Profit With Alex Review: Another Scam Or $38K+ Per Month?

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Is Profit With Alex A Scam?I was emailed this Profit With Alex the other day so I checked it out to see if it was a scam or if you can really make over $38K with it.

I’m very familiar with the topic discussed in the Profit With Alex sales video as this is a business model I use and how I make money on my website here.

Therefore, I am able to spot things that Profit With Alex talks about that may make sense to you but I know it won’t work in reality.

There are also much more to it than what Profit With Alex leads you to believe so let’s check out my review below to find out the truth:



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Profit With Alex Logo


Program Name: Profit With Alex


Price: $37

Owner: Alex Goodwin

Recommended? No

Profit With Alex is apparently a software that can build websites for you in 5 minutes with only 14 clicks and with these websites, you can earn $38K a month with it.

The software goes into Amazon and eBay to extract their products and customer reviews from those sites to put on your new affiliate site.


Profit With Alex Home Page Sales Video


Once this is done, and you have people visiting your website, then Alex says that those customer reviews from Amazon will really convert your readers and bring them to Amazon (or eBay) to buy the actual products, and when they do, you make a commission from that sale from Amazon.

This is essentially called affiliate marketing and a topic I know very well because I’m also an Amazon affiliate and have signed up for their affiliate program.

The only problem here is that the way that Profit With Alex is showing you on how to use this affiliate marketing business model is all wrong.

His results are totally exaggerated and I can prove this to you below – not that I don’t think you can’t make this kind of money in affiliate marketing, you certainly can, but Profit With Alex is not telling you the whole story.

Therefore, I will point out everything I see wrong with this in my deeper analysis of Profit With Alex in the next section.




Because I use affiliate marketing day in and day out and have been properly trained on this topic since September 2016, I’m able to show you the truth of the following.

There are many half truths in Profit With Alex and his method is totally outdated and will not work as he claims so let’s take a look now.


#1 Truth – Building Niche Sites Like That Won’t Work Anymore

Although his software will be able to create these niche sites for you with a bunch of products on it, but search engines won’t be ranking these types of websites because of all the duplicate content you’ll have on there from Amazon’s site.

Profit With Alex Niche Site Sample

Without search engines ranking your websites, your sites won’t be seen by anyone and you won’t have any free organic search traffic (best targeted traffic) on your websites.

Building a site like that will also get you banned from Amazon as you can’t just swipe their content and pull them on your own site unless it’s all coded directly from Amazon.

From the looks of how his software is building your site, it doesn’t look like that’s what the software is doing so you’ll be shut down when Amazon reviews your site.

This kind of method could have worked back in 2010 or earlier, but these days, you can’t do this.


#2 Truth – Must Have To Use Paid Traffic

Profit With Alex talks about his secret daily traffic method that takes about 20 minutes to do everyday and I can guarantee you that this has to do with paid traffic.

Profit With Alex Traffic Source is Paid

I say this because no search engines will be ranking these types of sites so you will have no traffic unless you pay for it with ads.

You also can’t get the kind of traffic he shows in his Amazon results in your first week of a brand new website, it doesn’t work that way, and so must have used paid traffic.

Which is fine and all, but if you don’t know how to use paid traffic, you will be spending hundreds if not thousands of dollars to perfect high converting ad campaigns.


#3 Truth – SEO Settings Are Not Done Properly

Not that this matters since you will have tons of duplicate content on your site, but the way he shows you how to do SEO and put in keywords for your site will not get you any traffic.

Profit With Alex SEO Settings Sucks

This is because those are highly competitive keywords he’s choosing to put into the settings and if you don’t know how to use keywords effectively, then that’s another layer of no traffic to your websites.

Also, a website needs way more keywords than that to get on Page 1 results of any search engines, so him putting these few keywords in the settings won’t be doing any good.


#4 Truth – His Amazon Results Are Big Lies

So he creates this sample baby monitor site and then 8 days later, he logs in to show you how much he’s made from this new site of his.

Profit With Alex Fake Amazon Results


I have two problems with those results:

i) Low Quality Traffic

Of course, he doesn’t mention how much money he used for this traffic but I can guarantee it’s the worse traffic because of the extremely low conversion rate of not even half a percent!

Most affiliate websites that are done properly will get anywhere from 3 – 15% conversion rates, of course the higher the better.

His results show only 0.41% bought anything, this is calculated by taking the products ordered of 87 divided by total clicks of 21,023.


ii) Numbers Are Fudged

Like I said, I know Amazon, and your commissions are calculated & received only after the items have shipped.

His results are showing $4,342 in earnings with only 66 items shipped so I have to wonder how much are these darn baby monitors??  Because they sound very expensive to be able to earn over $4K from this.

First of all, Amazon commission structure allows you to only earn anywhere from 1 – 10% of the price of the item so for baby items I believe it’s 4%.

So let’s say the average baby monitor he has on this site is around $150, taking that times number of items shipped which is 66, times 4% commission, will equal you $396.

Even if I take a higher price point, I can’t even come close to the $4K he shows and that’s because he probably just added the “2” at the end of this actual earnings of $434.

I know this as well because Amazon does not display “$4342” like that, they use a comma after the thousandths place like “$4,342”, so if he did actually made more than $4K, then we would see the amount displayed with the comma.

Not to mention, Amazon also reports the cents place as well, so if he actually made that money, the report would be “$4,342.00”.  It’s quite unusual to also have zero cents.

Mind you, when you are using the Amazon program, you can earn commission from all products that your visitors buy, not just the items you are promoting so he could have sold some other products higher than the $150 price point but still, at 4% commissions, he would have had to sell way more than 66 items.

I have no doubt his results are fudged.



I also find that if Profit With Alex’s software is so great and produce such money making sites in the likes of $38K, then he would be charging more than $37 for this system.

So pricing it low at $37 shows me that you will not get a lot of training in their product to really show you how this business model works.

You will be taught how to build a site that won’t get ranked or seen by anyone unless you use paid traffic but you’re not taught to use high quality traffic seeing his conversion rate is below 1%.

You really get what you pay for here.




Profit With Alex ProductThis question really depends on how you define a scam because a scam could mean that Profit With Alex takes your money and running with it.

In this case, Profit With Alex is not running with your money as you will get access to this system and create a niche site for yourself.

But is it a scam if the site his software creates for you doesn’t work and won’t make you $38K+ as he promised?  For me, I would consider this a scam, or at least a very low quality product, because it’s highly misleading as well as giving you junk for your money basically since this method won’t work these days.

Not to mention the fudged up numbers of the results he shows, his SEO settings are horrible, and building this kind of site doesn’t work anymore, this is just a bad product all around.

At least, this is on Clickbank and you can always get your money back from them.

Because of the reasons discussed above, I highly do not recommend Profit With Alex.




If you want really build this awesome online business using affiliate marketing, then you will need to build it properly from the get-go.

This is not a business you just take 5 mins to build like Profit With Alex has told you, to build it properly these days, it will take some real work effort and time to build it up to the level you want to earn at.

Sure a website can be built and be live on the internet in less than a minute, but there’s much more work to do after that and without knowing what you need to do, you’ll be lost and won’t be succeeding in this.

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I’ve been using the training explained in my guide since September 2016 and I’m still a very active member there.

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Yes, free, and that it even includes 2 websites for you to start with.  You will learn completely how build your website out, how to write and use proper keywords, and all the necessary things you’ll need to build this business to attract free organic search traffic.

You’ll also learn about affiliate programs, affiliate links, how to use them, where to use them, etc.

Forget about crappy magical systems and follow real steps to success today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Profit With Alex is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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