Is Trunited A Scam Or Make Mad Money While Shopping? [Full Review]

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Is Trunited A ScamDo you like shopping and heard that you can maybe make money doing that on Trunited?  Could it be true or is Trunited a scam?

There are other sites, like EBates, that also offer the opportunity to earn money back for all the shopping you do but will Trunited stand up to these other sites?

I dove into Trunited to see what it was all about so I can write a review for my readers.  Hopefully, you will get the info you need to decide to join them or not.

I will break down my review like this:



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Trunited Logo


Program Name: Trunited


Price: Free

Owner: Dr. Nicolas Porter

Recommended? No

Trunited is a site where you can go sign up and start shopping through their platform to earn “Profit Points”, meaning earn money back for your purchases.

You can buy from a lot of name brands that you would know and already shopping at like at Target, Walmart, Best Buy, Apple, Priceline, Payless, etc.


Trunited Home Page


There are quite a variety of brands to choose from and in many categories of things you would normally already buy.

They also offer purchases of special discounted products as well as gift cards are also available to earn cash back on.

The prices that you are purchasing at are what you would normally expect as well so you will not shop at inflated prices or anything like that.

How they can pay you for shopping is because those companies they partner with have affiliate programs and the companies pay Trunited for driving traffic to the companies’ sites to buy their products.

This portion is called affiliate marketing and something I know well as that’s what I use to make money online as well.


Trunited Brands They Work With


So because you are shopping through their site to go to let’s say Target to buy some stuff, Target will then pay Trunited a commission for referring you to Target.

Trunited will then give you back some of that commission through their Pay Plan 360, which is more explained below.

In essence, you are able to make money while you’re shopping for things you would normally buy anyway so it’s a great win-win.


Trunited Socialized Commerce


Trunited has coined themselves as using Socialized Commerce where you are being connected with brands and brands are connected with engaged buyers like yourself.

This all sounds good so far, but let’s take a closer look at how you make money here.




The Pay Plan 360 is actually really complicated to understand, my first read of this guide was a bit confusing but I think I got the gist of it! Lol

There are two ways you can make money with Trunited:

  • Shop & Earn
  • Shop, Learn, Connect & Earn

They actually had another step you can earn called “Shop, Connect & Earn” which is BS because you can’t earn anything at that step unless you become an affiliate which is what “Shop, Learn, Connect, & Earn” is so not sure why they even had that extra step.

So anyway, there are basically two ways to make money on Trunited, let’s take a closer look at each one.



You can just do this part which is just get some money back for all the purchases you make through the Trunited site.

This seems easy enough but how much do you earn?  You are earning “Profit Points” not a % of the price you pay.

So if you buy something for $100 and you get 8% profit points for it, you’ll earn 8 profit points and these points will be added to your account within 72 hours.

But how much will those 8 profit points valued at?

Well, they have something called Payout Pool where they will look at all the commissions they get from all purchases done through their site for the month, then subtract their expenses, then the remaining goes into the Payout Pool to pay all you shoppers.

This same pool will be used for the second way of making money on here too.

Therefore, what you can make per month from your purchases is not really predictable nor controllable as you’re at the mercy of Trunited spending their business expenses wisely so there will be more in the Payout Pool.

Who will know what they will deduct for themselves month after month?  You’ll really have no idea.

So because of this Payout Plan, it’s hard to gage what you’ll get and you’ll have to wait to see when they pay you to see what you’ve finally earned.

Some people don’t like that, like myself, and may choose a different platform instead like E-Bates, which is more established and you know what you’ll earn before you shop as well as what your referral rate is if you bring in people.



If you want to make more money, you can join their affiliate program but it will cost you (which is unusual to pay for an affiliate program) $99 annually!

Trunited is a MLM as revealed in this affiliate program and maybe that is why there’s a payment to join, most MLMs make you pay before you can be part of their program.

How you’ll earn is again in Profit Points which is not predictable on how much money you can earn beforehand.

You will want to refer lots of people in order to make a lot of money in this system as in any MLM you join that has this recruiting component into it.

It’s also not just recruiting to come shop which you can earn some money like that, but you will earn more if you can recruit people who also recruit.

There are different statuses you can earn in this plan which gets complicated and you can read all the details in their Pay Plan 360 guide here.

The gist of it is to have at least 3 direct recruits who will also recruit two direct recruits each, and each of those 2nd level recruits will recruit one each.

Therefore, your team will have 15 people in it and you’ll reach “PaceSetter” status, it’ll look like this:

Trunited PaceSetter Affiliate Structure


You can go as deep as 15 levels and infinitely wide on any level so everyone can have as many direct recruits as they want.

As you expand your initial 15 member team, you will reach other statuses like Influencer, Partner, Icon, and Legend in the system like this:

Trunited Affiliate Statuses


If you join this affiliate program, your goal is to recruit as many people as possible if you want to make any consistent monthly with it.

Most people who join MLMs won’t know how to recruit this many people and thus usually fail when joining these types of programs as they run out of people to recruit.




No, Trunited is not a scam and what they are doing is legitimate however, I really dislike their Profit Point system.

I don’t like the fact that you don’t get to know what you’re going to get back in rebates before you shop or how much you’ll be earning in the affiliate program.

Without knowing how much you’ll be earning, you won’t know how they will manipulate how much you’ll earn each month.

The Profit Points need to have a value, not something that can be changed and not known.  Yes, companies have the right to change rates even if they are published but they are usually not changed from month to month.

But this way, Trunited can really alter your earnings each month without you knowing which is not good.

This is also not industry standard for reward sites, we usually get to know what we’ll earn for what we are asked to do.

For these reasons, I do NOT recommend Trunited.  If you like to shop and want to earn money back, it’s better to go with EBates, in my opinion.




Remember, when using sites like Trunited or EBates, don’t join it because you’re trying to make money online from it as your main goal because you’ll always be in the negative position that way.

So join those kinds of sites if you’re an online shopper and need to buy stuff anyway and it’s good to get some money back from your purchases.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Trunited is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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