Is Bizrate Rewards Legit? My Honest Review Tells All!

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Is Bizrate Rewards LegitHave you come across Bizrate Rewards and asking yourself is Bizrate Rewards legit to make some money with it?  There are a lot of rewards type sites out there and a lot of them are pretty much scams.

In order to use your time wisely, you need to know the details of these rewards site before you join so you don’t waste your time.

I’m glad you are here as my Bizrate Rewards review below will show you what this is all about and if it’s worth your time.

Take a look at these sections I’ll be going over:



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Bizrate Rewards Logo

Program Name: Bizrate Rewards


Price: Free

Legit? Yes

Recommended? No (more on this below)

Bizrate Rewards is a survey site where you can offer your opinions to name brand companies that want to know what you think of their products and services.


Bizrate Rewards Home Page


When companies want to find out what their target market’s, namely the people they want to sell to, opinions on what they provide, they go to market research companies like Bizrate Rewards to have them collect such data for them.

So in turn, Bizrate Rewards collects all the data for them by asking people like you to fill out the surveys that have the questions that brand companies want to ask you.

In return for the time it takes you fill out these surveys, you will get rewards for each one you fill out.

Sounds simple and easy way to make some quick money online but as most often with these survey sites, you gotta wonder how much can you really make?

In the next section, I will take you through how this works and you will see the details you’ll need to see if this site is worth your time.




This Bizrate Rewards site is free to join, so you just have to go to their site and click on sign up on the top right corner.

During sign up, you will be asked to fill out a profile that has some questions for you to answer.

In this case, the time it takes you to fill out your profile is not paid and you don’t get any rewards for it.

However, it’s very important that you do fill it out because this is how you will get surveys sent to you.  If you don’t fill it out properly, you may be getting surveys that you will end up not qualifying for even though you spent some time filling it out.

This happens all the time to people in other survey sites I’ve reviewed.  They would go into a survey and spend 15 – 30 mins just to find out near the end that they didn’t qualify.

So make sure you fill out your profile in great detail and in all honesty.

Once you have done so, now you wait.

You don’t get to go to a dashboard to see what surveys are available, you have to wait until they email you surveys.

How many you’ll get is up to 2 emails a week so you may even only get one email a week.

From what I’ve found out, you will only get about 1 – 3 surveys a week in total from those emails, which is NOT very much at all.

Now, if you do get surveys, that is great news and here’s what you’ll need to know:

  • Bizrate Rewards Gift CardsIt will take you anywhere from 10 – 45 mins to fill out, depending how fast you read, how long it takes you to answer truthfully, how many questions the survey has, etc.
  • You will earn points for your time and you can earn anywhere from 100 to 3,000 points for each survey you complete.
  • Each point is worth $0.001 so you will need 1,000 points to earn $1 reward.
  • Minimum points needed to redeem is 5,000 points.
  • Redeem points for e-gift cards to name brand shops like Target, Walmart, Amazon, Home Depot, Toys ‘R Us, Apple, etc.  All big names you would know and want to shop at.

It really doesn’t seem like you can earn much and you will need to collect a lot of points to earn anything worth redeeming.

You need 5,000 points to be able to redeem for rewards but you only get 1 – 3 surveys a week so you can expect to earn 100 – 9,000 points a week or $0.10 – $9 a week.

I don’t know if this is worth your time but I know it’s not worth my time to make that kind of pocket change.

The only saving grace here is that you do get to redeem the points for gift cards you’ll actually use because they are brands that most people love and have quite a variety.

However, is this worth your time to make so little for surveys that can easily take up to half an hour to do?  That is for you to answer, but for me it’s a clear no.



The complaints around the web I’ve seen are as follows:

  1. Low Pay
  2. Low Surveys
  3. Points Not Being Credited
  4. Not Enough Points Being Credited
  5. Survey Is Full

The weirdest of all of these is the last one.

The first two are obvious from what I’ve told you.

Third and fourth ones, I’m not too surprised about because this happens all the time with survey sites and there’s usually not much you can do about it because they will either tell you it takes longer for the credits to be posted or they always have some excuse as to why you didn’t get the full credit of points as it stated when you started the survey.

The last one, survey is full is weird because people experience this even if they respond to their email notification very quickly in a few mins of receiving it.

This just tells me that they don’t have a lot of surveys and when they do get them, they are sent out to so many people that it gets filled up that fast.

Or, the number of surveys they need filled are a very low number.  Either way, this is not cool.




I have to say that Bizrate Rewards is legit but come on, what can you make on this site?

Hardly anything so that is why I still don’t recommend this site even though it’s legit.

If you want to do surveys that not only pay more but you won’t have to wait after sign up are these two that I recommend over Bizrate Rewards:

  • Fusion Cash – (USA – Sign up HERE, Canada – Sign Up HERE) – You get a $5 sign up bonus (yes, real $5) if you can complete your account set up properly which includes an email confirmation.  You only earn CASH on this site.  If you want to read my full review on this one, click here.
  • Swagbucks – (Sign up HERE) – This is a great rewards site that has a variety of things you can do to earn “Swagbucks” with which is their point system.  Their Swagbucks are worth a little more 100 points = $1 and can be redeemed for cash or gift cards.  Read my full review here.

Either one of these will still won’t make you any sort of a significant online income but it’s something if you just want to earn that.

If you want to earn more, I’d recommend you read on to the next section.




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Stop wasting time making pennies when you can be making REAL money.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Bizrate Rewards is legit or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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