Is Seven Dollar PTC A Scam Or Easy PTC Site To Make $7K?

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Is Seven Dollar PTC A scamWow! $7 a click?! Easy money does exist on the internet after all?!  Not so fast.  Can you really earn $7 for each click on ads or is Seven Dollar PTC a scam?

I have written my review below to educate anyone who thinks they can earn $7 per click from a PTC site like this.

$7 is an outrageous amount of money for any PTC site to pay out so let me run down how these sites usually work and why Seven Dollar PTC is totally ripping you off.

I will go through the following:



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Seven Dollar PTC Logo


PTC Site: Seven Dollar PTC


Price: Free – $425

Owner: Hidden

Recommended? No

This Seven Dollar PTC is trying to mimic sites who pay people to click on advertisements.  I say mimic because it’s really not a legitimate site.

What it wants you to think is that you can earn $7 for every ad you click on but the truth is, that is a ridiculous amount of money per click I’ve ever heard.


Seven Dollar PTC Home Page


How legitimate Paid To Click sites work is by getting business people to advertise on their PTC site as most business owners need to advertise their website or business online.

What the PTC site usually do is share that revenue with the people who will view these ads that the business owners pay for.

So let’s say a business owner pays $0.04 per click on their ad, then the PTC site will get 50% of that and the person clicking and viewing the ad will get the other 50%.

The industry standard for any business owner to buy ads like this is about that much, around $0.01 – $0.05 a click at most.

That would mean any legitimate PTC site would pay the people click on ads at most 2.5 cents.

So how Seven Dollar PTC is paying anyone $7 per click is beyond comprehension and totally does NOT make any sense.

Well as we will see below, you will find out why it seems like you can earn that much.  This site is no different than this other Two Dollar Click PTC site I just reviewed, only difference is the amount per click.

For now, let’s look at what else they offer: referrals and two memberships you can buy.


Seven Dollar PTC Premium Memberships


For referrals, you can make 10% – 300% of what your referrals make which are pretty insanely high rates again.

And the advantages of being upgrading your free account to one of Premium memberships is that you will get to earn more basically.

For a one year Premium member, it will set you back $85 which allows you to earn more from your referrals and qualify for bonuses on your earnings.  With this one, you can buy up to 5 years worth for $425.

The other Premium membership allows for Instant Payouts and it costs $285 for a lifetime membership plus even more earnings than the other Premium membership.  This sounds like the best deal but beware.

For everything you earn on the Seven Dollar PTC site, you will not be able to cash out until you have earned $7,000!

That’s an outrageous amount for a cash out minimum balance for any methods used to make money online never mind PTC sites which are usually around $25 – $50 for a minimum payout limit.

You also have a 60 day waiting period to cash out once you hit that $7K limit but the memberships will supposedly get you paid instantly.

With all the red flags I touched upon, you can already sense an idea on how this site really works don’t you?




With unheard of PTC rate and payout minimum balance, I hope you get the idea that Seven Dollar PTC is not a legitimate PTC site.

Seven Dollar PTC is out to only make money from you with the memberships and advertising dollars from business owners.

They never had the intention of paying anything out to anyone.

Their proof of payment schedule looks ridiculously fake with everyone’s balance at perfect $7,000.


Seven Dollar PTC Payment Proof Is So Fake


You can “earn” all you want, but you will never see that money.  If you look around on the internet, you will not be able to find one person that’s been paid by this site, I’ve tried looking far and wide.

All I find are complaints about people’s time wasted and not being able to cash out even with memberships upgraded and bought.

They will give you other excuses why they won’t pay because in their Terms & Conditions, they have the ability to approve or not so they can pretty much say anything to get out of paying.

You’ll only lose money to this Seven Dollar PTC site and you’ll be not earning a dime on your clicks on their ads.

I’m sorry to bring you this bad news but that’s how these illegitimate sites really work.

You’ll never get a hold of them either as they don’t have any real contact info on their website or anywhere else on the internet.

You can forget trying to send them a message, they’ll never reply either.

I just hope you have not fallen for this site and bought into their expensive memberships.




Yes, this Seven Dollar Click is a total scam and you’ll never see any money from them from any of your clicks.

Money only flows one way on this site and that’s the way to the real owners hidden behind this fake site.

PTC sites are usually a waste of your time in general because you earn so little for your efforts, so for Seven Dollar PTC to say you can earn $7 per click is just ridiculous and unheard of.

They just want your money and they’ll run but this damn site it’s been up for so many years and not sure why it hasn’t been taken down.

With everything I’ve revealed, I cannot recommend this Seven Dollar PTC to anyone and I hope you will stay away from it.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Seven Dollar Click (PTC) is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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    • You’re so welcome Lisa, yeah, be careful of these PTC sites, they are not good in general. I wish I had that power to just take them down, but I could only warn others.


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