Mass Planner Consulting

Mass Planner ConsultingHello!  I’m so happy you are on my Mass Planner Consulting page!

I have been using Mass Planner 2 since June 2016 and I have good experience with most of the platforms on there!  You can see how I’ve grown my accounts HERE and my strategies HEREthey not only apply to Instagram, but also Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, and Tumblr.

For my full review of the Mass Planner software and a video walk through, see this post HERE!


On this page, you will find out all about my Mass Planner consulting services and I hope I can help YOU in the near future!


Who is this for?

  • Someone who just bought Mass Planner and don’t know how to set up the Tools.
  • Someone who set up the Tools but don’t see growth in their social media accounts.
  • Someone who doesn’t know how to increase their settings.
  • Someone who doesn’t know how to analyse the Results Data in Mass Planner.
  • Someone who’s used Mass Planner and don’t know why they got banned.


What will I consult on?

  • Platforms for Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Google+.
  • Tools: Follow, Unfollow, Like, Retweet, Repin, Join, Unjoin.
  • Publishing / Destination Lists – scheduling and how to publish posts.
  • What to use as your beginning settings.
  • How to increase your settings until you have reached your desire results.
  • What do do when Mass Planner is not doing what you think it should be doing.
  • How to analyse what Mass Planner is doing and if it’s doing what you want it to do.
  • How to look at the Results Data and adjust settings accordingly to reach desire results.
  • What to look out for in each social media platforms as they all have their little quirks.


What I do NOT consult on?

  • Setting up Mass Planner with VPS, as mine is set up on a PC.
  • Direct / Private messaging, Contact, Commenting – I don’t use these because I don’t like using these functions as the messages sounds fake no matter how you put it.  Also, not needed to grow accounts.


How will the consultation take place?

  • All consultation will be via Skype with screen share.
  • We will determine a date and time together that will work with our schedules – I consult with people from all over the world.


How long does the consultation need to be?

  • Half an hour for 2 tools per social media platform.
  • A full hour for all settings on how to grow your account like I have for one platform.
  • These are estimates, we can discuss what you need and determine an initial quote time.
  • The more familiar you are with Mass Planner, the less time it’ll take.
  • If you’re brand new to Mass Planner, the first session should be an hour an a half.


Pricing & Discounts

  • Current rate is $100/hour, 15 minute increments.
  • FREE for people who sign up for the Premium membership at Wealthy Affiliate and the Standard Plan at Mass Planner with my links:
  • 50% off for Wealthy Affiliate Premium members who sign up for Mass Planner HERE.
  • 25% off for people who sign up for Mass Planner HERE.
  • All fees are paid via PayPal.


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