything for you


It’s Way Harder Than Jeff’s Says

To add to it all, I mentioned earlier that you have the hardest part of the whole system: recruiting.  You will need to do massive recruiting to get the kind of people that will do the same as you.

That’s like finding a needle in a hay stack! Think about all the people who has thousands of dollars to put into this system?

Hardly anyone.

So you’ll need to know how to recruit massively to find those few that will take you on and spend money like you.

The system doesn’t give you “everything” you need as well nor is it completely done-for-you since you have to do this promotion part yourself.

They will teach you to use paid advertising since they will barely teach you the right way to build your business to attract free organic traffic.

Therefore, you’ll be spending hundreds, even thousands, of dollars more a month just to get your template landing pages seen by people.

I didn’t spend a dime for you to come to my website, did I?  Nope.  Keep reading if you want to learn what I do.




Of course Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret is a scam, there is no such secret and there is no such system in that name.

This whole system is a scam since it’s highly misleading and totally unethical to not inform consumers what they are in for.

This is a business opportunity and people should know all the facts before they join.

I’ve never liked this kind of business model where you pay before you play because what you’re really doing is just passing money from one member to another and you’re not really building a business or anything of value.

That is why the FTC will not ignore these types of businesses and is now started to crack down.

If you join this business, you’ll have nothing left if the FTC comes after these guys too.

Therefore, I do not recommend Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret or Jeff Lerner’s 6 Figure Business System.




There really is no secret to making money online.

It’s all about a process and knowing how the process works but most important to know is that you will have to work for it.

Many of the scams out there will tell you don’t have to work or work ridiculously small amount of time to earn thousands of dollars a day, no, this doesn’t happen.

Only those who dedicate themselves to learning and working hard will make real money in this business.

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Building your business properly is very important and something I couldn’t learn on my own until I found this myself.

After months of hard work and dedication, I can now enjoy working from home and earning a living online with my business.

How about you?  You want to spend thousands of dollars on a system that doesn’t create any value or will you build your own business in a topic you love and offer people value while making money too?

If you are thinking the latter, then there’s no time to waste!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Coffee Shop Lifestyle Secret is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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