Part 2: How Can I Get More Website Traffic – Tackling Social Media

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A few days ago, I wrote Part 1 of this two part series about answering this burning question of “How can I get more website traffic?” which you can read HERE.  In this Part 2, I will dive into the social media aspects of your online business.

Part one was about your website and its contents, making sure you’re using the right keywords so your site is search engine optimized and keeping your audience engaged with comments!

Social Media | Work Anywhere NowOnce you have that going, you need to implement and start your social media accounts.  The earlier the better so the accounts can grow with your blog.

As seen in my third income report HERE, you saw that, besides direct traffic, my traffic mostly comes from social media.

Therefore, it’s important to have your social media accounts set up right from the get-go as your organic traffic from search engines won’t be as immediate if you have a new blog.




Social media to me is:

A way to connect and share with other people from all over the world.

Meet and find people with the same interests by joining groups or communities.

Using social media, you can find like minded people to talk to, connect with, share to and learn from.


Now, let’s look at some “real” definitions of social media.  If you search the term “what is social media” in Google, this will return:

What Is Social Media? | Work Anywhere Now


When I click on the first link, Tech Target, this is what they have:

What Is Social Media? | Work Anywhere Now


Why it is important to connect with others is because you can easily share your blog content with them instead of waiting for people to search you out of the infinite world wide web!  This is your first step to free traffic when your site is new, and continued usage of them will only grow your site even more.

Social media provides a medium to share your thoughts and website content to millions of people who otherwise would not see your content at all.  If you are already getting organic traffic from SEO then that’s great, but adding social media can only increase your traffic, doubling it even or more if done successfully!

In this day and age, it’s hard to ignore the benefits of having social media accounts.  It’s a must to any online business and you can only benefit from using them.



Social media platforms come in all shapes and sizes.  Which one you’ll join will depend on finding the right fit for your online business.  I will summarize a few of the biggest platforms that you should consider for your blog.



Good for:

  • visual content, images and photographs
  • videos are the next rage here
  • bloggers, especially for niches in fashion, travel, food, and mom/babies
  • high engagement
  • hashtag usage, a must

Not good for:

  • sharing links, non-clickable links in captions, only one clickable link in profiles
  • online shops, product images

Love this side by side by @lexivaughan!!! Just so amazingly like Rapunzel!! Gorgeous hair! Who loves this??

A photo posted by My Mickey Life (@mymickeylife) on

Instagram is really great for visually enticing content or sharing funny things like quotes.  Having great photography on this platform wins you engagement.  Some of the biggest bloggers on there have some amazing photos.

Hashtags are a must when you use Instagram, this helps with getting exposure if you can hit Top 9 of the hashtags you use.  Top 9 are the 9 most popular posts for that hashtag in the last day or two, and it’s updated frequently.

I use Instagram the most and I hope to start one for this site soon on there.  I like the way you can easily get engagement on there compared to other platforms.  If you want to learn more about my background experience with Instagram, read this post HERE.  If you want to boost your Instagram followers, read my in-depth look at the strategies I used in my Top 10 Tips.



Twitter | Work Anywhere NowGood for:

  • sharing of links, all clickable
  • concise information
  • hashtag usage, a must
  • medium engagement
  • all niches

Not good for:

  • photos, as it only displays a portion of it on mobile
  • long captions

Twitter has been around for a long time now and continues to be a strong platform to use for sharing links.  It’s hashtag usage is a must on this platform as people can search you out with them.  You can only write 140 characters at a time, but this forces you to be concise and get your point across quickly.  With people not having a lot of time these days, quick short snippets of info for people on the go is great for them.

If you can capture your audience with that little amount of characters, then they’ll either like your tweet, retweet, or click on your link and go to your website.  For example, you can find people having bed bug problems by searching the term “bed bugs“, you’re golden if you can send them a link to a page on your site that offers them solutions to fix this problem.

When you engage with others, the more likely they will like, follow, and retweet your content.



Facebook Page | Work Anywhere NowGood for:

  • sharing of links, all clickable
  • SEO
  • all niches
  • easy to target your audience

Not good for:

  • Engagement
  • Hashtags

For businesses, I recommend you use Facebook Pages to create your Facebook presence because if you’re like me who signed up on Facebook to connect with friends long ago, you don’t want to use your personal account for your business, instead, you create a Facebook Page.

A Facebook Page is a stand alone page for your business which will have all your business info on there and share your business content publicly.  You can also create a Facebook Group for your business as well but I don’t recommend this until you have some solid plans for your group because you don’t want people to join a group and you have no guidance for the people who joined.  They will leave the group if they don’t see any value in joining it.

Instead of creating a group, you can join groups in your niche.  Joining targeted niche groups will help your Facebook Page because if you pick the right groups, you can share your Page content on these groups which can gain you followers, i.e. Likes to your page, or clicks to your website.

The complaint I have about Facebook is that they control what people see which has also rolled out to Instagram but not as bad.  Facebook doesn’t cater to businesses because it wants ad revenue.  It wants to you pay to get Page Likes, and pay again to get your posts seen by those followers you just paid for.

However, Facebook is highly ranked and has powerful SEO, so even though you may not see the engagement you want on there, you can still get exposure from your links being shared because it can show up easier on a Google search.



GooglePlus | Work Anywhere NowGood for:

  • SEO
  • sharing of links, all clickable
  • all niches
  • communities
  • easy to target your audience

Not good for:

  • Engagement
  • Hashtags

Using Google products is a must if you want to help your SEO.  It only makes sense to use Google+ to share your content as Google search will give these links better ranking.  For a quick simple example of how quickly Google+ got this Wealthy Affiliate member’s article ranked, click HERE.

The other thing good about Google+ is that it has communities you can join or create, much like the Facebook Groups.  This is a great way to find your targeted audience and engage in there.  However, this platform is not high in engagement at all from my experience.  Use it for SEO and share all your links on there, can’t be ignored.



Jessica Doll's Pinterest Account | Work Anywhere NowGood for:

  • online shoppers
  • online shop owners
  • fashion, crafting, sewing
  • link sharing
  • easy to target your audience

Not good for:

  • men products

According to Expanded Ramblings, Pinterest users consists of 85% women.  It’s known to be the one of the top social media platforms for online shopping.  Links can be shared directly to your website content where you sell your products.

Your posts are shared by others “pinning” them to boards they created and others who follow that person also see the pin, so this is how your post can go viral as many can pin your post quickly.

Because pins are organized by boards, you can easily find your target audience.  You can ask to pin to these niche boards or follow the people who are members of these boards.

I personally haven’t found such success with Pinterest but I know others have and if you have a product to sell, especially to women, it’s a great place to be.  I’ve been wanting to target the female audience of the make money online niche, so I will have to open one up for this site.



Tumblr and LinkedIn are not as big as the platforms I’ve mentioned above and you can add them if you have time to grow these accounts as well.

Tumblr is blog based and can be good for SEO.  You can share photos and your posts can be very long like any blog post.  Links are easily shared on there as well.

LinkedIn is a site for professionals, kind of like having your resume online.  You connect with other professionals like people you worked with.  Recruiters often go on here to find potential candidates.




Here are some quick tips on how to win big with social media:

#1) Branding – have your social media accounts have the same branding as your website.  This provides consistency and people can recognize you across multiple platforms.

#2) Content – share your blog content with captivating captions, this is especially true for link sharing sites like Twitter, Google+, and Facebook Pages.

#3) Photographs – use sharp, bright images, especially on photo sharing platforms like Instagram, Google+, and Facebook.

#4) Engage – the more you can engage with others, the more followers and engagement you’ll get on your profile.  Be social!

#5) Consistency – don’t let your account go stale, post consistently and often at least once a day.

#6) Automate – use automation tools to help you manage all your social media platforms.  Without a doubt, there’s no way I could have grown my Instagram accounts to have 60K followers and 37K followers if I didn’t have my MassPlanner!  My brand new Twitter account for this site started end of September and it already has 3.2K followers as of this post by using this tool.


Do you have to have all these social media accounts for one website?
No, you don’t, you can try out a few and see what you like and stick with the ones that is the best fit for you.  Once you find the social media platforms you like, stick with them and grow them.

What’s the one most important thing about growing these accounts?
Engagement!  I can’t stress this enough.  If you don’t engage, your posts won’t get seen.  This is precisely how the Facebook and Instagram algorithm will show posts, they want to show posts that are engaging.  If you like someone’s post, they may like your posts back.  If follow them, they will follow you.  Once they follow you and liked your post, your posts will start showing on their feed, exposure.

Who do you engage with?
Make sure you are engaging with your target audience!  To find them, search hashtags in your niche, find bigger accounts than yours, connect with them and their audience.  Find boards, groups, and communities in your niche if that platform has them and engage with the people in there.




I hope you have learned a lot from this introduction to social media.  If you are able to put in the time and grow your social media accounts, you can attract a lot of free traffic and thus, money to you.  I have been using social media for both personal and business for years now and can honestly say it’s a no-brainer to have as an extension of your online business.

All social media accounts posted in this article are mine as an example what can be done in that platform.

I will be having more posts on this topic and would love to hear what other aspects of social media you’d like to learn in the comments below!  Please let me know and I can incorporate them in my next post about social media.


Let’s make money online!

Grace | Work Anywhere Now



14 thoughts on “Part 2: How Can I Get More Website Traffic – Tackling Social Media”

  1. I definitely agree with you that rankings on Google goes up with more shares and +1 on your post. I recently witness my average ranked position go down to 14 from 17 because one post was shared so many times. I saw an increase in traffic as a result.
    I get about 25% of my traffic from social media and would agree to use FB to promote that.
    Engagement is key and making the time to engage is important for growth. The power of sharing is amazing and will give you lots of traffic.

    • So glad you agree on sharing on Google+ Dinh and thanks for your example! 🙂 This is exactly why having social media is so important. Can’t deny the fact they bring free traffic whether you have organic traffic or not. Having social media can only bring you more traffic!

      Thanks for visiting again!

  2. mmmm, ya, I am kinda lazy and distracted to take advantage of facebook social media at first but I do think that they are great ways to build brand and traffic.

  3. Grace, all these days I have been working towards on-page SEO only. I was only concerned about keyword placements, links, image optimisation etc but I never cared about off-page SEO. I will obviously be using the automated tools to get the optimum.


    • Thank you Barnali for your thoughts! Yes, people concentrate so much on their website that they don’t look at other sources of traffic. Check out all the different social media platforms and it will give you further exposure! Automation is best if you can use the tool! If you sign up for MassPlanner through my links above, just let me know and I can tell you the settings for the best settings to start off with. You don’t want to get banned by the social media platforms!


  4. Thank you very much for the detailed description.
    Social media seems like a really powerful magnet for bringing free traffic to your site.
    I have also made a google plus account and I will strictly follow your advices 🙂

    • That’s great Asen, you will learn that social media will offer you so much! It’s definitely worth looking into, set up your accounts, and start engaging! That’s good you already have Google+, just make sure you post your URLs to your posts often.

      Thanks for stopping by!

  5. Aah, so that’s how you do it! I’m struggling to keep up with the time-consuming task of building my social media presence. I clicked on your link to Mass Planner but I can’t seem to find out what it costs after their 5 Day Free Trial. Please can you give me the link to the monthly costs? Also, am interested to know how it compares to Buffer. Have been using the free version. I’ve also been trying out Tailwind for Pinterest, but I’m finding it really confusing Even learning how to automate takes time! 🙂
    Really excellent article Grace. Thanks for laying out the benefits and drawbacks of each social media channel so clearly.

    • Thanks Lauren, glad you liked the article! Appreciate your time here. 🙂

      After you click the link, click on the 5 Day free trial green button on the top right and you’ll see the pricing structure. I’m on the Standard Plan, six month subscription which works out to be $7.50/mo, if you do monthly it’s $9.95/mo. They also have a Premium plan but I haven’t done that yet.

      Buffer, you can schedule posts but you can’t grow your following with it, not with the strategy I use. If you check out this Top 10 Tips Instagram post, you’ll see what I’m talking about, I grow my other accounts almost the same way. You can’t use my strategies with any other software/phone app to the DETAILS of what Mass Planner can do and it’s across so many platforms.

      Yes, unfortunately, it does take time to learn how to automate but once it’s set up, you’re golden!

      Best of luck to you!

  6. Great information and well presented. Look forward to trying a few of the ideas out on my own site pretty soon. Keep up the great work Grace and have added you to my network.
    Thanks again. Richard

  7. This is a great article, easy to understand, and it’s going to be really helpful for me in the near future! I’m still in the early days of my website, but I do have a google account, and I’ll use it from now on. The other thing that will be easy to start is a facebook page, as soon as I’m happy with my website, I’ll do that.
    I’ve bookmarked your site, because I will want to come back for guidance when the time is right.
    Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Ursula,

      Thanks for checking out my post! Yes you can start the social media accounts later when you have more content on your website. I’m so happy to hear you will bookmark this and use it later. Just ask me any questions in the future if you get stuck with anything. 🙂

      All the best to you,


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