Is Crypto Cash System A Scam Or Flip $50 For $50K+ In A Year? Must Read First!

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is Crypto Cash System a scamHas the Crypto Cash System got you excited about earning thousands of dollar from cryptocurrencies or is Crypto Cash System just another scam waiting to take your money?

I’m glad you’re here at my review which will show you how you can actually really learn how to make money with cryptocurrencies but it won’t be from the Crypto Cash System.

I’ve been reviewing tons of products on Clickbank lately in this space and I haven’t seen one that’s worth recommending because they are all such low quality but is Crypto Cash System different from all the rest?

I will show you below in my review in the following sections:



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Program Name: Crypto Cash System


Price: $27 + Upsells

Owner: Brian Daniels

Recommended? No

Crypto Cash System sales video


Crypto Cash System is a product that’s supposedly going to show you how to turn $50 to over $50,000 in a matter of a year’s time.

Their sales video talks about what happened last year when bitcoin bubbled up to $19K and how so many millionaires were made that way, which is all true.

I have seen this myself but guess what? All the crypto has been on the downward trend in 2018, so is this product still even valid?


Crypto Cash System does not show bitcoin actually in downward trend in 2018
Source: for Bitcoin


You notice the Crypto Cash System sales video don’t talk about what’s happening currently in this cryptocurrency space and just keeps talking about what happened in the past.

If anyone has even dabbled in this area would know that any historical events does not dictate the future of these cryptocurrencies.

He even says cryptocurrency is in a “major” upward trend, when in reality, it’s clearly a downward trend as shown in the graph above (all the other coins tend to trend with bitcoin) but this guy will say anything to sell his product.


Crypto Cash System lies about crypto being in an upward trend in 2018


Cryptocurrencies are highly known as widely volatile and it’s always best to learn from people you can really follow on YouTube or some other way like a blog, social media accounts, etc, because the news come out quick and when it’s time to buy you need to know right there and then.

Since Crypto Cash System was created by Brian Daniels, I looked for his online presence and guess what?

I don’t find him with any crypto online presence except another product called Crypto Blueprint that looks and sounds exactly like this Crypto Cash System.

Because cryptocurrencies have been in the news last Nov/Dec, there are many bitcoin and crypto scams out there you should beware of like these ones:




The owner of this Crypto Cash System seems to just be out to make money from himself since he’s now produced two systems that sound exactly the same but priced differently and with different names.

That doesn’t mean this isn’t just a rebranding tactic to avoid negative reviews that people has put out on his last product.

If his last system actually worked, he would have kept the name the same and continued selling it and even added real proof that it’s worked for others but he hasn’t.

He just repackages and without showing who he really is, I just think this Crypto Cash System can’t be trusted.

I was not able to find much online about him and if he’s not a crypto expert, then how can he even create any system or tool that can show you the winning coins?

He also presses hard near the end of his sales video about you becoming a millionaire and luring you with this “easy” way to profit big, but no one can predict this and from the crypto trends of 2018, there’s probably a very slim chance of that anyway.

Crypto Cash System makes you a millionaire in 2018?


Real Crypto Experts

I have followed quite a few real crypto experts and they all have at least a Twitter account to talk about their analysis of different crypto coins and their strategies.

Things can happen really fast in this area like I mentioned, and without following people from Twitter or some sort of social media platform where you can get the news, you will miss out on buying opportunities.

You can really learn from these types of people and I initially found them on Udemy when I was looking for courses to learn how to trade cryptos.

For a full list of cryptocurrency courses, click the image:

Crypto Cash System - Udemy is Better To Learn Cryptocurrencies & Bitcoin


What I liked from buying on Udemy is that I know I can trust their courses since the seller training videos and materials must be of high quality to be able to sell on there.

You also get other people’s real customer feedback with the star ratings/comments and you can see how many people have bought that course and other statistics of each course.

So I bought one of the most popular crypto currency courses which was one by Suppoman (not the one you see in the image above, he’s got other ones too) and he’s got Twitter and YouTube which you can learn SO MUCH from.

Therefore, it’s best to follow a FEW of these real crypto experts to see who you like and relate to, but more importantly, see if they are all saying the same thing when it’s time to buy.

You will take all of their opinions into consideration and then do your own research on the coins like on the coins’ white papers, blogs, and social media accounts to form your own decision to whether to invest or not.

Nobody and no tool can predict the future, you must go into this knowing your money is at high risk and that you should consider the money you put into crypto as play money that you’ll never get back because you can easily lose it all.




Thumbs DownYes, Crypto Cash System is most likely a scam because it sounds exactly like his last product (only 3 months ago by the way) so what is the real system?!

Who knows but I’m not going to buy into it to find out because I can’t trust a crypto guy that doesn’t have any online presence.

All I know is that no system can predict the future, so what he says about his tool finding you winning coins, I highly doubt it.

If you want to profit big in this space, you have A LOT of learning to do so I would start with real, informative courses at Udemy as mentioned above and follow those real experts to see how the coins are analyzed.

There are even coins that come out as initial offerings that are scams as well so you must be very careful going into cryptocurrencies, it’s really hard to trust people in this area.

I have to conclude that I do not recommend Crypto Cash System.




I want to become a crypto millionaire too but guess what?  I’m too chicken to play that volatile market although I do have some skin in that game.

I’m just holding and praying, that’s my strategy so far. LOL

Cryptocurrencies are just too risky for me to play with my family’s money and savings so instead, I have found a more sound, safer way to make money online while I’m holding onto my dear life on the cryptos I have.

I have built an online business instead that generates me a 4 digit online income every month these days and I do it as a stay at home mom so I get to work at home while taking care of my kids.

You can build this online business with any topic you wish so if you’re really into crypto, you can build it on that or something else that you’re passionate about.

But before you think this is some get-rich-quick program, think again.

This is a real way to build an online business so it’s going to actually take some real work effort, learning, and time to build, things aren’t going to move as fast as the crypto world.

Think of this as slow and steady, remember the turtle who wins the race?  That’s what I’m doing currently.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Crypto Cash System is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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