Is A Scam Or Make $1000/Month As An Expert?

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is a scamCan you really make money with or is a scam that is going to waste your precious time?

If you’re thinking of applying to be an expert at and wondering this question, then you’ve come to the right place.

My review below will show you all you need to know about this platform and how you will go about to start making money with it.

There are many ways to make money online, and provides a part-time opportunity for any one looking to make some extra cash on the side.

Without further delay, let’s go through my JustAnswer review with these sections:



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Program Name: Just Answer


Price: Free

Recommended? No is a platform where you can work as an expert in your field and make money from you providing your expertise to others. home page


Everyday people go on looking for answers and they match these people with experts that can answer their questions quickly and accurately.

Customers will pay JustAnswer if they are satisfied with the answer they received.  As customers, they can rate your answer and they don’t pay unless they are totally satisfied with your answer.

So as an expert, you must be very careful on how you answer the questions there, any negative ratings will affect your ability to earn on their platform.

There are over 175 categories that you can apply for as an expert so there could be something that you will fit with what you can offer as an expert.

The platform is easy to use and customers can get their answers to their problems very quickly.

The site says that their top earners make $1,000’s a month but I just can’t see this happening as you’ll see why later on below.

However, it’s a great opportunity if you are just looking for something to supplement your income.




Who Is This For?

Anyone in a profession that fall into one of the 175 categories that JustAnswer has.  Whether you are a doctor, lawyer, mechanic, a vet, computer guy, gardener, home builder, etc, you will be able to apply.

It’s for professionals who need just a little extra income on the side, this would not be a full time opportunity. Expert categories


The Application Process

If you want to become an expert on JustAnswer, you just have to apply on their site which will take you about 30 minutes to fill out the application.

It does say that you can save your application and continue filling it out later on if you can’t sit down in one 30 minute session.

You will need three things when filling out your application:

  1. Professional verification – You will need to prove that you are verified (of course) and provide something like a diploma, state license, or certification to show you do qualify for your profession.
  2. Personal identification – You will need to provide your social security number or passport number.
  3. Resume – This is optional and of course if you want to get approved faster, you should really include one to show off your qualifications and where you’ve been working at.

Then, it’s just a matter of filling out the application itself with all your info and work history.

The application process takes 5-10 business days for applicants in the USA/Canada and 5-20 business days for most others.

Once you are approved, you’ll be guided every step of the way to get started to make it easy for you to start answering questions and getting paid. how it works


How Much Can You Make?

They don’t have any fixed rates posted on their site but I found some information on how much an expert can make which is about 50% of what a customer would pay for a question which is typically around $15 – $50 depending of what kind of professional you are and what services you will be providing.

There are different add-ons that can be added to the order like if someone needed you to connect to their computer to fix something, that’s an additional fee to charge.

You will earn your fee when the customer either accepts your answers by clicking the accept button or gives you a positive rating.

Once you have made $25 or more, you can get paid via PayPal and this is automatically done on the 1st business day of every month which is very convenient.

The more positive ratings you receive, the higher your rate will be so it’s very important that you provide thorough and accurate answers or else your income will be affected quite drastically.




Thumbs UpThe platform is not a scam and it’s legitimate but just not sure if you can actually make a significant income ($1000’s a month) from there and how often they will provide you with questions to answer.

Most professionals work full time already so this would be a side thing to do at nights or weekends.

Although they have received a lot of positive ratings, there are still customer complaints about charges they never received services for and that JustAnswer would refund them.

That also means that you may think you earned a certain amount from a customer but will find out that you will owe that fee back if they refund.

You are also at the mercy of the customer providing the feedback on your answer and they may rate you low just so they don’t have to pay.

Or, maybe some people don’t want to hear the truth of what you had to say and the negatively rate you for nothing, and there’s nothing has in place to ensure the rating is fair to protect the expert.

In addition, I also read that as you get better and better ratings from customers on their platform, the less questions you seem to get because they rather give the questions to newer or lower rated experts to so that don’t have to pay out higher fees.

Overall though, you can make money from this opportunity and it’s a lot better than most of the programs I’ve reviewed on here so I will give a thumbs up.




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There will be a community of like-minded people to get support from as well so you have multiple ways to get help if you ever get stuck.

If you want to learn how to build your own online business, this is the best way to do it!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



8 thoughts on “Is A Scam Or Make $1000/Month As An Expert?”

  1. Hello I was an expert at JustAnswer and, they have many sites named things such as Answerbag etc that use the experts histories to fill the site. It is legal however they walk the line because they have a free trial period that many do not know they have selected and do not know to cancel before 30 days or else they end up being billed $0 to $80 a month, often for years before they notice, I have seen 3 months refunded but do not know about the numerous others who never saw it for years!
    The rating is hazardous due to the customers who want to avoid paying, however the real danger is the established experts who can get rid of you easily by conspiring to give bad peer reviews and in some cases the experts will make an account and ask a question of high value and everybody leaves it alone so you answer it and then the bad rating comes which kills the average when you only have a few answers or even a few hundred answers given, I had 100% on every one until I got old experts mad because I was answering their old unanswered questions very successfully which was great for the customer and myself and its encouraged by the rules yet even when you can demonstrate extreme examples of abuse the admin does nothing but enable the old experts who are maybe employees in my estimation because their avatars are European actors , if you reverse image search the experts faces they come back as some French actor or Danish etc.
    The old experts pad their own stats by again making a fake account and using the subscription option of unlimited questions for $60 a month, then proceed to ask yourself anything many many times, thousands but no more than 2 a day usually however after time passes the 100% ratings and numbers of answers climbs high, this is called “stat padding”
    If you are not very good at your trade and never succeed in answering others unaccepted questions you likely could make $1,000 a month easily, I made about $1,500 for about 3 months but was sabotaged by old experts who openly hated me and dummy me thought I was just good and following rules which I was but that’s not whats most important, getting the customers problem answered is not their primary interest. Just Answer takes commission even off the tips and you have no way of knowing if anyone accepts or not you trust the websites answer to you cause there is no interaction but for a chat set up that is very confusing for most. If you look at the experts history many are new, withoin a year or so and not answered many and end up quitting or being let go, the core are the ones with 40,000 answered and use fake avatars and have terrible answers rehashed from a sea of past experts, there are many questions answered many times by many experts they archive and select the responses from them is my impression, too bad because I actually saved a guy $5000 on a boiler and a few things as this but after awhile the negative peer reviews andf manipulations of the experts % ratings gets you one way or another.
    The BBB rating they have means they refund everyone who ask for it, but many never know they are being billed $30 a month or more for years! This has been the biggest issue and they have never changed one thing to make it clear you are subscribed and require canceling to stop being billed, a debit card loaded with a given amount is best to use online since the card only has what you load it with and cannot be monthly billed forever imagine the windfall of cash pouring in monthly with no experts to share it with since no questions asked! all free money every month!

  2. This place is a scam….. Tell you it’s a $5.00 one time charge them next you know they charging you a $28.00 membership fee. Never ever was I told that and they just take your money. Please be aware of this JUST ANSWER EXPERT.

    • Hi Joy, thanks for sharing your experience, it seems like they do have all these extra charges that are added after the initial $5. Maybe you didn’t read the small fine print but your first $5 doesn’t get you much at all, and you do need to pay more for real answers from experts.

      I hope you find better luck next time and watch out for the upsells.


  3. As a customer those guys (experts) save me thousands of dollars in my 2 vehicles repairs. I made questions and I did it by myself, in all cases good answers.

    • That’s great to hear Anthony, thanks for sharing your experience. It’s good to get different perspectives because it just may be you get someone good in a certain topic one day and get someone not as good on another day on a different topic.

      I do think their platform is legit and you just need to read the fine print as there are additional charges are you ask for more help from the experts.

      Appreciate your kindness,

  4. “Accidentally” enrolling EVERYONE who uses a credit card (VS pre paid debit card) gets automatically subscribed and dinged monthly $40 or $50, most never know it,usually it’s months and longer before it is discovered, the BBB automatically endorses any company that is signed up with them that responds to customer complaints, this way they maintain an A rating even if the only time they refund is via the BBB.
    For a website of thousands of experts you would think the “glitch” in their website could be changed so everyone is not automatically enrolled in a subscription without the customers knowledge, that’s quite a windfall of cash flowing in monthly that Justanswer has no expert to split the money with, money for doing nothing but cashing the checks, automatic payments in this case, automatically transferred every month. If they did rectify that situation, their profit margin would be devastated, so keep blaming the customer for not knowing they were subscribing and reap the free windfall of cash in the barely legal,walking the fine line of legality way of running the website. If you use just answer use a pre paid debit card with a set amount on the card this way if anyone does start billing monthly fees to it, it will not drain your main account, there are good experts who can provide answers, I asked many legal questions and got pretty much what I wanted to hear which did not coincide with the reality that unfolded, many embedded experts are threatened by new experts who are more successful in having customers accept their answer,especially if the new expert answers their unaccepted questions and gets accepted, the embedded experts set out to sabotage the new expert through negative peer reviews in collusion with other experts and using fake accounts made to rate the new expert badly running his % ratings and bolstering/ padding their own % ratings by answering their own question and rating themselves excellent. Just answers encourages new experts to do this but it is stealing to the embedded experts who disregard the websites TOS and are immune from any administrative repercussions.

    When a question is posted the experts see a dollar value for each question, usually $15 to $40, the experts are paid if the customer accepts the answer, how can just answer afford to pay for questions under a subscription unlimited questions and not lose money? the numbers do not add up.


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