Is Seven Figure Profit Code A Scam? Will I Make Mad Cash?

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Is Seven Figure Profit Code a scam?Here’s a pretty new product called Seven Figure Profit Code and I thought I would dig into it to see if it is a scam or not so I can report back to my awesome readers.

If you gotten an email about this product, then you’re doing a great job of researching this before buying because you have just saved yourself some good money.

Seven Figure Profit Code is one of those products that deceive and lie but, in my review below, you’ll get full details of what those deceptions are all about.


I will take you through the following:



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Seven Figure Profit Code Logo


Product Name: Seven Figure Profit Code


Price: $97

Owner: Mike

Recommended? No.

I’m just so glad the sales video was not half hour long like the other crazy scams.


Seven Figure Profit Code Sales Page


But, it does have a second video which made me laugh, more on this in a bit.

If you put your name / email address (always use fakes ones btw) on their home page beside the first sales video, you will go to a second page where there seems to be a video there where it tells you they created an account for you and it’s already making money.

Hmm, this sounds like the other scam products I’ve reviewed.

If you try to close out on this garbage, it will prompt you to take a discount and then you get to see it go to to checkout and buy Seven Figure Profit Code.

Side Note: seems to be the only vendor that processes scam products, so if Seven Figure Profit Code uses this too, hmmm.

It’s in the 2nd video you’ll kind of learn what this is but it’s really all BS.

He says he created your account as you’re watching by activating that red button, (LOL), and it’s already making money.

He says that his system will take almost all the traffic on the internet to your website so you can start making commissions from the links on it.

A few minutes later, you see it already has $240 in the account.

If you believe all this, I’m sorry to tell you, this is all IMPOSSIBLE.

What he’s talking about here is an affiliate marketing business, and although I love this business model to earn money online which I use everyday, it does NOT work this way!

There is no magic system that can direct 95% of the traffic on the internet to your site – this alone does NOT make ANY SENSE.

I don’t even know where to begin to explain how wrong this is.

In order to get search traffic from say Google, you need to have content on your site that uses the words that people use to search on Google.

For him to just create a site for you from God knows what, how will it get any traffic.  Brand new sites don’t get traffic from Google, let alone a copied site.

It takes a few months just to have Google trust your site with original content.

I know how this whole affiliate marketing business works because this is what I do everyday and I find it maddening to have products like this spread lies about how this business works.

So at the heart of what “Mike” is talking about, it’s all wrong and this system if you buy it will never work the way he says and it’s all a complete LIE.




Let’s take a look at how ridiculous their sales pitch is and at what lengths they go to deceive you.

#1 Red Flag – Who’s Mike?

Mike is apparently the owner who runs the show but I can’t find any info on him that connects him to this product.

Any legitimate business would have this info about their owner and should be able to find some connection between them but not here.


#2 Red Flag – Hyped Up Income Claims

Products like this always talk about earning thousands of dollars in a very short time and this one is no different.

He gives you screenshots of supposedly his bank accounts but there’s no connection of those amounts to transactions from the product Seven Figure Profit Code.

Also, when you start out in any business, you need time to figure things out, see how it works, how to get your customers, what you’ll be selling or doing, etc.

So to be able to earn thousands immediately is just not possible and it’s ridiculous to think so.

Making money on the internet doesn’t make it any faster than making money offline and these types of products always mislead the public about fast cash on the web, this is NOT true.


#3 Red Flag – Fake Testimonies

All those testimonies they have in their video are fake too so don’t believe the hype about how much money you can make from their system, it’s all not real.

I will expose those right now, they have used actors for their testimonies.

See below I have found at least two of them on the freelancing site where you can hire actors to make these video testimonies for you.

Seven Figure Profit Code Fake Testimonies 2


Seven Figure Profit Code Fake Testimonies 3 Fiverr


Seven Figure Profit Code Fake Testimonies


Seven Figure Profit Code Fake Testimonies 4 Fiverr


So if these are fake, everything else about their income claims are fake too.  Just can’t trust this product.


#4 Red Flag – “Open To The Next 7 People”

No it’s not, these guys will take money from as many people as possible.

That number never changes no matter how many times you go back to their page or even on another day.


Seven Figure Profit Code Limited Availability


So, there’s no point believing there’s only limited spots available because this is just a sales pressure tactic to get you to buy now.

It’s not uncommon for these products to do that, I see this done all the time.


#5 Red Flag – Use of the Word “Position” 

There is no job here and by using the word “position” they make you think there’s some kind of job which is very deceptive.

You are buying a product, not applying for a job, jobs don’t cost money and you certainly don’t buy jobs.

At one point of the video he also says “if you want to get on my payroll”, another way to make you think this is a job.

If those checks he was talking about were actually real, they are called commission checks, not payroll checks.

You are buying a product to hope that their system will generate that kind of commissions for you but with all the red flags, I highly doubt it.


#6 Red Flag – Making Over $1,000 in First 24 Hours

You will not and cannot make over $1,000 in the first 24 hours as he claims in the second video and certainly not with only 15-20 minutes of work.

HELL no.

It’s products like this that make many believe they can make quick money on the internet, this is so not true.

Creating a business online takes time to build just like it takes time to build offline.  There is no special or secret system that will make you mad money like that with no work.


#7 Red Flag – Coach

Whenever a product like this offers a coach, that person is nowhere near a coach and all they will do is to get you to upgrade or buy things.

This coach’s purpose is to get you to spend more money so you can “make more money” and they will do whatever they can to squeeze as much money out of you as possible.

Don’t fall for this scam!




From all their deceiving ways to get you to buy their product and how this product itself is totally one big LIE, I would have to say Seven Figure Profit Code is a scam.

That is just not how the affiliate marketing business works and you certainly can’t make thousands of dollars in 24 hours and with only 15-20 minutes of work.

This product preys on beginners like you who are looking to make money online and taking advantage of you not knowing how things work.

He even says “who even knows what a Profit Code is, who cares, all you need to know is that it makes you money.”


That’s how you want people to do business?  Not teaching them how to make money but just “trust me”.

I’m thoroughly disgusted how Seven Figure Profit Code is deceiving innocent people and taking advantage of them.

I highly do NOT recommend Seven Figure Profit Code.




Like I said above, affiliate marketing is what I use to make money online and have built my online business around it.

It’s not a magic system, it’s a real business model that many people use to make money online which takes learning and hard work.

If you really want to know how this works, why it works, what the potential of this business is, I invite you to read my free guide here:

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If you want to make money from this kind of business, you will earn a significant amount of money that can be job replacing or even more BUT it takes time, it takes work, it takes commitment.

This business does not just give you money, you need to build it and keep building it and keep building it… that’s what businesses are.

You don’t just “set it up” and then you’re done.

Especially if you want to make real seven figures, it will take you a few years to get there, but you need to continually build and expand your business to get to seven figures.

But before all that, you need to know how to build it from the ground up and understand how this business works.

My guide will explain all that and where you need to go to get started, for free too.  No one is going to take your money right away like all these scam products.



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Seven Figure Profit Code is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



10 thoughts on “Is Seven Figure Profit Code A Scam? Will I Make Mad Cash?”

  1. We need to make money as soon as possible we in det and are going to loose a lot more and we have lost our business and a large home all ready if we lose anymore we be on the street we need help all we can get
    Larry and Sandy knowles

    • Hi Larry and Sandy,

      If you guys need money so badly, then I suggest you just get a job because building a PROPER online business takes time to earn a consistent amount of money that you can depend on. Otherwise, if you try any other products like the one in this review, you will LOSE MORE money.

      I hope the best for you and your family.


  2. Haha lol I didn’t get Mike I got Meghan as the bs owner of 7 figure. Luckily I’m a nsa / cybercrime undergrad so I research everything and everyone

  3. Grace is Spot on. There are no Push Button, Instant money; tricks etc. If you need money in the next 30 days you will need to build a business that you work when you come home from your job that pays you paychecks and benefits etc. ONLY when it Financially no longer makes sense to go to work should you consider quitting. I have been at this for 6 years. only two of them are profitable as I followed the marketing train of others sales pages etc. I finally watched the very successful and was shown the easiest method was to promote and sell affiliate product and BUILD A :LIST of emails of everyone you come in contact with and mail them offers on a regular basis. Building your list while you are working a job will give you a Huge advantage as you will have instant traffic and some money from mailing your list attractive, useful products they need. I know and understand your desperation. Many that have succeeded online have been there. Much better to build a list and sell PLR if you like as it is profitable and not too diffiult. I wish you well!

    • Thanks for your input and thoughts here Stan. Appreciate you agreeing what I’m saying here as well. Building a list is an important aspect but without traffic to our business it’ll be hard to build anything, that is why building our online presence is your first step and my guide shows you where you can learn how to do that at.


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