How To Get More Followers On Instagram Fast Guaranteed!

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How To Get More Followers On Instagram Fast | Work Anywhere NowAre you on Instagram?  Don’t have a lot of followers or are you stuck at a certain level?  I’m going to share with you how to get more followers on Instagram fast and this post is not to be missed!!  I have been successful with Instagram and would love to share with you what I’ve learned.




Instagram Account | Work Anywhere NowMy biggest social media accounts are on Instagram and I have only just opened an account for this site (as seen on the left) on this platform because I’m using other the social media platforms that are better for this niche first like Twitter, Facebook, and Google+, all great for link sharing for this blog and SEO.  For more on these social media platforms, check out this post HERE.

Instagram is not great on link sharing as they only have one clickable link in the profiles but you can get very high engagement if you can follow the tips I share in this post!  When you have high engagement, you can get a lot more exposure by being in the Top 9 of your niche hashtags!  When that happens, people will check out your profile and click on your link!

My Instagram accounts for 66% and 78% of my social traffic on Google Analytics for my handmade doll business, Jessica Dolls™, and Disney niche site, My Mickey Life, respectively.  It’ll be interesting to see if Instagram will also dominate the social traffic for this site too but currently Twitter does.


Jessica Dolls™ Instagram Account | Work Anywhere NowHere are some background info on this @jessicadolls account:

  • Opened on January, 2015
  • Niche: Handmade dolls
  • Audience: Moms with small kids
  • Grew it to 43K followers by June, 2016: joining and hosting giveaway loops (not recommended as it kills your engagement)
  • June – December 2016: grew it by 17K followers using the tips below.
  • Average likes 700 – 1,000 per post
  • My content
  • Never bought followers from any services



My Mickey Life Instagram Account | Work Anywhere NowIn contrast, here’s the background info for @mymickeylife account:

  • Opened on April, 2016
  • Niche: Disney
  • Audience: Disney lovers
  • Grew it to 200 followers by June, 2016
  • June – December, 2016: grew it by more than 36K using the Top 10 Tips.
  • Average likes 2,000 – 5,000 per post
  • Other people’s content
  • Never bought followers from any services


I had discovered the Disney niche was pretty active and engaged so I opened this account to see if I can grow it.  Sure enough, it’s grown so fast and the audience is so engaged!  I only started the niche blog site in October to see if I can monetize this Instagram account, but it’s been slow developing the site because my time is on here and with my doll shop so far.  It’s been fun seeing this Instagram account grow and continues to do so like crazy!

Recently, I got my first post over 10,000 likes of a side-by-side comparison of Rapunzel.  What’s crazy about this account is that it’s 100% other people’s content!!  No, I don’t steal the photos, they tag me and want me to feature them.  I always give credit to the owner of the picture by crediting them in the caption and in the photo, it’s a must when you use photos that aren’t your own.

In comparison to the @mymickeylife account, the @jessicadolls account grows a lot slower and less engagement, however the engagement for this account is still way better than a lot of other shops I’ve seen who have over 100K followers because they are not using my methods!

As you can see, two different niches, growing at different speeds with different engagement.   I can check the engagement for both of these accounts on Hypetap (which is talked about in #9 of the Top 10 Tips below):

It is common to have lower engagement as your followers grow because the followers from before have moved on and not at the same place in their life as when they first followed you.  Before I started using the my methods below, my doll shop engagement was very low, below 1% and now it’s at 1.3% with just a few months of implementation.

The Disney account always had high engagement, it used to get even up to 15% engagement but it’s already starting to slow down a bit as you can see at 11.5%.

I’ve also found that Instagram is a great platform for bloggers, especially those for travel, mom & baby, fashion and food.  As you can see, not as good for online shops anymore.  It used to be very good and lucrative, but it seems to be less and less effective for shops.




Learning & Sharing | Work Anywhere Now#1)  To be successful on Instagram, you need to be niche specific.  Pick a specific niche and post to that niche audience, stay on course.  Don’t post on several topics, you will not receive the same engagement.  If you’re doing a baby & mom niche, don’t start posting food or recipes but one or two of these won’t hurt but your content should be 90% – 95% your niche topic.

You will see right away when your post doesn’t work because your likes and comments will take a nose dive quickly.  If you post something that works, post more of it.

#2)  Original and using other people’s content works both ways.  You can see in my Disney account, 100% of these posts are other people’s content.  At first, you do and should ask the owner to see if you’re allowed to repost.  If you don’t have time and post it without permission, you need give credit but take it down if the owner requests so.  Either way, you need to give credit to the owner of the photo in the caption and in the picture.

#3)  Hashtags are a must.  This is not true for all social network platforms, but for sure, Instagram is a big one to use hashtags.

#4)  Have a consistent posting schedule, find the days and times that work best for your niche audience and stick with the schedule.  People will expect it and will actually go to your account to see what you’ve posted if they don’t see it in their feed for some reason.

#5)  Engage, Engage, Engage!  You must engage to receive engagement!  That’s what social media is all about it.  You should be liking, commenting, and following on people’s posts/accounts that are in your niche.  If you want followers, follow others.  If you want likes, like other’s posts and same with commenting.  The more you engage, the more engagement you’ll get, the more your posts will be seen in other people’s feeds.




If you want a more in-depth look at these strategies mentioned above, check out my Top 10 Tips that breaks down each of the five things I’ve learned above even further in more details and it will give you more insight into how to implement these strategies.  It will be one epic post, you do not want to miss this!!

MassPlanner | Work Anywhere NowIn the meanwhile, check out the #1 automation software I use for all my social mediaMass Planner!  It’s a must check out if you have a few social media accounts to manage.  It will post, like, follow, comment, and share for you across all major social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn, and Tumblr.

Mass Planner has a 5 day free trial to check it out and after that, you can get a six month subscription that works out to be only $7.50/month.  I will also have another post with an in-depth look at what this powerful software can do.

It’s unmatched compared to any of the Crowdfire, Hootsuite, or any other phone apps out there, as Mass Planner is run on a PC or VPS for macs.  It’s very powerful and can do wonders for your social media, read full review HERE!

I offer consulting services for this software as you can get banned quite easily if you don’t know what to use initially for the settings for each of the platforms.  I have experience with it for all the social media platforms mentioned except for LinkedIn and Tumblr.  The starting settings for each are not the same, and there are quirks on each platform that I can explain to you and to watch out for.  I also can offer ways to increase your settings safely so you don’t get banned and the maximum limits you should go to.

My Mass Planner consulting services will be via Skype with screen share, so you can see my settings and run through the software of what to do and what not to do!  See this page HERE to get all details about my consulting services!




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6 thoughts on “How To Get More Followers On Instagram Fast Guaranteed!”

  1. Hi Grace,
    Great article on how to get followers on Instagram. I’m currently on Twitter, G+, and Pinterest, but I have ways to go in the social media area. I was thinking of leaving Instagram for last, but after reading this I’m not sure anymore. I saw you mention travel, mom & baby, food and fashion; my niche is eReaders, do you think this could get some good follows on Instagram?



    • Hi Luis,

      Thanks for visiting my post! I would concentrate on the three you have first because those ones are very good for your blog. Remember you don’t have to have all the social media platforms, you can get overwhelmed and it does get busy. You can start with the three you have which are great for link sharing and G+ & Pinterest allows for long descriptions in the caption too. If you’ve never used Instagram before, I would leave that out for now until your other ones have a good following.

      The methods I’ve written here works for all platforms, but if you want a detail look at how to implement these strategies, check out the next post here. With the exception of number of hashtags to use in that article, a lot of the other points would be relevant to the three social media platforms you’re on.

      For Instagram, images are very important so if you just posted covers of the books you review, you won’t get much engagement. I would think the photographs you post on Instagram need to convey more about your life and how the particular book you’ve reviewed affected you or incorporate an element of the book in your photos.

      I hope this helps!

  2. Hi Grace,

    Some top tips here for growing your following on Instagram. It’s something that I have been a bit lazy with to be honest. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s because it only accounts for a small percentage in SEO algorithms. From memory I think social media accounts for around 4-5% if I’m not mistaken.

    However, one great thing about Instagram and other social media platforms is the ability to make money from them when you have a new website and are not ranking for any keywords. It’s a good strategy and something that I should really try to improve.

    When I get round to it, I shall implement your recommendations. You said you are only allowed one link on Instagram, does that mean per post?

    • Hi Craig,

      Thank you for your thoughts on social media. Yeah, it’s not about SEO for your site, it’s about having more ways to get traffic to your site. And yes, for new sites, why not use them to your advantage when your site hasn’t ranked high yet?

      One link in the profile of your Instagram account. If you put links in your caption, they are not clickable and people will have to remember the link and type in it manually into their browser. You can change that one link in your profile as often as you like though. So you can update it every time you post something about your new blog post, and just refer your followers to the “link in profile” to take them to the latest post you’re talking about.

      Thanks for stopping by!


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