Is Global International A Scam Or Did You Win BIG? An In-Depth Look

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is Global International a scamDid you or someone you know get an email or call from Global International Sweepstakes & Lottery and wondering if it’s a scam or if you really win big?

You are at the right place as I’ve looked into them and how they work, my review below will show you what to look out for and why you should stay away.

In this day and age, there are many scams out there and in many forms, you will have to look out for the right signs to determine if it’s legitimate or not.

In my Global International review, I will take you through the following:



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Company Name: Global International Sweepstakes & Lottery Inc

Type: Sweepstakes

Price: $1000s+

Recommended? NO

Global International is a sweepstakes and lottery company that tells people they have won a big prize like a luxury car, and/or thousands of dollars, or even million dollar jackpots.

They are based out of Kingston, Jamaica but they make themselves sound like they are in Las Vegas, NV.  They also use other names like Global Winner International and Gold Rush Sweepstakes.

They tell people in a way that makes it seem real because they will mail, email, or call you.  When they call you, it’s even more convincing because you are talking with a real person and they have scripted detail lies to feed you to make you feel you are a big winner.


Old hands holding money


They usually target senior citizens as they are not as tech savvy and can’t spot a scam as easily as a younger person.  That’s how slimy these guys are to fool senior citizens, makes them real big men/women.

Next thing you know, you’re forking out money!  Watch out!  Don’t do it.

There are actually other scams on the internet like this and you just have to beware of the signs which I’ll go over later below.




You will be contacted by these guys telling you that you have won a very large prize and they will get you all excited about it.

They will then tell you that there are fees to be paid before you can collect your prize.

These fees vary for different reasons:

  • storage fee
  • duties
  • taxes
  • transfer fee
  • etc

When they tell you to pay these fees, they will either ask you to wire it or send a money order where they can receive it right away and in this case, only way to send for international money transfers.

The amount of fees could start small like a couple hundred dollars but then they will ask for more and more as there will be “delays” and other BS they will feed you.




They will even provide you with copies of fake company checks and fake ownership documents for the car you won from the supposedly car company.

Everything they do will look legit to make sure you make that payment.

Sometimes you are even fooled to make monthly payments and if not monthly, it will be multiple payments due to more fees and delays.

Some have reported giving thousands of dollars to them in fees they asked for and one person here gave them his whole life savings!  This is so sad to me that these people are being tricked like this.

These crooks go as far as swearing on their wife and kids that this is legit and that the prize check will show up at your door the same day you make that wire or money order.

Some people did receive a check but only to find out that the check couldn’t be cashed because it’s fake.

They will even say they are part of Publishers Clearing House, a well known name you would recognize.

Their whole scheme will look and sound very legitimate but be wise not to fall for this kind of scam.




YES, Global International is a big scam and you will never see any prize money or car out of it.

Sometimes it can be hard to tell whether you have gotten scammed but there are signs that you can spot and ways to tell if a “you’re a winner” call is real or not.

Here are some tips on how to spot a scam like this in the future:

  • Never pay to win a prize – Any real sweepstakes or lottery never ask you to pay for fees.
  • Constantly asking for money – Fool me once, my bad, but fool me twice… uh nope.  So let’s say you did pay some fees up front because you were excited to get your prize, but they will not stop there because you DID pay so they will ask for more and more.
  • Get their full information – You must do your own research and see what others say online.  If you find nothing but scam info on a company, then it must be a scam.
  • Their location – If you find out they are in Jamaica instead of Las Vegas, then that’s a huge red flag.
  • Verify the documents they send you – They will try to make themselves look legit by providing you “proof” of things so get those documents verified by looking up the companies on those documents and researching or calling those companies to verify if these documents are real.

If you have seniors in your life, you should make them aware of scams like this so they know even before they are targeted.

I hope you won’t have any experience like this yourself.

Global International is NOT recommended and I suggest you stay far away from it.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Global International is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


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Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



20 thoughts on “Is Global International A Scam Or Did You Win BIG? An In-Depth Look”

  1. This happened to my elderly mother! I am now filing a police report! She is out of thousands of dollars. I am so upset. I found several wire transfers and they are persistent. Please beware!!!

  2. How do u get them to leave u alone after the first call? I lied and told them the post office was closed, but they said they will call back tomorrow. I work nights and don’t want them to keep call all day.

    • Hi Barb, sorry to hear about their calls to you. Why don’t you tell them to stop calling you? Have you told them you’re not interested? Ask to have your contact info removed from their call list.

      Best of luck!

  3. I got a letter from Global Management Ltd. out of England saying I won $150,000 . I am very sceptical of these things since I have been taken before. They said a Clearance Fee has to be deducted before they release a check to your account but the fee will be deducted from the winnings so it will be no cost to me ? This seems to fishy to be real !!! It said to call 1 833-274-2607. I don’t think I will. If this is legit then I lose out but if not I lose nothing !!! Robin Green or Lucy Hudson are contacts. They even have my address wrong on letter.. t

  4. I received a call from them. He?? said his name was Robert Peterson, I asked if HE?? was a girl, because he sounded like one. He hung up. I called him back, and asked why did you hang up on me, replied, was cut off. We continued, I said it sounded like in was in a boiler room, his reply, was no. I told him I have his name?? phone #, and if he knew who I really was?? He said no. I told him I work for the FBI, we have information on him, and will be contacting him. Click, went the phone. I knew it was a scam right from the beginning. I happen to be in my 80’s be around a long time. Keep up the good work.

  5. I have been working with the so called owner of Global Winners Intl., a man named Donald Goldfield. Said it was from a Bank of America thing called the golden age of seniors and that anyone who was a senior and shopped at Walmart was randomly picked to win. I was told I wton 2nd place; $2.5 million and a new mercedes. I started with so called registration fee. This guy continually told me that I was working with the owner, and insured me this was no scam. I was told that the taxes on it were $250 thousand dollars and Global would pay half and I was required to pay the balance. Not to worry he said that he would get sponsors to send me money and I would send to various people where it would show the money came from me as far as the governments protocol was concerned; that he constantly would talk to government people and lawyers to insure proper protocol. This started in October of 2018. I, out of my pocket have sent some 7 thousand dollars, including selling my watch collection, weapons collection and coin collection and personal items. When they send me money it’s usually cash. I in turn send the cash sent to me and at times maybe 300 to 500 with it. When I tell him I’m in need of living expenses, he will from time to time send me via Western Union 3 or 4 hundred dollars. Right now the deal is that the lawyer needs his $3000 up front for his work and then sign off on it. I told him I do not and will not be able to send any more from me. So he is looking for sponsors to attain the 3 thousand. Today I am to pick up 600 and keep it until we garner the 3000. He sounds so credulous when he speaks to me. I am confused when I see the scam reports.
    Does anyone know if there has been anyone who has actually collected.

    I actually had a previous company “winners intl.” call me and is similar but more questionable as it’s been going on for 2 yrs and 3 months. There methods are highly questionable. They at first had me send $900 at a time via a walmart money gram to the same 2 to 3 individuals in Jamaica. After a while walmart would no longer accept it.
    Then they would have sponsors send me checks for 2, 3, 4, or 5 thousand or more. Have me deposit them in my checking account; and the next day either wire transfer or direct deposit to individuals. I have over the 2 years received as much as 80,000 thousand dolllars. Then they have me open other checking accounts and send them the debit cards, to be used in Jamaica ATM’s using Wells Fargo, Chase, and Bank of America. Then after a couple of months of that those banks would close my accounts for mysterious activity and told me I could never have an account with them again. They had me get payday loans (6) to send them the final $5000 and I would receive my money. Of course that didn’t happen and now my credit has gone to hell. They always say that it has to look like the money came from me to satisfy protocol.
    I am ashamed to have had to tell you this for obvious reasons. I once called the FBI and Treasury dept. I received a visit from the FBI, and without any investigating on their part they as well as the Treasury Deparment would just say off the hip its a scam. It bothered me that they took no real interest in this.
    If I go to my local DA, would that be of any help?
    Broke, barely making bills and receiving some of my food from my church.
    I’ll never receive any satisfaction will I? Even as a last thing, I would testify in open court to have these people busted.

  6. I got a call from global sweepstakes, they told me that I have won money. I asked do I have to pay anything for this money, inturn they said no. Also that I won a car three choices to choose from. I went as far as telling them can I consult with my lawyer they said sure. Forgein talking lady who spoke English. Gave me six numbers to write down. Said did I want my winnings televised, I said No. Also said that they would bring my winnings to my home. What do you think about this……

  7. I was contacted by Global International today telling me that I had an outstanding balance with an old credit card that I paid off 4 yrs ago. I told him he was a scammer and his answer to me was good luck in court.

  8. my 84 year old mother has been scammed out of thousands of dollars from a American deam sweepstakes between Feb & Apr this year. Then end of April Global International sweepstakes called that she had won their sweepstakes. She then explained to the 2nd sweepstakes what the 1st sweepstakes had done to her, they said that if she pays them $4000, they will report the 1st place to the proper authorities & are have given National Recovery Services all the information, they fight for victims like my mother, THEY ARE TELLING THEY WILL GET HER THOUSANDS OF DOLLARS BACK as long as she send them money too. All three of these companies are working together, they have to be. The 1st company already got their thousands, then 2nd guy calls & just by chance he works with a company that will be my mother’s knight in shining armor that is going get my mother’s thousands of dollars back.

  9. The FTC and the FBI oath do nothing are taxes do not go towards these Jamaicans who are robbing people of thousands maybe millions of dollars they don’t bother

  10. Hello, I was called this morning by Global International Sweepstakes, I have won $5 MILLION & A MERCEDES BENZ STATION WAGON . ONLY HAVE TO PURCHASE VANILLA VISA CARD. That’s when I knew I was being scammed. First he asked for $2500. Telling him I’m a senior on a fixed income he said I can do an $800 & $600 gift card. Telling I have no money, he brought it down to $150.00 vanilla visa card. I told if this was for real I would give home $100 thousand. He appreciates that, lol

  11. These folks are good at what they do. The very idea that I, a senior citizen on a fixed income, wouldn’t jump at the chance to get $2.8 million dollars plus, $200k to buy a new car, and a new tv, etc.! How could I possibly pass that up? Well, I am sceptical so got out of the call with no money spent. It is enticing, thinking that you could get so much for just giving them $600 to verify that I am who I say. I actually talked them down to $300 totally refundable, of course. However, to me the telling thing that it was a scam was them insisting that I don’t have to pay income tax on my winnings. I worked for the IRS and know better than that.


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