Quantum Ad Code Review: Scam Or Make $13,671.32 Per Day?

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Is Quantum Ad Code A ScamThe Free Ad Cash System’s sales video sure sounds enticing about this Quantum Ad Code that’s making everyone millionaires but is it real or is it a scam?

When something that sounds too good to be true, it usually is and this is no different.

Let’s not waste any time here and I’ll just tell you that this is a total scam.

There’s no such system that can make you that kind of money and in my review below, I will proof to you this is not what it seems to be.

I have broken down my Quantum Ad Code review in the following ways:



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Quantum Ad Code Logo


Program Name: Quantum Ad Code

Website: freeadcashsystem.com/quantumad

Price: Free (Lie)

Owner: Hidden

Recommended? NO

To anyone that’s new in making money online may think the sales video for Quantum Ad Code is for real and find it very attractive.

This “Michael Crawford” has supposed built some software to make mad cash for you by using some NQS (Near Quantum Speed) technology.

The system is guaranteed to make you money everyday as they never lose a trade and just continuously makes you five figures everyday with a click of a button.


Quantum Ad Code Sales Video Home Page


Michael even talks about how they leverage the speed of their trades that makes them win every time, every day, without any losses.

He’s also supposedly some billionaire who’s been on so many different news outlets, flies in his own private plane, and drives fancy cars.

The only problem is, you really can’t find Michael Crawford as a billionaire who’s created such a system.

This is because this is all fake.

I’m sorry to break it to you but this is not real one bit and NQS technology doesn’t even exist and “flipping ads” is not real either.

So not sure what he’s even “trading” with his software.

In the next section, I will provide you with some proof that this is nothing but a huge waste of time and yes, they will take your money.

Once they take your money, you won’t be able to get your money back nor will you make those $10,000’s everyday.

Their system will all of a sudden make a loss for some excuse they will give you if they even answer you after they take your money.




How Quantum Ad Code really works is to feed you a bunch of lies so you will fork over your hard earned money.

You think this is Michael’s first rodeo?  Nope, he’s probably not even Michael but he’s in other different scams as well.

The real owner of this Quantum Ad Code has been making these sales videos for awhile and they keep changing the brand name so they can dodge the negative reviews from people like me who keep exposing them.


Quantum Ad Code Is Not A Real System

So to give you examples of their BS, I’d like to show you what Quantum Ad Code used to be which sits on the this freeadcashsystem.com domain.

Free Ad Cash System was the first system this domain was promoting and it looked like this:

Quantum Ad Code used to be Free Ad Cash System


Looks kinda like Quantum Ad Code (image above in previous section) right?

Well, it’s because it’s from the same creator and that Free Ad Cash System was exposed already as a scam so now they are using the same domain but revised their page to Quantum Ad Code.

This “Michael” has also promoted another product called just “Quantum Code” without the “ad” in it which is another scam:

Quantum Ad Code was promoted as Quantum Code before
Source: affiliatemarketingscamornot.com


BannerBit Checkout Page

That’s not all.

When I go to their checkout page, you aren’t even buying the Quantum Ad Code system that this is being advertised to you, you’re buying into something else called “BannerBit”.

What the heck is “BannerBit”?

What happened to Quantum Ad Code?

So you see, Quantum Ad Code doesn’t even exist!

All these guys do is rebrand these scams to try to evade all the negative reviews and then come out with other names to promote under.

On top of that, BannerBit was also the checkout page for these other Bitcoin scams:

Bitcoin Millionaire Club Copy of Bitcoin Code?


Fake Testimonials

In all these scams, they will use all sorts of fake testimonies as well on their sales page.

For Quantum Ad Code, you will see on the second page where you sign up at shows there are happy members and their testimonies but these are just rehashed from the previous products.

As you can see here, this Gina M. has been reused from Free Ad Cash System to Quantum Ad Code:

Quantum Ad Code Fake Testimonies


What’s even more awful is that this picture is not Gina M. (of course)!  When I looked up that picture, I found her to be a real person named Ava Duvernay, a director in Hollywood!

Quantum Ad Code Fake Testimonies Revealed as Hollywood Director


These types of sites usually use just stock photos so I’m not sure why this one would use a real person from Hollywood. Lol

I guess they didn’t know or thought she’s not that famous?

Who knows but just goes to show that these guys are full of lies and that you can’t trust anything on their site, especially not Quantum Ad Code which doesn’t even exist.

The other pictures they used on the site are stock photos though but not sure why they chose this one to use.


100% Free Is BS

They call this system free and that you don’t have to pay anything.


Quantum Ad Code is not free


Why would a system that can make you figures everyday be free?

Is there any such thing?

If this system was actually real, you think people would give it away for free?

If you buy any company out there that makes money, you are always buying how many factors x what they are already making in revenue.

So why would a system that makes you that much money be free? Doesn’t even make sense.

Of course it’s not free because when you get to the checkout page and see the BannerBit (whatever the heck that is), you will see that you have to pay of course, minimum $200.

These guys aren’t scamming you the usual $47 or $97 but it’s $200 and higher.

This Quantum Ad Code fake system is definitely not free and you’ll be losing whatever money you give them.




I really have no doubt that this Quantum Ad Code is a scam for it doesn’t even exist and you don’t even know what or who you are giving your money to.

That’s kind scary to put in $200 or more and not know who’s really getting the money.

Everything about this is a lie and a scam, nothing they talked about is real and they are just trying to take you money fast.

They are making themselves quick money, not you.

There’s really no such thing as making that much money without doing any work, this is never the case.

A reader of mine lost over $15K to scams like these so I wouldn’t fall it if I were you.

As long as you can understand that getting rich quick doesn’t work, then you will less likely to fall for these scams.

I highly do not recommend Quantum Ad Code.




Unless you get famous suddenly or win the lottery, there are really not quick riches and anything in life worth having takes hard work and dedication.

Just because you’re on the internet, doesn’t mean making money will be any faster or easier.  Everyone wants money quick and fast, so do I, but it doesn’t work that way.

Like any other career out there, you need to learn, do the work, and in time, if you do things right, you can be successful.

Never fall for these get rich quick schemes because it will never get you anywhere but a hole in your wallet.

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You will get lots of help too, from not only myself, but tons of other like minded people, so you don’t have to worry about getting lost or don’t know what to do.

Stop being fooled by scams and start building a real future!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Quantum Ad Code is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



10 thoughts on “Quantum Ad Code Review: Scam Or Make $13,671.32 Per Day?”

  1. Hi Grace, wow, you are a Godsend! this Quantum Ad Code video is powerfully influential. I must admit it was well made, and really entices the viewer to take “quick action” or miss out forever. But, he kept saying it was all “free” in the video. And that he wanted none of our money, and needed none of our money at any time. He kept emphasizing the point of “free”. Then, when I visited the checkout page it said a minimum “deposit of $199”. And something triggered me to STOP! Wait!…..he said totally free, no costs required. Now, I see a cost involved. This prompted me to my due diligence side, and honey, I’m glad I did! Thank you so much Grace. It is great to see you here to help STOP us newbies from throwing yet more money into a “system”. I will immediately sign up for your free guide on making online money THE RIGHT WAY! Again, thanks very much Grace for stopping me from plunking down $199 to this scammer. Craig.

    • Hi Craig,

      I’m so happy to have received your message. 🙂

      Products like this are total scams and you’ll never get your money back.

      I’m glad you did your due diligence and found my review! That’s exactly what my online business is all about, getting people away from scams and steering them to legit offers and real ways to make money online.

      I’m so grateful to have helped you!

  2. Oh my God I had signed In for the application but first wanted to research more about it so googled it and just landed on this thanks a lot Grace though For so long I have desperatly desired to have a successful online business but have never gotten help

    • Hi Annet, you’re so welcome and glad you have landed on my site to read about this Quantum Ad Code. They are indeed a scam you need to stay away from.

      There are no easy ways to make money like that online.

      But, you can use the training platform I’ve been using to build mine which earned me $2.9k last month, click here for my free guide to see all the details!

      You’ll learn what I do, what business model I use, and why it works.

      This will be your opportunity to finally build your own online business!

      You’ll also have a chance to have me as your personal mentor/coach!

      I do this to help others find a legit path to finally learn in a safe environment how to make money online.

      Best of luck to you,

  3. I really do think quantum code is a scam…I tried signing up and it said that my country has been blocked…I thought it didn’t matter where in the world you are from


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