How To Earn An Extra $2,000 A Month With This One App! (Task Rabbit App Review)

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How to earn an extra $2000 per month with this one app (task rabbit app review)In this article, I’m going to show you how to earn an extra $2000 a month with this one app. 

It’s going to be one of the best side hustles you can do. 

Keep on reading if you want to learn more about this app.

I will give you a detailed review of what you can do in this app and how you can earn money.

So without further ado, let’s get started:





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Intro To TaskRabbit

Reviews I found on the internet about TaskRabbit suggests that people are making not just $2000 per month but $2000 per week with this app.

This is no chump change and in fact the executive there is saying that at least 10 to 15 percent of TaskRabbit contractors earn up to $7000 per month. 

This is some serious app and some people charge $150 an hour for their services. 

$70 per hour just to fold t-shirts for last-minute gigs.

This is no chump change and a great side hustle this is why I only want to show you these really best apps to use to make money.  

You can make some serious money so let’s get started and see what this TaskRabbit is all about.



What Is TaskRabbit?

TaskRabbit is one of the best apps out there. They are basically a service that people could go to for help around the house or around their own business. 

If you have a business that you need extra help you can go to TaskRabbit to get help.

TaskRabbit is a place where people can sign up to be a tasker and do tasks around the house for other people.

For example, one big thing that TaskRabbit has done is partner up with Ikea. 

Ikea is a furniture store and all the furniture you buy from this store you have to pretty much assemble yourself.

There are many types of people that may not be able to do that for various reasons.  

People are willing to pay you to assemble that furniture for them but that’s not the only service there are many other services that you can do.

You can find their website at

If you go to their website and click on “services” on the top right corner, you can see all the different types of work that can be done. 

Not just outdoor work, there is moving stuff, delivery stuff, painting, virtual online tasks so you could work from home using this app.

You don’t have to go out of your house so you can actually earn an extra $2000 a month from your home. 


taskrabbit homepage screenshot


On the website, you can see what the different rates are for whichever city that you live in.

For example, baby proofing is $15 per hour, you could do delivery for $24 an hour, you could do event planning for $23 an hour, and lots of other things.

There are all these different services that you can check out. 

Even waiting in line which is $18 an hour. 

How do you sign up to become a tasker?

To get started you’re going to have to fill out the information to make an account. 



Benefits Of Using TaskRabbit

Before you sign up let’s check out all the benefits of working for TaskRabbit:

  • Flexible Work At Your Fingertips: You could work whenever so this app will allow you to work evenings or on weekends.
  • Find Local Jobs That Fit Your Skills: As there is a myriad of tasks available in the app, you can choose which one you are most suitable for.
  • Schedule With TaskRabbit: You have the freedom and support to be your own boss. 

That’s how you can earn an extra $2000 per month with this.

You might want to do several things to earn or find out which ones are the higher paying gigs on here. For example, painting is high, mounting is $62 per hour. 


taskrabbit homepage screenshot 2


You can really set your own rates and grow your business.

TaskRabbits connects busy people in need of help with trusted local taskers who can lend a hand with everything from home repairs to errands.

As a tasker, you can get paid to do what you love when and where you want all while saving the day for someone in your city.



How To Get Started?

To sign up, you’re going to have to create an account then download the tasker app to continue registration. 

You need this on your phone, you have to download the app to earn money.

After you download the app, you build your profile and select what services you’re going to offer and verify your eligibility by confirming your identity and submitting business verifications as required.

You do need to pay a $25 fee for registration.

After that, all you have to do is set your schedule and work area, so use your availability and opt-in to receive same-day jobs, start getting jobs, and grow your business on your own terms. 

How Do You Become A Tasker?

You have to at least be 18 years old.

You also have to be in one of the cities that is listed so basically it’s going to be in the United States. Then you need to have consented to get your ID checked, which includes having a checking account with your financial information. 

This is how you’re going to get paid so you don’t need a PayPal account. 

You just go and get paid to your checking account. 

You need to have a smartphone because you need to use the app.

You also need to have a U.S social security number. 

The one-time $25 registration fee is non-refundable.

When you’re going through the registration, you will have to provide a few important information such as checking account number, license, and registration, etc, this should be pretty obvious. 

This is definitely worth checking out and this is why this side hustle could totally turn into a full-time income if you are really good at it. 

You need to be available and also be ready to do last minute jobs because that’s where the higher rates really kick in. 

It’s really advantageous if you’re able to be free and be ready to just get on the task right away. 



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Let’s make money online!

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