The 16 Steps To Six Figures Review: Is It A Scam Or Make $1000’s/Week?

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Is The 16 Steps To Six Figures A ScamAre you tempted by The 16 Steps and wanting to try it? Glad you are researching around first to see if The 16 Steps To Six Figures is a scam or not because these types of products can be deceiving.

The funny thing about The 16 Steps sales page is that the headline looks very familiar and when I checked into it, I was right about something.

This is nothing brand new as it claims but they have repackaged an old system with a new name so they can lure more people in making them think it’s something different but it’s not.

In my review of The 16 Steps below, you will find the truth in the following way:



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Program Name: The 16 Steps To Six Figures (aka The 16 Steps)


Owner: Jeff Lerner

Price: $49 + Upsells in the $1000’s

Recommended? NO

How about that long sales video?  Man, this guy can be very long winded about nothing.

What I mean by that is that he doesn’t tell you what exactly you’ll be doing after watching this long drawn video about how you can make thousands of dollars but doesn’t tell you how or what you’ll be doing.

All you know is that his system will make you $1,000 – $3,000 per week and if you work full time on it, it could even double or triple.

He does tell you what you won’t be doing which is a lot:

  • No building websites
  • No selling on the phone
  • No orders to fulfill
  • No customer service

He’ll keep harping on your financial woes and how this brand new system will take it all away.

Okay, enough already, this not brand new.. I was checking on why this looked so familiar and it’s because this is the same product as Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle and, in fact, the domain for Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle now forwards to The 16 Steps website.

In my Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle review, I have a screenshot of the sales video that was on there and look it has the same title as this one:

The 16 Steps To Six Figures same as Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle


And here’s The 16 Steps To Six Figures’ sales page with some updated verbiage:

The 16 Steps To Six Figures Sales Page


So this is just a repackaged program that Jeff Lerner has been selling for awhile now and it’s nothing new.

I’ve also noticed all the old affiliates’ sales pages like Profit Countdown, Laptop Lifestyle Secret and Lifestyle Design International now all go to The 16 Steps check out page now too.

You will also see here that The 16 Steps is also the Jeff’s 6 Figure Business System which used to be sold on the Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle website as well:

The 16 Steps To Six Figures Products same as Jeff's 6 Figure Business System


So Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle is out, and The 16 Steps To Six Figures is in.

Programs usually do this when there are too many negative reviews on them so they just change their name in hopes that people won’t be able to find negative reviews and join their program.

Now let’s see how this actually works.




If you didn’t know about their old name Ultimate Laptop Lifestyle, then you’ll be in for a big surprise on what is involved in such a program.

The sales video on The 16 Steps talks about just spending $49 to make $1,000 – $2,000 but there is much more to it than that.


The 16 Steps To Six Figures $49 into Thousands


They forgot to put in the video that you have to spend way more than $49 to earn those thousands of dollars.

Well, maybe they didn’t forget and purposely didn’t mention that you will have to “invest” a lot more money into this program before you can even earn a penny from it.

Because if you did know, you probably would stay away from such programs because who has thousands of dollars just laying around?  And if you did, you probably don’t need this program.

Programs like this will have high ticket packages for you to buy from as well as even monthly fees to pay as well.

The high ticket packages will run in the thousands and can even add up to a 5 digit investment if you want to have the “right to sell” all their high ticket offers.

The 16 Steps To Six Figures is similar to other high ticket programs like Aspire or MOBE.

Where you will invest in high ticket packages so you can get others to also join in the program and also buy these high ticket packages in order for you to make those high commissions the sales video boasts about.

Also, with that success coach you get, they are only there to get you to buy and upgrade to the highest levels and they are the “sales team” for the person that got you into the program.

So when you recruit others into this program, their coach is really your sales team that will help you get your new recruits to also spend thousands of dollars so you can make your high commissions.

The not so automated part of this business is really the hardest part of this whole program: finding people to join.

Unless you’ve been at this a long time, it’ll be hard for you to do massive recruiting that is needed to find the few that will have the kind of means to invest like that.

You would need to know how to advertise with high converting ad campaigns and know where to buy quality leads, or else you’ll be spending hundreds, if not thousands, more to figure out this paid traffic business.

Trying to promote on social media or the forums will not get you anywhere too as you may get a few that will pay the $49 but not many will keep going to pay thousands of dollars more.




No, I don’t think The 16 Steps To Six Figures is a scam technically but any system that makes you invest thousands of dollars will be highly risky for a beginner to go into.

I also don’t like programs that teach their affiliates to promote this system under different names because that is highly misleading and unethical.

All of those affiliate sales videos should mention the real underlying program at the minimum and all of these videos should include all the costs of the program involved so people can make a sound decision BEFORE joining.

Because The 16 Steps To Six Figures is so risky, I highly do NOT recommend it.  What you decide is up to you.




None of those “done-for-you” systems can give you any long term prosperity because they often require heavy upfront investment and it’ll be very hard for you to get others to do the same thing.

You’ll also always be recruiting as well which is very hard to do but there are other business models you can try like the one I’ve been using since Sep ’16.

What I use don’t require heavy initial investments, you’ll learn how to build your business from the ground up (which means you can build as many as you’d like), and you’ll learn how to attract targeted traffic to your online business for free (not using paid traffic).

I have put together a free guide to explain all of this so you can find out how it works, why it works, and where you can get started today for FREE:

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Because I don’t like things hidden from me, I don’t hide anything in my free guide either.  You will know everything you need to know before you decide.

Having a free option gives you plenty of room to see if this is right for you.

You’ll be building an asset that will be sustainable far into the future and if you learn how to do it once, you can do it again and again.

You also don’t have to promote the same thing everyone else does and pick your own topic to build your online business around.

This is a much safer way to learn how to make money online than those high ticket programs and great for beginners.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether The 16 Step To Six Figures is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



2 thoughts on “The 16 Steps To Six Figures Review: Is It A Scam Or Make $1000’s/Week?”

  1. Sounds like a tuition to access online marketing education to me. Except you don’t get paid for referring people to attend the university. On a side note traditional universities cost upwards of $50k-$75k per year and do not nearly teach you the necessary skills needed to succeed. Just some facts I wanted to share.

    • I don’t think you understood my review. It’s not paying tuition, if you know this business, you will know that you shouldn’t need to pay thousands of dollars to be able to have the right to product their products. Programs like that is just to take your money. Digital Altitude and MOBE both have similar structures as this and both are SHUT DOWN by the FTC because of it.

      This 16 Steps to Six Figures will go down the same path those two did, be careful what you’re joining.



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