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Continuing from where I left off on my last rambling post



Work life continued while I was away on my week long mommy-only vacation because I started a writing schedule which allowed me to schedule my posts out!

It was very busy before I left but damn, how awesome it was to be on the beach, swimming with sharks and sting ray, zip lining, and still was able to post to my blog three times.  Love it!

I’ve totally slowed down on my handmade shops since I’ve turned up my writing now to 5 times a week.

I really want to build this blog and make a passive income that can allow my family more luxuries like these awesome trips and experiences.

Not only that, I really want to earn a living independent of my location.  With a handmade shop, I can’t do anything if I’m not at home.

Blogging on the other hand can be done from anywhere that has wifi with my laptop!

Speaking of laptops, I have a confession.  Well, semi-confession, my very first post already mentioned this.

Until this past Sunday, I didn’t have a laptop so all this time I’ve been blogging from my desktop in my office but my goal was always to be able to work from anywhere and live a laptop lifestyle, thus I built this blog.

I had wanted to wait to buy a laptop until this blog earned enough to get one.  However, my handmade businesses already had the money for one, so I took the plunge this past weekend.

The reason I didn’t wait is because there was a really good deal to get a MacBook Pro!  Lol  Also, this will allow me the freedom to work while my girls and husband are around.

I felt like I was always isolated from them when I worked while they were around and now I can be around them while I work. 🙂




Not only this is my first laptop, but it’s my first Apple computer.  I’ve had iPads and iPhones but not an Apple computer.

We’ve always had Windows PCs and my husband never wanted to switch to Apple before because of the software applications we already have, we didn’t want to go out and buy new software for an Apple computer.

What’s funny is that his work gave him a 15″ MacBook Pro this month and now he loves it!

I didn’t get a chance to take a look at his before I left for my trip so I finally was able to test drive his this past weekend and man, once I used it, I was really wanting one!

He said he would’ve bought me one already but he knew I wanted to wait and buy it from my blog.  He convinced me to just use my handmade business money and just get it since I’ll use it a lot.

It also made sense to get one since we have a couple of family trips this year as well and it’ll be nice to have a laptop with me so I can also do some work.

It sure helped that he supported my decision to get one, in fact, he was egging me on to get it! Lol



So I started doing research about MacBooks which I knew some things about but not a lot.  I knew the three series they had:  MacBook, MacBook Air, and MacBook Pro.

Did you know that MacBook Air is going out the window soon?  When comparing the different MacBooks, it was obvious the MacBook Air is no longer as good as the other ones.

The latest MacBook is lighter than the MacBook Air by almost a pound and I was wondering why.  After reading some reviews, I realized the Air is on its way out.  I don’t think you will see anymore MacBook Airs later this year.

I wasn’t going to buy something that was being discontinued so it was between MacBook and MacBook Pro.

The MacBook seems too small, especially the processor seems very weak, though it’s so lightweight and portable, it’s pretty cool.



MacBook Pro, on the other hand, I knew was always the more powerful ones, so I narrowed it down to getting a MacBook Pro because I want to make sure it can handle editing images and videos quickly so a bigger processor is a must.

What’s interesting I found was that Apple was still selling the 2015 models along with the 2016 ones.

The non-Touch Bar 13″ 2016 model is not as powerful as the 2015 version by a lot but the 2016 one is more expensive!  What gives I thought?!

Although the new Touch Bar & Touch ID features are pretty cool, those ones came with a nice, big price tag too and I wasn’t planning on spending that much on a laptop.

So it was pretty obvious to me that the 2015 13″ MacBook Pro was my laptop of choice and was thankful that it was still available to buy.

Here it is:

2015 13" MacBook Pro

2015 13" MacBook Pro


I also really love the case and lap desk I got for it too!  It’s all so sleek, simple, and modern:

2015 13" MacBook Pro with case and lap desk


If you’re in the market for a laptop, I highly recommend the 2015 MacBook Pro series.  It’s going to last you for a few years so it’s totally worth the money.

It’s always a good investment if you get a lot of use out of things you buy and this laptop will sure be used by me for a long time to come.

If you have the money for it, I would recommend you go for the 2016 Touch Bar & Touch ID ones as they are powerful like the one I got but with the awesome new features.

I’m very happy with mine, really loving the ability to work anywhere now, and living that laptop lifestyle!  😉



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