Is Crowd Rising A Scam Or Can You Make Money From Donating?

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is Crowd Rising a scamThere’s a platform out there called Crowd Rising and it claims you can actually make money by donating to others.  Does this even make sense?  Is Crowd Rising a scam really?

I had to look into it and see what this was all about so I can write a detailed review for you to decide if this is for you but be very careful here as I see something else and no one is doing any good deeds here.

The so called “donations” is just a term they want to use to make it sound like this is legit and that you will feel good being involved but this is quite the contrary.

In my review below of Crowd Rising, you will see the truth in these sections:



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CrowdRising Logo


Program Name: Crowd Rising


Price: $20 – $3K+

Owner: Gerhard Rempel

Recommended? No

Crowd Rising is a platform that provides peer-to-peer direct funding and they termed these funding payments, donations.

They make it seem like you’re donating to someone in need but in reality you are passing money to strangers and in return of that you will also get payments to you, five holds.


CrowdRising Home Page


You continue to increase your payments by increasing your own payments which passes up to your sponsors above you.

Who pays you?  The people you recruit into the program does, and who will do the same thing too and the cycle keeps continuing as everyone keeps recruiting.

As long as the recruiting continues, then the money will continue to flow upwards.

This is actually known as a cash gifting scheme and is also illegal, therefore, you will have the chance to have a run in with the law here if you stay involved.

So, I really don’t see anyone “donating” here as this clearly resembles a pyramid Ponzi scheme with no products or services to offer anyone.

Recruiting people will be key here and it’s going to be way harder than it sounds.

Let’s take a look at how it all works.




Crowd Rising uses a 5×10 matrix which means as you move to each level, you’ll exponentially grow.

For example, when you join, you will pay $20 which goes to the person that brought you into the system.

Then you will have to recruit 5 people underneath you which can be done personally or if your sponsor has any spill over (each person can only add 5 people directly underneath them) and you have slots open, then you can get recruits that way too.

Each time you have a person added to one of your five slots, you’ll get paid $20 for each of those people, so in total, you will receive $100 at Level 1.

Once your 5 is full, you have the option to pay $40 which goes up to your sponsor’s sponsor and you’ll be opened up to Level 2.

Level 2 is where your 5 recruits will each add 5 people underneath them and when this level upgrades to their level 2, you’ll earn $40 from each of these folks so you’ll receive in total $1,000 if all slots are filled and upgraded to Level 2.

This keeps going until you’re Level 10 deep and here is the chart of how much you can make as you expand to the other levels:

CrowdRising compensation plan


In order to receive money from your downline, you need to make sure you are at the level that your downlines are at or else you’ll be passed up and the payments will go to the next sponsor above you that is at the appropriate level to receive that level of payment.

Here’s a video that explains this whole process more and may be easier for you to see how it works:


As you can see, you can potentially make a lot of money doing nothing but recruiting and passing money around from one level of people to another level of people.

If the recruiting stops or if the government comes in to shut it down (since it’s illegal to do this kind of scheme), this whole thing goes down as there is no other sustainable mechanism that can hold it up.

There is nothing being sold to anyone and no value is being created.

It will be a hard sell to get someone to join just so they can recruit others too.


Will This Work For You?

All you’re doing is recruiting, recruiting, recruiting and so do the people you bring in, everyone is recruiting or else the money will stop.

Unless you know a lot of people or know ways to generate tons of leads, you will soon find that you have no one else to recruit.  Massive leads will need to be generated to continue this scheme.

They have a page called “Info & Tutorials” that will help you with some information and simple setups but they don’t really train you in how to recruit which is ashame because that is the core of the business.

This is why inevitably this kind of system will fall when recruiting dries up.




When you’re trying to hide what resembles a ponzi scheme with terms like donations, I would call Crowd Rising a sleazy scam.

Don’t term it donations when you’re getting money in return for it or associate something good and selflessness with pyramid money scheming.

I find this really disturbing how they think they can call these payments donations and look at here, they even post this on their site the language that you should be using for their organization:

CrowdRising Preferred Words

This is just laughable.

If there’s a dog, doesn’t matter if you call it a four-legged friend or man’s best friend, still a dog.

Another disturbing thing is that they are using these types of images on their home page to lure people in and make them think they are doing something for a good cause even though this has NOTHING to do with what the pictures depict:

CrowdRising Home Page Images

This is as low as it gets folks, using African children to promote this kind of money scheme.

This is highly unethical on so many levels and find it disgusting what this organization uses to promote themselves.

For the many reasons discussed above, I highly do not recommend you joining Crowd Rising.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Crowd Rising is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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