Dosh App Review: Fastest Cash Back App Or Is Dosh A Scam?

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Is Dosh App a scamChecking out the Dosh app to see if you can earn some fast cash back or is the Dosh app a scam really?

How does the Dosh app work? Will you really get paid?

There’s nothing better than to earn money from doing what you already do so having an app like Dosh by your side while you’re doing your everyday shopping will be wise for your wallet.

There are other cash back sites like EBates and Swagbucks but the convenience of the Dosh app can’t be beat.

In my Dosh review below, you will learn from the following sections:



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Dosh App Logo


Program Name: Dosh


Price: Free

Owner: Cash Flow Solutions, Inc.

Recommended? Yes

There are definitely not a lot of programs I recommend on my review site here but this Dosh app brings a new light to my site!

It’s an app that you install on your mobile smart phone and gives you cash back on purchases that you made from participating stores that are available for this Dosh app.


Dosh App Home Page


You are going to be earning money on doing things like shopping for clothes, shopping for food, eating out at restaurants and even booking hotels for your travels.

A lot of people love this kind of app that give cash back for things you already normally do and this Dosh app makes it oh so convenient for you to do.

The Dosh app is relatively new that just came out mid 2017 and has grown in popularity quite fast.

I think this is because of the ease of the app as well as how fast it is to earn.

You won’t have to be dealing with uploading receipts, scan things like UPC codes, mail-in any rebates, use any promo codes, or fumble while in-store.

Once you set up your account in the Dosh app, the app does most of the work for you which is very convenient.

If you’re shopping locally or online and eat out at restaurants, I don’t see why you wouldn’t get this Dosh app as you’ll get money back very quickly for your purchases.

Let me go more into how it works in the next section.




In this section, I will go over how you will get started with your account and how you will earn on this Dosh app.



The Dosh app only works in the USA at the moment so traveling outside of the US will not earn you any money if you shop at the same stores you usually do in your local area.

The app is relatively new like I said earlier so maybe in the future they will make it better so other people from different countries can use it but for now, it’s just for the 50 states in the US.


Setting Up Your Account

Let’s start with setting up your account as you will immediately earn $5 for linking your first credit or debit card in the app.

This is necessary so that the app can do most of the work I mentioned above for you.  This way you will not need to upload any receipts, scan anything, or mail in anything.

Once you link up a credit or debit card, you will get your first $5.

When you use this card in your local stores, you will get cash back without you doing anything extra than just walking in and making a purchase.

This is one of the best features of this Dosh app and why it’s so popular right now.

The process to earn from your linked card is really this simple:

  1. Link
  2. Shop
  3. Get cash back


Dosh App 3 steps to In Store Shopping


4 Ways To Earn

In the Dosh app, there are four ways for you to earn money on:

  • In Store Shopping
  • Online Shopping
  • Booking Hotels
  • Referral Program


In Store Shopping – It’s literally as easy as I mentioned above, once your card is linked, you don’t have much more to do but to look up the places you can use it at in your local area.

There are literally tons of places to choose from and if you allow the app to look up places for you, it’s best to allow the app to find your location.

Once you allow the app to find your location, you will get to scroll through pages and pages to shop at which includes restaurants as well.

The cash back you get range from 2% for like Sam’s Club (big purchases here), 7% at Jack in the Box, or 10% at more locally known places like local coffee shops.

So all you have to do is find a place that you want to shop or buy something at and use the card you linked to the Dosh app at that store, then see your cash back in the app!


Online Shopping – This is similar to other cash back sites where you will have to shop through their app by clicking on the “Offers” tab at the bottom of the app, then tap on “Online” near top of the results.

Doing so will give you the results of the online brands that are available to shop from.

You will then click on the brand you want to see the offers available, then click on “Shop Now” button which takes you to the site where you will make your purchase.

Your cash back takes a little while to get because they need to wait for the return period of the purchased item to expire, which can take up to 60 days of making your online purchase.

The cash back rates I found are as low as 0.08% (for only like two merchants though) all the way up to 37.5% like Udemy (online courses) which is pretty cool.

Most of course range more like 3% – 7% and brands are vast, popular like Target, Walmart, Fitbit, Ace Hardware, Puma, Gap, Lego, and many more.


Booking Hotels – If you look at the “Travel” tab of the bottom menu of the app, you will see if it’s worth your while to book your next hotel there.

Search the city you want to book your hotel at, this includes International destinations as well, with the dates you want to travel on and enter the number of adults and children for the trip, hit “Search”.


Dosh App Hotel Options


You will see their prices for each hotel, their ratings, and how many “Total Cash Back” you will get for the trip.

So whether you book one night or multiple nights, there is only a fixed cash back for each hotel booking.

Some of the other Dosh reviews out there said that this cash back was per night, but it appears they have changed that since they launched.

For each hotel, you will see the room options that are available and when you click on one of these options, you’ll see your total price for your booking and the total cash back you’ll get.


Referral Program – This is always great to have if you love using the Dosh app like I do, you will get a referral link that you can use to pass to your friends and family to make more money!

You can get $5 for each referral that signs up through your link & links a credit or debit card.

With their incentive to earn that quick $5 for linking a card, you’ll be getting these $5 referrals no problem!




When your Dosh balance reaches $15, then you can request a payout via PayPal which some have reported getting as fast as a few minutes after requesting it.

PayPal is one of the most reliable and quickest way to get your money and many legitimate companies use them and PayPal only works with legit companies.

Everyone can get a free PayPal account if you’re in the US so there should not be any problems here for you to get your money at, which can be linked to your bank account to transfer the money to your bank.

I myself got this $40 payment very quickly as well:

Dosh App Payment Proof


So you can be sure that they do pay, it’s just a matter of collecting those cash back dollars and you’ll be in the money.




Credit & Debit Card Info

Some may be concerned about linking their credit or debit card on the Dosh app and the security of their information.

From their FAQs, they use bank level encryption as well as not storing any of your credit card or debit card or passwords on their app or servers.

I haven’t had any problems with it and I’ve already gotten paid out so things are good on my end.  I also see many happy members there too.

If you’re concerned, then you can use other cash back sites I mentioned above near the top of this post.


Debit Card Needs To Be Used As A Credit Card

The great thing about debit cards is that they can be used as a credit card without using any PIN info, therefore, you can use your debit card in the Dosh app, but you must use it as a credit card.

People complain about their PIN working or can’t use their debit and it’s because they forget they can use it as a credit card.

So you shouldn’t worry and just link the debit card.




I’m happy to say that the Dosh app is not a scam because I have seen many payment proofs as well as my own experience.

I feel this app is very easy to use and love the feature of just linking your card and start shopping locally to collect cash back with no other action needed.

I think you will really like using this app too and there’s nothing like earning money on activities you already do.

If you want to give the Dosh app a try, sign up here and get your first $5 really fast!




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Have fun with the Dosh app but you may want to take a look at a new way of making a significant amount of money.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether the Dosh app is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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