Is TubeLoom A Scam Or Legit $1000/Day Every Day? Must See!

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Is TubeLoom A Scam or Legit $1000 days?Oh man, sure sounds great to earn $300 – $1000/day with TubeLoom!  But, is this for real?  Is Tubeloom a scam or legit way to make money from home?

I have put together this review to show you whether this is any good to buy into or if they will just take your $40 and forget about you.

You have to be weary about sites that claim high income hype as it either usually is a scam or the work takes much more than it says.

In my TubeLoom review, I will show you the following:



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TubeLoom Logo


Product Name: TubeLoom


Price: $39.95

Owner: Charlotte (Fake)

Recommended? No

TubeLoom is a digital product that will supposedly show you how to make videos on YouTube to make money from home with their secret formula.

They tell you how you are going to make $300 – $1,000/day doing this and telling you there are people actually making $1,000 a day, every single day.


TubeLoom Home Page


The sales video go on to tell you lots of stories on how “Charlotte” got started and how she found this hidden gem that YouTube has a high demand for videos of all different sorts.

She makes it sound really easy since her friend just flubs and makes tons of mistakes in her videos but still making hundreds per day with it.

She explains this because people want to see “real” videos from “real” people so she’s trying to relate to you, everyday folks, to make you feel you can do this too.

All you have to do is review products using a 2 minute video, then upload it to YouTube, and then Voila!, you make money.

Well, not quite.

What she’s trying to explain here is affiliate marketing, the process of earning a commission if someone buys from your affiliate link for the products you are promoting.

These are products you don’t own and are produce by companies and brands like Apple, Best Buy, etc.  There are lots of companies that have affiliate programs you can join.

There is much more to affiliate marketing than how TubeLoom explains in their sales video and not as simple but the process is possible to make money if someone sees your video, clicks on your affiliate and buys that product.

However, getting views on YouTube is not instant and there are strategies to getting your videos seen but TubeLoom makes it sound like all you have to do is record a 2 minute, upload, and you make money.

There is way more to that but TubeLoom is not about to tell you that.




TubeLoom just wants you to feel and imagine what’s it going to be like when you also make $1,000 a day, every day.

They will say anything to make you just buy but there are tons of red flags in this product that are on my list of ways on how to spot a scam.

Let’s take a closer look at the these red flags that show this product can’t be trusted.

#1 RED FLAG – Fake Owner “Charlotte”

They want to make this seem easy and that a stay at home mom named Charlotte could do this.  They go into an elaborate story about how they needed money and hated that her husband needed to take a second job.

But really, this is not Charlotte at all, it’s just a fake stock photo they use to say that’s Charlotte because I found that picture on the internet on other sites as well as it being available on stock photography sites:

TubeLoom Fake Owner Charlotte

If the owner is fake, then who is it?  They are taking people’s money and should not be hiding so people can contact them.

This is also a big sign that the product is weak or worse because if the product was good, why wouldn’t they be proud owners of it and not hide?


#2 RED FLAG –  Fake Testimonials

There are a lot of claims about how much people are making and that they are making $100’s/day but I have found that the testimonials are not real either.

All the photos are fake and again found on the internet on other sites, here are a couple of examples:

TubeLoom Fake Testimonials

There are pages of the same photo on many sites on Google and I find this really deceiving to lure people into a product with fake testimonies.


#3 RED FLAG – Fake News

Products like this always use news logo on their site to create trust with the “as seen on” but none of these logos are linked to the real news stories if they were on the news.

TubeLoom Fake News

The logos just link back to their own site and so they’re just all bogus.


#4 RED FLAG – High Income Hype With Hardly Any Work

Whenever products claim high income results, it’s usually not a good sign especially paired with hardly any work.

They say you just have to work a couple hours a day and even showing income proof of over $300 with just 9 mins of work.

TubeLoom High Income Hype

Making $300 – $1,000 a day means making $9,000 – $30,000 A MONTH, and they claim one of their fake testimonies makes $1K a day everyday.

Those are wild claims that you cannot make with hardly any work.

People take years to build up their business to that kind of income, you are not going to make that just by buying this product.

Hell no.


#5 RED FLAG – Limited Spots Available

Any shady products always use this scarcity tactic to make you buy now with their fake counter of how many spots are available.

TubeLoom Fake Counter


This is making videos on YouTube, why would there be limited spots?

Also, these guys will not limit how many $39.95 payments they can steal from people so this counter is fake.

You can go back to it another day or a week later and they still have one spot left.


Is There Anything NOT Fake?

With all these red flags, I don’t know how anyone can trust this site.

How can you give money to a site that doesn’t tell you the truth?

Even the process of making money on YouTube are all lies as it’s not as easy as it sounds and there’s a lot more involved that they are not revealing.

At $40, you won’t be receiving any training that will take you to making $30K a month.


The Secret Is There is NO Secret

Making money on YouTube is no secret and people have been doing it for years so they are just telling you lies to make you think this is some exclusive thing that nobody knows about.

I’ve been making money online for awhile and I can tell you that there is no secret system or program or loophole to making money online.

There are just solid paths to doing it that requires actual work effort to build an online business that can make you the kind of money you want.

You CAN make thousands a month, but not with this product.

You will not get the comprehensive training you’ll need for $40.  Learning one of these solid paths to make money online requires real training that will cost more than $40.

A real education is needed to learn what to do and how to get it all done.

Whatever training you use, it will require hard work and a lot of time to build up to making thousands of dollars per month.

But having that strong educational training is needed to be able to achieve that kind of success and you will need support along the way.  There will be zero support buying TubeLoom.




In my opinion, from all that I see and noted above, I feel TubeLoom is a scam because you are lured and misled to buy a product that won’t give you what it promises.

Any training that will come with this product will be very weak and will probably just make you upgrade and upsell you like crazy.

Trying to make money on YouTube is entirely possible but without properly YouTube and affiliate marketing training, you won’t be making any anything near what TubeLoom claims.

I don’t trust this product one bit and therefore I highly do NOT recommend TubeLoom to you.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether TubeLoom is a scam, legit, or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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