Is Humanatic A Scam Or Work At Home As Call Reviewer? [Review]

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Is Humanatic A ScamWhen looking for work at home opportunities, Humanatic may be one you’re considering and it sounds easy to do but is Humanatic a scam?

Being a call reviewer seems simple enough and you’re not even transcribing so the work shouldn’t be too hard at all but is this legit?

I’m glad you’re here and doing your research as many people don’t do this and they fall for scams without much warning so I’m writing this review for you all to find out if Humanatic is worth your time.

In my Humanatic review below, I will take you through the following:



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Humanatic logo


Program Name: Humanatic


Price: Free

Owner: Reid Wakefield

Recommended? No

Humanatic is a platform where you can review calls made between companies and their customers to make money from home with it.

They allow people like you and me to sign up on their site to become a call reviewer where you are going to only listen to the calls and then answer some questions about the call that will help Humanatic’s clients improve their business strategies.


Humanatic home page


You have the ability to do this during your own schedule which makes it attractive for those wanting to find a work from home opportunity.

Once you have reviewed the call and answered the questions, you can earn anywhere from $1 – $4.50 an hour.

Yes, $1 – $4.50 an hour and this rate is not hidden, it’s in their FAQ.

You will also won’t be able to cash out until you hit the minimum of $10 which is a good payout minimum and easily achievable from the sounds of it.

Everything seems a little too easy until I did more digging and see what’s really happening here.




In my reviews, I try to be as fair as possible and doing my research from many different sources as well as what I can experience personally.

With Humanatic, I have found more negatives than positives which makes me a bit upset to report because I was hoping this would be a great opportunity.

At the same time, I don’t find this that surprising as there are many more low quality to scam opportunities than there are legitimate ones out there so one must research any opportunity they find on the internet.

The more I dug deeper to see what’s going on here, the more complaints I found so let me zone in on a few here.

Most of these complaints were found on SiteJabber, Glassdoor, and others who have commented on other review sites.


Complaint #1 – Super Low Pay

Even though the FAQ already tells you that they pay low, $1 – $4.50 an hour, there seems to be testimonies out there that you’ll be lucky to even earn a $1 an hour!

You are making pennies per call (some even less) basically here and each call can take up to 15 minutes to do so you’re already starting with a very low pay here and their FAQ is actually an exaggeration.


Humanatic Real Complaints


Complaint #2 – Double Deductions for Incorrect Answers

This is probably the toughest one of all.

Not only you are earning pennies here, you will get penalized double what you make when you submit any mistakes.

They have an audit system to check your work and when it discovers your errors, you will have pay deducted from your account balance.

Some even said that they didn’t even make the errors or that the errors are incorrect and they had to fight for it.

Majority of the people are blind sighted with this as this is not in any rules or FAQs that you can be penalized and have money deducted from your account.

You sometimes don’t even know what you did wrong as you can listen back to your audit and not find a thing wrong with your work.


Humanatic Real Complaints Glassdoor
Source: Glassdoor



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Complaint #3 – Deactivation Of Accounts

Their minimum payout is $10 and I have seen several complaints of accounts being disabled or deactivated once you request money to be paid out.

I have seen this kind of tactic before with other sites that turned out to be scams, they just won’t and never meant to pay anyone.

Some has even taken a whole month to earn $60 just to have their account disabled when requesting this money.


Humanatic Real Complaints
Source: SiteJabber


Complaint #4 – Not Enough Work

Even though their pay is low, you would think they would make up for this with more work but no, there are only so many calls to review per day.

It says you can work anytime you want, but the most calls that are available is between 7am – 7pm EST but even during this time period, some have reported that the calls are not always available to review.

You may have to wait a few minutes to get new calls in your queue and you’re basically there refreshing the page until you get some more work.


Complaint #5 – Their Site Is Very Slow

I believe this is done to simply waste your time and slow down your hourly rate of earning.

Apparently you can’t go from one page to another quickly and you have to wait for 30 or 60 seconds or both to get to one place to another.

It’s a long time to wait just to go to different pages on a site and the calls take about 30 seconds to load for one segment.  I say this is deliberate because users have found the sign up process is not stalled like this so obviously they want you in, but once in, they will just waste your time.



There are a few more complaints but these are the main themes I’ve found that people complained about most.

Another suspicious thing about this Humanatic site is that I don’t see any proper pages that legitimate websites should have like the TOS (terms & conditions), Privacy, and About Us pages.

With all the complaints and missing important website info pages, this does not paint a very good picture for Humanatic.




A lot of upset users are calling Humanatic a scam for sure as they are being scammed of their time, they pay way too low, and no one seems to get paid.

For me, I can’t call this a scam since I don’t see actual evidence of it, but I see how and why people are calling them a scam.

I see that Humanatic has very stringent rules, making you use way more of your time than necessary, making you pay for your errors, and offering extremely low pay but that doesn’t necessarily make them a scam.

However, disabling accounts when payments are requested and missing required company site info pages are big red flags for me which makes Humanatic lean more on the scam side of things than not, speaking from my experience of reviewing other scams.

I can only conclude from what I’ve seen that Humanatic is a huge waste of time and that you shouldn’t try to make money with this site at all, therefore, I highly do not recommend it.




I know the appeal of working from home is great but there are far and few legitimate programs out there you can trust that will allow you to work from home.

Most of the work at home opportunities I’ve seen are scams or are there for their own agendas and not really there to help others.

Fortunately, I was able to find a legitimate program in Sep ’16 that helped and trained me on how to build my own online business instead, making way better use of my time.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Humanatic is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



6 thoughts on “Is Humanatic A Scam Or Work At Home As Call Reviewer? [Review]”

  1. hi.. for me, i’ve been with humanatic since 2013. and they do really pay. its a very simple task thats why the pay is low. but they do give bonuses most of the times especially if u are able to correctly do the task atleast 10times. The problem is not the site but the people who does not work 100% efficient. There are a lot of people trying to cheat there thats why a lot of accounts got deleted. But if you are not a cheater and dpesnt use bots, then there is no problem with your account cause it wont get deleted. It is not a scam site. Right now, because of these cheaters, they had to undergo clean up and site maintenance.. so i think this review is very bias. I’ve had no problems with the site for 5 years already.

    • Hi Esther, I’m not sure if you read my review completely. My review is not biased as I was researching real user experiences as you can see from the screenshot complaints I have found. You said yourself that they give bonuses only most of the times but you have to do a task at least 10 times?! If you don’t see this as a problem, then that’s great for you and please do continue using that site.

      When you said you’ve been paid, how much have you actually earned from Humanatic and how long did that take you to earn it?

    • Hi Esther,

      I am currently working with them and they always flag me for things that I have correctly done. And since I had more than enough with that. I took the liberty of taking note of the reviews I did and to my surprise, I sent the correct answers however on the review it was changed.

      For me, they are not a scam site but it is not worth it because of the reviewer

  2. also 1 more thing, they have what is called “categories” you get to unlock these categories everytime you reach a certain minimun score or number of calls reviewed. The more categories unlocked, the higher the money you get paid. That is why a lot of people really get to earn $30 per day because they work efficiently and they do not spam the site (meaning answering or reviewing calls without even listening to them).
    I dont get any incentives from humanatic for writing this one. Its just that this is a very unfair review for a really good site and I can attest to that. Next time, please do a little more digging and asked those comments why they posted a negative feedback before giving reviews it could ruin someone’s company or even your credibility.

    • So you have earned $30 a day? What have you earned?

      I did do my THOROUGH research and that’s ALL I found, there was NO POSITIVE FEEDBACK anywhere. JUST YOU, here.

      If you read my review carefully, I did NOT call them a scam or anything, I’m just reporting what I have found in my research.

      Good luck with your online journey if you want to stick with Humanatic.



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