The Best Affiliate Marketing Networks for Real Estate Agents

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About 80 percent of millennials  planned on buying their own homes in 2017.

Studies estimate that if this generation keeps marrying at the same pace, their homeownership rate will soon amount to 33%.

These findings hint at a growing segment of the real estate market that is tech-savvy and spends a lot of time on the internet.

For real estate agents who have already gone dot com, this means that the model of affiliate marketing makes more sense now than ever.

The concept is simple. A company pays you commission based on the number of sales it generates from the referrals on your website.

If you want to market your services, you can adopt the same model and advertise yourself on other relevant sites.

With this real estate market emerging, the appetite for property information would only grow.

It is just about finding the right affiliate marketing networks that will earn you the best commissions.

We list here three of the best affiliate marketing networks for real estate agents.


1.   All Things Real Estate

All things Real Estate understands the evolving trends of online marketing.

With their beautiful ad banners, text links, logos, and creative signs for the open house, it moves away from the generic and boring content that people would normally associate with real estate.

The platform provides its affiliates a dedicated dashboard from where they can track sales and commissions and also download creatives.

The panel also has a section where you can view the company’s entire payment history.

In terms of commission, All Things Real Estate offers its affiliates 30% of the sales.


2.   Amazon

Although doesn’t have an entire affiliate network, it offers an Amazon Associate Program dedicated only to products by the e-commerce giant.

The commission percentages not only vary from category to category but are also not as attractive as what other affiliate networks have to offer.

One thing that gives Amazon an edge over other networks, however, is its broad outreach. Almost everyone on the internet is aware of Amazon and its products.

Therefore, not only are Amazon products more widely recognizable, but they also have a greater appeal. This makes its products, links, and promotional materials more clickable than most other platforms.

The program offers 8% commission on any products relevant to real estate, such as furniture, home improvement, and even pet products.


3.   Property M.O.B.

Offering its affiliates 25% commission, Property M.O.B. is primarily a community of real estate investors.

It provides investors with training, coaching, virtual assistance, and also property advice from industry experts.

For its affiliates, the program offers an opportunity to earn commission by referring other real estate investors or interested people who may benefit from these tools.

The program provides pre-designed banner ads and text links to affiliates, who can also track the number of clicks and resultant sales from their respective portals.

Besides the 25% commission on sales, affiliates can also earn recurring monthly commissions for signing-up to the membership plans.

Internet connectivity has opened new avenues of marketing, from Connecticut to Washington and beyond.

Unlike the limitations of conventional marketing, an online advertisement provides a CT real estate agent with an audience which branches out all the way till the Wild West.

All of this makes affiliate marketing very attractive.

It is only about selecting the right network and marketing products which are most relevant to the services you offer.


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