10 Best Shopping Apps To Earn Money With Your Phone

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10 Best Shopping Apps To Earn Money With Your PhoneDo you like shopping? Who doesn’t, right? 

What if I told you, you can earn some money while shopping? 

I am going to show you the 10 best shopping apps to earn money with your phone.

These are really easy options and you can do them right now! 

I personally use two of them on this list, I am going to introduce them at the end! 

I suggest you do all of them or multiple of them at the same time, so you can get the most rewards out of it.

So without further ado, let’s look at the list of shopping apps: 





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Coinout And Receipt Pal 


Coinout is an app where you can earn by submitting your cash receipts and their website is found at coinout.com.

The cash receipts could be from any retailer for any kind of product purchase and you will still be able to earn rewards.

They collect these for data research, they use purchasing data to show you more relevant offers in the app and chances to earn through feedback forms and other ways. 

It is also safe, they never sell your information. Go to their webpage and click on ‘Play video’ for more information on how the app works.

You will get a random reward for every receipt you upload, and you can also shop through Coinout. Sign up with their partners such as Walmart, eBay, etc from their app and get cashback for every purchase. You can track your transactions on the app and see your balance grow.

There are a few rules you need to know before you upload a receipt on their app:

  1. Name: The merchant’s name needs to clear on the receipt so they can know where you shopped from.
  2. Deadline: The receipt’s date has to be within 2 weeks of purchase.
  3. Items: Your items purchased should be clear and visible on the list.
  4. Total Amount: The total amount spent on your purchase should be visible on the receipt.

The only bad thing about this app is that you have no idea what the rewards are until you use it and earn some.


Receipt Pal:

The Receipt Pal website is found at receiptpalapp.com and this is quite similar to the previous one I showed you.

All you have to do is take a screenshot of your paper receipts or you could also connect your email or Amazon account to earn points for every receipt or purchase.

You will be able to redeem points for valuable gift cards and cash prizes from amazing retailers. 

Not only this, but you will also be automatically entered on their sweepstakes which happens weekly for cash prizes this will increase your chances to earn while shopping.

They have quite a lot of testimonials on their site which means a high number of people are satisfied with their site.

You should definitely check this one out.



Receipt Hog And Free Bird

Receipt Hog:

Receipt Hog is a website found at receipthog.com and this is another app where you can earn by uploading your receipts.

On this website, there are no restrictions whatsoever as to where you have to shop and what you have to buy to get cashback or rewards from them, just like Coinout. 

They are just collecting data on what people are buying and market research companies are buying the data so that companies and brands can know what consumer demands are these days. 

There are three main activities on this website that can briefly explain what is done on this site:

  1. Receipts: Take pictures of receipts and upload them to the app.
  2. Bonuses: Other things can be done to receive bonuses such as paid surveys, free shopping trips, etc.
  3. Earn: You can earn coins by doing these things and trade them from Amazon gift cards, magazines, and PayPal cash.

This site is only available for UK, USA, and Canada.

For a $10 shopping receipt, you earn about 5 coins on this site and for a $100 receipt, you can earn about 20 coins.

For the US and Canada, you have to earn 1000 coins for $5 and around 6,500 coins for $40.

For the UK, you have to earn 1000 coins for 3 pounds and 12,000 coins for 50 pounds.

You will need at least 1000 coins to request for withdrawal and you will get your payment within 7 days.


Free Bird:

The Free Bird website is found at freebirdride.com, they are a bit unique than the rest of the methods I showed you.

This app lets you earn rewards and cashback every time you use Uber or Lyft. As you use those apps for rides, you can store the points and redeem them every $10.

The reviews for this app say it really does not take long at all to get to $10 and other testimonials for this app is also great.

It has a 4.8/5 rating on IOS and a 4.3/5 on Google Play. They have paid out over $3 million already and users have gained 457 million points.

All you have to do is connect your Uber or Lyft account with this app, link your credit card with the app and pay with the card and receive cashback.



Shopkick And Get Upside


Shopkick is another app that lets you earn online and this is found at shopkick.com

There are actually two main ways that you can earn from this app: 

  1. In-store Option 
  2. Online Option

Whereas online you can do a couple of different things to earn money including watching videos, and you can also purchase from the app from websites such as eBay and earn cashback or rewards. 

You will earn gift cards in-store or online, so for the in-store option all you have to do is walk into the stores and in the stores, you can scan things and you have to check to see if stores are keeping certain products on their shelves so the business knows that their products are properly visible and made available to the customers. 

When you shop in particular stores that have partnerships with Shopkick, you can even submit your receipts to get cashback.  You will also have the option to spend with the Shopkick app online.

When you do that and shop in their app, they give you 2 kicks with every $1 spent at particular stores with a linked credit card.  


Get Upside:

Get upside is found at getupside.com, you can download their app it is available in both IOS and Google Play.

Go to their webpage and click on ‘For People’ in the top corner.

This app is mostly for regular necessity shopping and they partner with various different businesses such as gas stations, grocery stores, and restaurants. 

They collaborate with a high number of local businesses and work on making a better community. 

They are also looking to make their site bigger by attracting more users.

Get Upside has great offers and cashback, you should definitely check it out. 



Drop And Ibotta


You can find the Drop website at joindrop.com, they will also let you shop with a lot of different brands.

If you are interested in food, shopping, and travel, this is the right one for you.





You can book tickets, order online, and go shopping with 100s of different brands directly from the Drop App.

You will be able to redeem your points with Amazon, Netflix, or Starbucks gift cards.

More than 3 million people already joined their community, it’s time you join them too. 



Ibotta is found at home.ibotta.com, this is a similar website to Receipt Hog, they give you cashback for purchases. 

When you go to the webpage, you will be able to see that they already paid over $6 million. 

They also have a $20 welcome bonus, which is a lot!

All you have to do is download the app, which is available in both IOS and Android, look for offers, shop and upload the receipt to redeem your offers.

There are 4 ways you can earn from this app:

  • In-Store: All you have to do is look through the app for offers, shop in stores, upload the receipt, and redeem the cash within 24 hours.
  • Link A Loyalty Card: For this option, you do not even need a receipt, all you have to do is shop in one of their partner stores and pay with your linked card. They have this option with 100 retailers nationwide and they will automatically redeem your points within 24 hours.
  • Online Shopping: Shop through their app, browse and choose a retailer, as soon as you pay for an item, you will be able to see points in your Ibotta account.
  • Invite Friends: Earn $3 for each friend who will sign up with Ibotta by your referral.



Rakuten And Dosh


Rakuten is an extremely popular website and this is one of the websites that I personally use when I shop. 

This is a shopping app found at rakuten.com, they have no rewards system, only cash.

All you have to do is shop through their app or on their website. There are literally thousands of brands and products available on their site to shop through.

You get cashback once your purchase is verified, which might take a little bit of time but it is worth it.

They are effective and reliable, I can attest to that. 

They are one of the higher percentage cashback sites which means they pay back more money. 






Dosh is an extremely popular website found at dosh.com. They have been around for almost 4 years and it is a very easy way to earn. This is the other website that I use to do shopping.

They do not require you to upload any receipt even which makes it very easy for you, you just get cashback, automatically. I will briefly explain to you the steps you have to take to get cash.

You have to connect your credit or debit card with the website by signing up.

After connecting your card, all you have to do is keep shopping and dining out like you normally would on a daily basis and just pay with your linked cards every time. 

Dosh is partnered with 1000s of shops and restaurants all over the US and you can get up to 10% cashback automatically in your Dosh wallet, every time you shop or dine outside. 

They also have a referral program, just like Ibotta, but unlike Ibotta, you actually get $5 for each person who signs up with links a verified card to Dosh by your referral.

After this, you can transfer your cash to PayPal or directly to your bank account or you also have the option to actually donate to charity.



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