How to Create an Affiliate Program for Your Business Through BuilderAll

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How to Create an Affiliate Program for Your BusinessNeed to know how to create an affiliate program for your business and don’t know where to go?

I’m glad you’re here so I can show you the Builderall platform that has your exact need as it has sales funnel building, website building, email marketing and so much more.

In this post, I’m going to explain the method on how to create an affiliate program for your business through BuilderAll so you can get an idea how it works.

You will find that the platform will be ideal for business owners like you who want to promote your own products through affiliates and building your own affiliate program.

Also, at it’s super low cost for all the tools that are included, Builderall is truly a steal!

However, you won’t have to pull out your wallets just yet, as I have a FREE TRIAL for you below, so look out for that.

Let’s check out the following sections:




BuilderAll is the all-in-one platform for digital marketing.

It’s the ideal software for companies, business owners, digital marketers, and just about anyone who aims to build an online presence, promote and sell their products online.


Builderall Home Page


They have many features on this platform that you’ll want to use like:

  • Drag & Drop Website Builder
  • Sales Funnel Builder – 17 high converting templates
  • MailingBoss – Unlimited Email Autoresponder
  • Script Generator
  • Facebook Chatbot
  • Design Studio
  • Membership Site Creator
  • Webinar Sales Funnels & Streaming
  • Marketplace – Build your own affiliate program
  • ECommerce
  • 2 Tiered Leveraged Affiliate Program

That’s just to name a few, there are still more inside!




The platform comes with three membership plans:

  1. The Web Presence Plan ($9.90/month) – Only website and sales funnel building.
  2. The Digital Marketing Plan ($29.90/month) – Web Presence plan plus MailingBoss & Apps menu (middle section of the list above).
  3. The Builderall Business Plan ($49.90/month) – The entire platform opens up and all tools are available to you.  The additional will be Marketplace to create your own affiliate program with, webinars section, Builderall’s 2 tier affiliate program, and e-commerce capabilities.

So, you would need Builderall Business if you want to sell your products through your own affiliate program.

But, no need to pull out your credit card just yet, I have your free trial just below.

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Come Up With Your Own Product

Here is the Marketplace dashboard (of course, there are zeros there because I haven’t used it myself since I don’t sell my own product):


Builderall Marketplace

Before you can start selling in the Marketplace, you need to have your own product first. There are two ways to go about this:

a) Create your own product from scratch; or

b) Pay people to make your products and then claim the brand. The commissions made from the sales of these products are completely yours. You can search this online: Private Label Rights products. There are tons of them online. You can start at

There are so many products there that are for sale. But, even when these products can be sold already as is, you have to add your personal touch to them. You have to own them.

Otherwise, there will be others who will be selling the exact same product. You can repackage them or redesign them to make them stand out from the others.

Don’t simply copy and paste them. You also have to invest time so affiliates would want to promote and sell them.

Once you have your product completed, you’re now ready to build your sales funnel for your customers to go through.




The Lead Magnet Page

The first page you’re going to create is your lead magnet page where you will send your leads first. The purpose here is to get the names and emails of your leads.


The Sales Page

After your leads fill out the form, they will be taken to the sales page. This is where you’re going to talk about the products that you aim to sell them.

For instance, “I’m selling a training course on How You Can Make Money Through Affiliate Marketing at $15.95” Then you’re going to add that if affiliates promote and sell your product, they’re going to get 90%-100% commission, it totally depends on you what percentage you want to set.

Yes, you can give them that much commission. Wait, isn’t that crazy?

Why should you give them that much? This is actually a marketing strategy.

When you give them 90-100% of the sales, affiliates will get excited and will be attracted to promote and sell more of your products.

This method will help get them get leads into the funnel and sell another product that is more expensive once customers buy the training course. In this situation, you are trying to upsell them.


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The One-time Offer 1 (OTO-1) Page

After buying the ebook, they will be taken to another page where you’ll have the chance to sell your customers another product. This is your OTO-1 page.

You’re going to offer them something like this: “Hey, I noticed that you just purchased this training course. I have great videos here that will show you how you can earn from affiliate marketing that costs $49.95.” The commission for affiliates on this product will be, for instance, 25%.


Downsell Page #1

If they will not buy the video, you can lead them to your downsell page where you’re going to sell them similar content, it would still be a video, but will only cost them $29.95.

The commission for affiliates would still be 25%.


The One-time Offer 2 (OTO-2) Page

If they did buy the ebook and the $49.95 video, you can try to upsell again by offering “How about some coaching on affiliate marketing? It’s only for $125.95!”

The affiliate’s commission, again, would still be 25%.


Downsell Page #2

If they didn’t buy the coaching, you can downsell again the second time, for a somewhat similar product but at a cheaper price.


Thank You Page

After that, your customers will be brought to a thank you page where they will receive their products.



All of these pages can be made in BuilderAll’s website builder. You can create these five pages, while the Thank You page can be created by the system.

Each of these pages is going to be an individual product in the Marketplace.

This means that each page, you’re going to receive an individual code once you click the “Buy now” button.

So, you’re going to buy the sales page and will receive a unique code, and then you’re going to buy the OTO1 page and will receive another unique code, and so on.

Pro Tip: Don’t offer too many sales. If your customer has to keep clicking and it seems like it will take them the whole day to finish the purchase, they’re going to become impatient. They’re going to have a negative experience and will most likely never purchase from you again. You will also lose affiliates in this kind of situation.



Tips on How to Create an Affiliate Program for Your Business

Some features and settings found on the Marketplace dashboard are a bit confusing to beginners. I’m going to mention some of them here so you’ll know what they are once you start.


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The Basic Information

When you reach the Marketplace dashboard, you’re going to fill out and provide the necessary details, such as the date and time you want to launch your product, preferred currency, quantity, the commission, and more.

You’ll have to go around the dashboard and determine what you’re going to put there.

You can see somewhere there the option to toggle the archive product. When you click it, your product will become inactive. This means that it will no longer be available in the Marketplace. This is for the products that you’re no longer interested in selling.

There’s an option there to add an affiliate page, which you should so affiliates will be drawn to promote and sell your products.  It’s also where you’ll explain to the affiliates what your product is, what it includes, how the funnel works, etc.

This affiliate page will get them excited for your promotions.


The Advanced Features

You can see there is a “Make a Dime Sale” feature – This feature will make your product really cheap at first, and the price will increase as people buy them.

So, it will become more expensive as more people purchase your product. This will encourage your customers to buy your products early before it becomes really expensive.

Make the Timer – This will let your product be available at this price for a specific amount of time. You’re going to provide a start date and an end date.


The Delivery Method

  • You can create your own sales page or choose an existing one.
  • The Funnels Settings will show you the funnel edit page where you can make a diagram for your webpage that we have discussed earlier in this post.

So, you’re going to make a “purchase a test product” so you can make another sales page by making another “purchase a test product”. You will be provided with two possibilities – the green circle means yes and the red circle means no.

Then you’re going to add more circles for your OTO1 and 2, as well as your Downsell 1 and 2 until you reach the Thank You page.

My advice for your OTO1 and 2 is to find a way for your customers to say yes. You have to find a strategy that will convince them that it really is a one-time offer and they can no longer find it at a very reasonable price.

On the left side, look for the My Product Library. This is where you can edit, improve, or whatever you want to add on your webpage.

You can also find a duplicate button there, which is really useful. You can just copy what you’ve made for a somewhat similar product and just make the necessary changes.

There is also a script button, which is very important. This will give you the script or code on what your buttons will look like.

What you’ll do is to go the editor, then click your sales page, look for the plus sign on the left side, and then click Apps. You’ll find the HTML option there, click it and enter the code.

These buttons are important because they will determine the connection from the Marketplace. They will connect your webpage to the affiliate Marketplace and will keep track of the clicks and sales.

When everything looks great, you’ll confirm and you’re good to go. You’re going to do this in each of your sales pages.



Builderall Has Help!

I know it may sound more complicated than it is and it’ll be easier if you can see it for yourself on your own screen but no need to worry.

Builderall has all the help you need as they have a huge library of videos to teach and help you with anything you want to do on the platform.

They also have live chat and tech support for more help.


Get Your 7 Day FREE Trial Here:

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So, here’s a great way on how to create an affiliate program for your business using BuilderAll. 

With such an affordable price, the Builderall Business plan will be your best bet if you want to sell your products through creating your own affiliate program.

If you have any questions about BuilderAll and their Marketplace, or any topic that you want to be clarified, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below! I always reply to my readers! 🙂



Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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