Wondough Review: Is It A Scam Or Earn Easy Pocket Money

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Is Wondough A Scam?A new platform called Wondough has launched recently to earn points which you can redeem for gift cards, but is Wondough a scam? Will they pay or will you just waste your time?

I’m glad you’re here on my review to find out the details as I signed up to see what’s going on with this Wondough platform and you won’t believe what I found.

Not much, that is, I found not much inside.

I will definitely expand on this in the following sections:



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Wondough Logo


Program Name: Wondough

Website: wondough.com

Price: Free

Recommended? No

Wondough is a platform where you can earn Wondough ePoints from doing simple tasks online like filling out surveys, taking up offers, installing apps and watching videos.


Wondough Home Page


You are going to collect ePoints so you can redeem them for gift cards in this case, and from their home page, you can get a variety of gift cards like PayPal, Reebok, Netflix, Amazon, Walmart, and BuzzFeed.. that last one is a bit iffy since BuzzFeed is a news/entertainment company, so not sure what you’ll buy from them.

There’s more to the gift cards which I’ll go more into in a bit.

Your ePoints won’t worth much as you need 100 ePoints to redeem for $1 gift card.  The lowest gift card I see is for $3 so you’ll need 300 ePoints for it.

It shouldn’t be too hard to earn 300 ePoints if the platform gave you enough opportunities to earn those points.

But there isn’t, for example, when I first signed up yesterday, I received zero surveys and today when I logged in I got in survey that is supposed to take 3 minutes for 50 ePoints.

Wondough No Surveys Available

I did the three minute survey but then the survey tells me there’s a 40 min survey and if I want to continue I need to click Start, but then I never got credited the 50 ePoints for the 3 min one I did already.

Of course these surveys are always like this, they often give you the run around and loop you in survey after survey and you don’t even know when it freaking ends.

Wondough 1 survey available

I’m not going to waste my time on a 40 min survey for $0.50, actually 43 mins, and that’s if they don’t string me into another survey after that!

There are no other surveys for me to try which does’t signal a good platform for me to make money with.

There are other activities for you to earn points like the videos which you only get 1 point at a time unless you want to submit your picture for some modeling agency and get 200 points for it.

Otherwise, the other offer is just to install two apps and “Coupon” section is full of things for you to buy so they can make money and there are NO actual coupons there.


Wondough No Actual Coupons in Coupon section


Every offer in the “Coupon” section makes you spend money so they can make money from your purchases, there are no real offers there that you can take without pulling out your credit card.




You’re not going to be making much money with Wondough.

If you have the patience to get to 300 points to redeem the minimum gift card I see, then you can get yourself a $3 gift card.

But guess what?

The only gift card they offer is Amazon but because they are so new, I don’t have enough data to see if you can actually redeem it.


Wondough Only Amazon Is Available


From what I can see, most of the things on this site is for the owner to make money from your activities and in fact, you will lose money because a lot of the things offered there makes you spend money.

So getting that $3 gift card to Amazon may be a loss to you because you had to spend more than $3 to get those 300 ePoints.

Like many of these survey/GPT (get paid to) sites, you’re only going to make enough money for pocket change, if that, if you haven’t pulled out more money than you’re making on this Wondough site.

They also use fake testimonies on their home page as well as misleading people with all the gift card selection when they only offer Amazon gift cards.

Here’s one of their testimonies on their home page:

Wondough Fake Testimonies


That photo is just a stock photo you can find at this free stock photography site:

Wondough Fake Testimonies 2


These guys obviously do not know American pop culture as they are saying you can get BuzzFeed gift cards?!

So will Wondough make you some dough?

Not really.  If any, very little as you just don’t have enough opportunity to earn any significant amount of ePoints and without spending money.




Thumbs DownHard to tell at this point, as Wondough is pretty new, but the red flags are there to be a scam.

Let’s put it this way, all the ways to earn the most points require you to buy or pay for something and the ways where you don’t have to pay anything you’re earning 1 point at a time.

It’s a pretty small site and super slow as well.

Maybe they’ll add more to their site later on, but they are the ones that came to me for this review so you’d think it’s ready to launch fully.

If you still really like doing online tasks to earn money, you can use better sites like Swagbucks (collect points to redeem but there’s a real PayPal option) or Fusion Cash (where you earn only cash!).

You’ll have way more opportunities on those sites to earn without spending and you’ll have real cash options.

Regardless if they are a scam or not, I do not recommend you using Wondough.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Wondough is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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