Fast Income Generator Scam You Don’t Want To Mess With! Avoid!

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is Fast Income Generator a scamSounds exciting to be making so much money but is the work from home opportunity at Fast Income Generator a scam you should avoid?

The newsletter at Fast Income Generator may look legit but I can tell you right now that it’s all fake and this has nothing to do with Amazon even though that’s what they want you to think.

My review of this Fast Income Generator site will show you why this is and I have detailed out my findings in the following sections:



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Fast Income Generator logo


Program Name: Fast Income Generator

Website: various

Price: $47

Recommended? No

The Fast Income Generator sales page will look like a news page with articles and columns like a newspaper website.

It will talk about some work at home opportunity that Amazon has and the program will pay people as much as $500 a day.

The newsletter will talk about exploiting Amazon since it’s making so much money these days and that you can get in on it by signing up and they will give you some kind of set up kit to work with.

They even claim that you can add $14,000 to your online income with this project and you could do it all in your own home as well.

The problem is, this is all fake.

I have seen a similar newsletter that is called Amazon Cash Websites and the two newsletters are very similar in style and so I know Fast Income Generator must be from the same creators.

You can see them here, the first one is Fast Income Generator and second & third one are what I had previously reviewed Amazon Cash Websites:

Fast Income Generator sales page


There are two different versions of the Amazon Cash Websites as well:

Amazon Cash Websites home page


Amazon Cash Websites home page 2


The Amazon Cash Websites is a scam that’s still highly promoted these days and blindly misleading people into buying another scam called Money Sucking Websites (aka MSW System) which I had reviewed already as well.

That Money Sucking Websites system is definitely not a good one to use because all it cares about is taking people’s money and doesn’t provide anyone any value and certainly not making anyone any money for that matter.

Therefore, Fast Income Generator is also promoting this Money Sucking Websites as its underlying program that they are trying to get all of you to go onto to buy.

You will see a bunch of links on Fast Income Generator’s sales page and every one of those links lead to Money Sucking Websites.



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What Fast Income Generator is trying to do here is to make you feel that you could make a lot of money from home because let’s face it, that’s what a lot of people are yearning for, the ability to have their own schedules and no boss.

So Fast Income Generator works on that angle to tell you that there’s this great opportunity from Amazon and how you can take advantage of this cash cow.

They make it sound all legit with a family picture and telling you how this family has made so much money from this and they didn’t even have to do so much work to earn $14,000 a month.

They make you feel like you want to be just like that family being able to do whatever they want, vacations, nice houses to live in and fast cars to drive.

They do all this so you will click on the links to go to that scam site called Money Sucking Websites.

There, you will watch another video about how much money you can make with that system and how you can get the same website that will just crank you thousands of dollars.

But the truth is, websites don’t work close to how they say and this is all a scam to take your hard earn money.

In fact, Fast Income Generator and Amazon Cash Websites both use the same story about the family but uses different family photos for it.

Of course, those family photos are just stock photos as well so everything you will read on these newsletters are fake.


Reality of Websites

They are using websites as their draw and telling you could just make hundreds or thousands of dollars from these websites that they are giving out.

They make it sound like all you have to do is set up your account and then push a button and then money will just start flowing in but this is far from reality.

Websites need to be worked on continuously, they also need traffic (visitors) and without traffic, how is any money being earned?

How could they just give you a website and it could just start making money without any visitors?

There are a lot of moving parts and missing parts from what they are telling you.

The Fast Income Generator system or the Money Sucking Websites will not provide, teach, or otherwise you any website that will make you any money.

There is so much to be learned in order to build a website that makes you money.  I know about this because this is what I do everyday to make my living online.

These scams always bank on the fact that people don’t know, and most won’t know, and make them feel they are getting free things like a website, but without traffic, without knowing what to do with it, you won’t be making anything any time soon, never mind a 5 figure monthly income.

By the way, making a 5 figure monthly income online is no easy task, and it actually takes years to achieve.  I know this again because I’m currently at a 4 figure monthly online income and it took me a 1.5 years to get there and will take me another 1.5 years to reach 5 figures.

These scams will never teach you actual knowledge and information you need to build such a website but don’t worry, I have you covered, just keep reading.




Thumbs DownDefinitely, Fast Income Generator is a scam so don’t trust anything on there and don’t click on any of those links either because they will just lead you to more scams.

The comments of my review of the Money Sucking Website scam shows there are people who lost a few hundred dollars and it was definitely not worth their time going through with it as it turned out to be nothing that works.

Scams certainly come in all shapes and sizes these days so be very careful who you listen to.

I’ve been reviewing programs and systems for almost 2 years straight now and I have seen a lot in this time.  I could say that there are way more scams than legit programs out there by far, unfortunately.

However, there are ways to combat that by being aware of the scam signs as well as using your common sense at times like you just can’t make a lot of money on the internet in a very short time, that’s just not going to happen.

If you keep chasing that shiny object, you’re just going to get the run around.  But if you bucket down and learn a new skill, then keep reading.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Fast Income Generator.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Fast Income Generator is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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