$440/Day Profits Or Is Profit With Jack (Tiny Website System) A Scam?

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is Profit With Jack a scamYou may have come across Profit With Jack or Tiny Website System and wondering if either of these are scams because it’s claiming you can make $160 – $440 days with their system.

I’m glad your internal bells are ringing off to have you search out what the truth is for this system.  You see, Tiny Website System is just a sales funnel into Profit With Jack and that’s why I’m grouping these together.

When I found Tiny Website System, it forwarded me to Profit With Jack as soon as I provided my email info.

So my review below will focus on Profit With Jack since that is the real system you’ll be buying.

I will take you through the following:



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Program Name: Profit With Jack

Websites: profitwithjack.com, tinywebsitesystem.com

Price: $1 one-time, then $47/month

Owner: Jack Ryder

Recommended? No

Profit With Jack is about to make your life so much easier to plug into his secret system that makes him hundreds of dollars a day all running on autopilot.


Profit With Jack Sales Page


It sounds a lot easier than it really is and for a beginner, if you don’t have the right training, it doesn’t matter what system you are given if you don’t know what to do with it, more on this later.

Profit With Jack gives you a lot of income hype about how much you can make from his system and while this could be true for people how are experts at this already, you will find much lower results as a beginner.

You will definitely not Profit With Jack that easily and you will have much to learn on your own.


Profit With Jack Secret System Is Not Secret


Profit with Jack’s system is your typical internet marketing sales funnel (so there’s no secret system) using email marketing only so that involves buying traffic, collecting email addresses, then sending people tons of emails to sell them on things you can make commissions off of.

It’s a way to do affiliate marketing and while this is a totally legitimate way of doing business online, one I use myself everyday, the way you’re being taught in this system does not give you the complete picture.

Let’s dive into this system a little more and I’ll point out some things to you.




The main focus of Profit With Jack is really how Jack is going to profit.

First of all, in the sales video, he keeps talking about giving you the system for free while this is not free one bit.

It’s $1 for your first 7 days, then $47/month kicks in immediately after a week.


Profit With Jack Not Free, Not $1, But $47 a month


Not only that, once you’re in, you will need several business tools for this system to work and each one of those business tools that he tells you to use will have a big monthly fee attached to it which he will profit from too when you sign up.

I don’t mind that Jack makes money from this (again using affiliate marketing here is legitimate) but what bothers me is that he doesn’t provide enough VALUE for the money he will be making, let me continue what I mean.

Let’s take a look at the total cost of this system which Jack claims was free in his sales video from all the business tools and things he suggests you will need:

  • ClickFunnels – $97 – $297 per month – Landing pages you’ll need to send people to.
  • GetResponse – $15 – $49 per month – Email auto-responder you’ll need to collect the emails and send out emails.
  • ClickMagick – $12 – $66 per month – A link tracking tool you’ll need for all the affiliate links you’ll be promoting.
  • Other Upsells – $97+ – Templates you’ll need to help you get those landing pages going as you’ll have no idea how to build these, plus more upsells.
  • Paid Traffic – This can really run you from hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Jack will make money from the first 4 items listed above if you sign up through his links that he suggests but let’s see what value he’s not providing you to make this kind of money:

  • Just basic training on how to set up the accounts of the required services that he makes money on.
  • He does not show you where or how to use paid traffic effectively.  You will be on your own trying to find the right places to get paid traffic, waste a lot of money on trying to figure out what’s the right ad campaign to use, and blow a lot of money because you didn’t have proper training from Jack.
  • Once you collect those emails, there is no further training on how to write effective email copies that will convert your email list to sales.  If you just spam people with emails that is poorly written, you will just get a bunch of unsubscribes and you’d waste all that money trying to get those emails in the first place.
  • Affiliate programs and affiliate marketing training in general is totally lacking.  This is how you’ll be actually making money with this system and he doesn’t have much training for you here to teach you where to join up for affiliate programs, how they work, what to look out for, and what products to choose.  Without proper training in this, I don’t see how you will make any money with this system.
  • What will you do with ClickMagick if you don’t know how to do any split testing or track the links to see where you’re profitable?  There’s no deeper training for this either.

Profit With Jack Free Account Not Really Free


For a system that was supposed to be free, you will be paying at least $175 to $450 PER MONTH, plus advertising for paid traffic that can run you hundreds more, if not thousands, plus all the one time upsells like the landing pages for $97 you may need.

If this had lots more training, I would consider this system to be well worth it, but really the system is geared to just set you up in the tools that makes Jack money and not further more.

He will not be teaching you actually making money from the system.

You are kind of on your own in that respect.




I can say that Profit With Jack (Tiny Website System) is not a scam because you are getting some training and a system for your money.

But is it worth it?

Without proper training on all aspects of this system, not just how to set up those accounts that makes him money, you will probably fail to make the kind of money he talked about in the sales video.

I also find this system to be very expensive for beginners that’s trying to learn to make money online.  There is definitely better business models to use with a LOT more training for a much lower price.

As this is not a proper, complete system with the necessary training, I highly do NOT recommend Profit With Jack (Tiny Website System) for you.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Profit With Jack or Tiny Website System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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