7 Essential Affiliate Marketing Techniques For Beginners To Ninja Your Blog With

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7 Essential Affiliate Marketing Techniques For BeginnersIf you are using affiliate marketing to monetize your blog or website, there are several techniques I want to share with beginners like yourself.

Without knowing what you’re doing with your blog could cost you lots of traffic woes to your site and so without traffic, you have no money basically.

I have always thought it would be easy to blog and use affiliate marketing to monetize but it’s actually a lot harder than it looks.

That’s why it’s best to actually learn how to do this properly with the right affiliate marketing training platform like I did 2 years ago.

Anyway, I hope these 7 essential affiliate marketing techniques geared for beginners below will help you boost your blog along and get you earning real soon.



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A niche is a group of people who have the same interest and you want to pick a niche to focus on for your blog website.

The first way to pick a niche is one you like and not for the money because you’ll get sick of working at it if you don’t have some interest or like to the subject.

There are tons of ways to learn how to pick a niche like these tutorials here:

Those are tutorials from the awesome affiliate training platform I use, they have tons of resources like that on their platform apart from their main 2 courses that have 50 lessons in each.

I’m pretty sure you’ll have access to those with your free account that you’ll have to create once you’re on there in order to see the tutorials.

But, this process is an important one and not to be taken lightly when choosing your niche or topic.



You’ll be surprised but there are a lot of people who think they could do affiliate marketing without a website.

But the best path to using affiliate marketing is without a doubt by using a website because this way you could build trust with your readers and you have an internet home for people to find you at.


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Some people think they could just take an affiliate link and just spam them all over social media or forums but it just doesn’t work that way.

You will end up getting banned or lose followers if you do too much of that.  As well, you would need to have a pretty big following in order to do that with.

Others just use an email list and spam people with tons of products on the daily and that’s no way to do affiliate marketing either.

Think about all the emails you get already do you think you want to get even more daily emails from this type of marketing?

I’m not saying don’t use email lists, of course use them, but not by itself because again, without an Internet home, people won’t even remember how they got on your list or who you are, and quickly unsubscribe.

Without a website, you’re also always going to be chasing the money when you’re always have to go out to post links or go out to post an ad.

With a website, you work at one place and visitors come to you, the money comes to you!

This is what’s happening with my blog here you’re on, you came on here by yourself, I didn’t have to go get you or pay for any advertising for you to be on here.

This is the power of having a website and having SEO working for you.

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When you have a website, more than ever, content on your blog is essential to continue to keep your blog growing and your traffic increasing.

Without content, your blog won’t be searchable because you won’t have enough keywords to rank for and therefore no traffic.

Your content could be written in very casual form like the way I’m writing now and your content should have enough white space so it’s easier to read for your visitors.

Like I’m doing, I’m hitting that return/enter button after almost every sentence or two.  I don’t write a whole block of text, people don’t like reading a wall of text like that.

Your content should also be broken down into several main sections.  You should have an intro, 2 – 3 sections, and a conclusion of some sort.

Your posts should be 1,000 word long and I actually have a free training here about how to easily write 1,000 word blog posts (you just have to create a free account first, this is platform I use on the daily).



There is absolutely no need to sell in affiliate marketing because you are basically going to be offering your readers solutions to problems in your specific niche.

You’re not going to be just listing products on your website, instead, you’ll be writing about things within your niche that will help your audience.

As you’re solving problems for your audience, you will then recommend products to them to help them with their problem.

Your website is essentially the bridge that connects what readers are searching for to the products that want.

You’re providing value to them by giving them the answer to what they are looking for.

How you know what they are searching for is by doing keyword research and you can use tool like Jaaxy to get your keyword research skills sharpened.

Knowing what people are searching for is essential to the success of your affiliate marketing business.



When starting out, you may not know what kind of products to pick.  I know when I first started, I just picked and promoted just about anything and everything in my niche.

However, that’s not good because not only you’re not giving any one of the products any good focus but you’re also wasting a lot of time and energy.

Pick your affiliate products wisely and pick those that have a good dollar value like $50 and above, better if the products are selling in the $100 – $500 range.

If you think about it, when you’re writing your content, whether you’re going to put an affiliate product in that content that cost people $5 or $150, makes your work effort no different so why wouldn’t you recommend the $150 product vs the $5?

You’ll just make more money with a higher priced product.

There are also affiliate programs that have recurring commissions from membership sites or courses, so there is really lots to choose from to promote with.

I also try to only a few main products and not a whole bunch, this is because when you have focused energy on those few products, you will sell more of it.

It’s like would you want 100 posts pointing to 100 products or 100 posts pointing to just 10 products.  You will sell more when you have more posts working on the same things.



You’ll be able to promote your products using affiliate links, but where do you put them right?

Well, do not put them right at the beginning of your posts, that’s probably the worse place.

You also want to establish trust and offer value first.

You don’t want to just shove things into people’s faces.  You want to educate first then recommend what they should do.

This way, you’ll have the opportunity to explain yourself and why that product could be good or when use it for maximum advantage.

You could use text links or you could use affiliate links on your images.  I would only use about 2 – 3 affiliate links per 1000 words though.

You just don’t want to over do it because search engines won’t be too keen on this kind of promotion.



In this business, you really should find yourself a network for support and help because this is so not easy.

I have gotten through many problems in my online journey because I got help.  If I didn’t, I would not be here writing this post today or achieved what I have so far.

With a network of support, you’re able to find things and fix problems within seconds sometimes without having you searching all by your lonesome on the vast internet.

Having a support team behind you is totally necessary and essential to your success.  At least reach out to other bloggers or join a blogging community.

You’ll find this to be value you really can’t put a price on, it’s been that good for me!


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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the 7 essential affiliate marketing techniques for beginners or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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