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Get Paid To Watch Videos & More - Get Free PayPal Money TodayIn this article, I’m going to show you how to get paid watching videos and doing some other simple tasks to get you some free PayPal money.

I am going to show you three easy ways you can do this.

Keep in mind that these are not going to make you a lot of money as you are just doing very simple things.

I suggest you sign-up for all three so you have the chance to earn more.

If you want to learn about a way that can make you more money and a full-time online income, I recommend you read this article till the end. 

Let’s look at the three websites that are going to help you make some easy money online:





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Register At PointClub

PointClub is a site that is really interesting because if you go to the site you will be able to see that they are making your journey kind of like a superhero story. Their website is found at

This is to make you more engaged, make it more fun for you, and to make your journey more interesting with them. 

This is a get paid to website, where you earn money from doing things online and for this one, you kind of have a story to follow. 

They mention on the website that it is the best place to earn some cash taking online surveys and more and become a survey superhero! 

There’s a member guide book that gives you the rundown on how the site works and how you’re going to take surveys and do other tasks to earn points on this platform to exchange for PayPal cash. 

In the member guideline, all the information about this platform is labeled with fun names such as: 

  • The Super-Powered World Of PointClub: This shows how their point system works. 
  • Guidelines, Rules, And Tips: This shows you what not to do and how to follow their rules properly so you can earn the most. 
  • Origin Stories: They also provide you with history on how they started with the whole superhero stories and their platform. 

The rules are even fun to read, and you learn about the characters in the platform such as superheroes and super-villains in an easy and interesting way. 



point club webpage screenshot



If you go into the rules and guidelines, you will see that some of the guidelines include very simple rules such as answering questions honestly and to take your time to answer correctly, not in a rush. 

They want you to fill everything out, properly, and not make mistakes. Also, they want you to be thorough when answering open-ended questions because they value what you think. 

Make sure you are answering this consistently and honestly so that they get the best answers from you. 

There are a lot of offers that you can check out to keep continuing on their superhero stories as they also want you to have fun while doing these. 

Just as you initially register with them, which includes a few various steps, you will earn your first 5000 points. 

After that, your primary means of earning rewards are just by answering surveys. 

They also give you 5-12 points, 5 times per day, for even surveys you may not be able to complete after starting due to disqualification, over quota, etc, so that’s really good if you don’t even qualify you still get some points. 

They mention on the website, that they will provide other fun ways such as quizzes, polls, and other types of engagement activities so that you can earn more points through participation. 

The point system will vary for every task and it will be mentioned on the guideline, how much you will be able to earn. 

The minimum withdrawal amount is 25,000 points which is equivalent to $25. Points can only be withdrawn in increments of 25000 and so on.

If you have an available balance after that, it will remain in your PointBank for your next redemption. 

Once everything is verified, it will take about 10 business days to get the money in your PayPal. 



Check Out Bank Roll Bucks

Bank Roll Bucks is very simple as well, all you are doing here is you will be earning points and redeem it through PayPal, their website is found at

This one is available throughout a few different countries such as United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, France, Germany, and New Zealand. 

There is also a referral earning system, so if you refer your friends you will be able to earn about 25% of their earning. 

They also have other simple tasks which include: 

  • Monthly Promos And Bonuses 
  • Offer Walls
  • 30+ Daily Surveys
  • New Offers Added Daily 

You need to have a verified PayPal account, you need to have a connected bank account and a proper address verified on your PayPal account.  

The minimum amount you need is only $1 to withdraw to your verified account only in PayPal. 

Also, $5 weekly payments can be done via cheque for US members only. 

If you are living in the US, you can use the check method or PayPal, but everywhere else the minimum amount is only $1, which is really good. 



Bank Roll Bucks webpage screenshot



You will be able to receive your payment within 24 hours. 

As you do the offers and surveys, you will be earning Bank Rolls which is their point system. 1 Bank Rolls is 01 cents so 100 Bank Rolls will be $1. 

Instead of withdrawing you can even play games on Bank Roll Bucks with your Bank Rolls points. 

On the website, you will be able to see that there are a lot of simple tasks to do so you will not easily run out of tasks to do for points, every month you can even try out for bonuses to earn more points. 

To sign up, all you have to do is click on the ‘Register’ button on the top and fill out the form with some of your basic information. 

The PayPal name and the name you register with must match, that is very crucial and important information for them. 



Perk Is Another Good Option

Perk at was another option at the time when the YouTube video above was made but they have since shut down.

They were shut down in December, 2019 along with others like PerkTV, Viggle, SuperRewards, and PopQuiz.

I guess they were not good platforms after all to get paid from watching videos or ads online.

There will be new ones, always are.

In the meantime, try Swagbucks, they have been around for a long time and always paying.  Sign up with Swagbucks here or if you want to read more about Swagbucks, click here instead.



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These are the 3 ways you can earn some money online, but truthfully these won’t make you a lot of money that you can depend on. 

Even if it takes a long amount of time to earn some cash on these sites, I suggest you save this cash to invest in something better such as learning online skills so you can earn some passive online income. 

Right now you will be trading time for money so if you stop working or stop doing the simple tasks on those sites, you will stop earning anything. 

The way I earn online, I earn whether I work or not and I work on my own schedule. 

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how to get paid watching videos and doing some other simple tasks online to earn PayPal money or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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