9 Best Online Jobs That Pay You To Work From Home

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9 Best Online Jobs That Pay You To Work From HomeAre you tired of going to your 9-5 jobs?

Are you tired of not having any time for yourself at the end of the day? 

Do you think to yourself if you can ever just stay at home and work in a comfortable and relaxed environment? 

Well, then I have just the thing for you! 

In this article, I will show you a number of ways that you can earn from home whether you want to stop working in an office or if you just want to earn some extra money with a side hustle.

Did you know that there are easy online jobs that pay you to work from home?

In this article, I am going to list you 9 best online jobs that pay you to work from home along with my personal favorite which helped me build my website! So without further ado let’s get into it: 





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You Can Work For Clear Voice And Daily Transcription

Clear Voice: 

Clear Voice is a site found at clearvoice.com. This website allows you to work as a freelancer.

I will list some of the main benefits of work at Clear Voice:

  • You Can Build Your Own Profile: This means that you can make a CV Portfolio which stands for Clear Voice portfolio. You can add images and different headlines and build it to showcase your skills and experiences in any way you see fit. 
  • Join Their Talent Network: When you join Clear Voice, it matches your expertise listed on your portfolio with clients looking for this kind of work and gives you the right kind of assignments. You can also pitch to specific clients if you want.
  • Sharing Your CV Portfolio: Clear Voice makes it a point to change and improve their portfolio systems consistently so you can promote yourself better.
  • Select Your Own Rate: Unlike many other online job platforms, on this website, you can select your own rate, and then Clear Voice will match you with assignments that are in your price range. 
  • Easy Communication: Clear Voice allows you to chat with clients in the app so you do not have the hassle to email them every time you have a question during your assignment. This saves time and provides fewer barriers to communication with your client.
  • Easy Payment Method: Clear Voice pays you through PayPal every time you finish an assignment so this is an easy and clear payment method.  

Clear Voice lets you work as a freelance producer, editor, writer, creator, or strategist. You can highlight any of this skill in your portfolio and start from there.


Daily Transcription: 

Daily transcription is a site that offers transcribing services, translation services, and caption services to their customers.

This website found at dailytranscription.com.  

2 of the most beneficial part of working for daily transcription would be: 

  1. Their pay is high: They mention on their website that their top transcriptionist earns about $250-$950 per week, up to $3,800 a month.
  2. You need 50 WPM: This means that this website actually requires a lot slower WPM than other transcription websites for you to work for them.

However, there are a few requirements for working for this site: 

  • You have to be at least 18 years of age to apply.
  • You have to be residing in the USA or Canada
  • You need to have extensive knowledge of English as a second language.

If you’re not residing in the USA or Canada,  you can still apply to be a translator.

You are paid weekly by check if you’re residing in the USA or Canada. But if you’re residing elsewhere, other payment arrangements can be made.



ModSquad and Fancy Hands Are Great Too


Instagram logoWhen you join the ModSquad to work for them, you will be known as one of the ‘Mods’. You can apply for work on the website modsquad.com

The main work you do on ModSquad is digital engagement. When you work as a Mod, you get to engage in forums and with customers of certain businesses and manage their social media

ModSquad also lets you select your own client so you get to work with the businesses you want to work with. They have all kinds of remote jobs available in all sectors of businesses including Fortune 500 companies. 

The hours are completely flexible, you get to choose how long you want to work.

You can earn about $10-$17 per hour but mainly it depends on what kind of skills you possess and the client, the kind of resources, they might need. 

Modsquads pay you through PayPal once a month. However, they do not pay overtime fees.


Fancy Hands: 

Fancy Hands is a US-based website that provides virtual assistants (VAs). The site is found at fancyhands.com.

Virtual assistants or VAs are assistants that work remotely and get all the tasks done that are possible to do online like scheduling, text messaging, answering your emails, etc.

There are always jobs available on this website as they mention that you do not really have to hire a specific VA, you can just send in your request and the website gets it done for you.

It is not just available to businesses or entrepreneurs, basically anyone can list their tasks that need to be done on their website. Do you know what that means? There are more jobs available and easier ones too. 

However, the website only staffs people from the US and there are a rigorous interview and test process that you have to go through in order to get hired by them.

They pay $3-$7 per task which is like for low-end tasks and these are the minimum amount and each task will take about 20 minutes of your time.  You can earn more according to the tasks you are undertaking.  

They pay you by Dwolla, every Tuesday. 



How Cambly Works

Cambly is an app where you can work as a teacher and teach English to kids or adults. This website can be found at cambly.com

The best thing about Cambly is that you do not really need a teaching certificate to be a teacher on this website, nor do you have to be a native English speaker. 

You also do not need any kind of experience. 

Apply for Cambly as a teacher is super easy, you basically have to fill out an information form and put up a 2-minute introduction video.

In the video, you will introduce yourself as a tutor and show your ideas about how you are planning to teach a person English and wait for Cambly to verify you. After that, you just create a profile. 

Cambly also has an app, which allows you to be online most of the time and people get to select you if they want to learn from you based on your profile.

For this reason, I suggest that you make your profile as impressive as you can and in that way it will attract more students.

Cambly also has an option where you can teach kids, your profile videos have to be more immaculate and descriptive if you want to teach kids.

Also, you have to write a paragraph explaining to their parents why you would be the perfect fit for their kid. 

Cambly pays you $0.17 per minute, which is $10.20 per hour and they pay you every Monday through PayPal. 



Apple And Amazon Provide Remote Jobs Too

Apply For Work As An Apple At Home Advisor: 

There are three roles that you can apply for as an at-home advisor. There are 3 ladders that you can climb even working remotely at Apple. 

  • At Home Advisor: You come to contact with customers and answer their questions about the products.
  • At Home Team Manager: You look over the at-home advisors and oversee their work and try to promote them.
  • At Home Area Manager: You will oversee a number of team managers. Be in contact with them regularly and oversee their projects and developments.

You can apply on the website apple.com/jobs

Just because it is a remote job it does not mean that it is any less important than other jobs available on Apple. They require you to work in a peaceful and quiet environment with high power internet, where you can help their customers promptly. 

You can make around $11-$25 per hour. Not only this they have a huge benefits package that comes with employment including health care, discounts in Apple products, etc. Not only this they provide you with a brand new iMac and headset for working at home. 

They also provide you training before you start working and paid leave. 





Work At Amazon Jobs: 

This one is actually very easy to look for. If you go to the website www.amazon.jobs. 

After you are on the webpage of Amazon Jobs, you can type in ‘Remote Career Opportunities’  and Amazon will literally show you 100s of job listings that you can select and apply for. 

Just like Apple, even Amazon provides you with various employment benefits. Not only does it include health insurance and employee discount, but it also has maternity and paternity leave for even people working from home. 

They pay you around $15 per hour. 



Humanatic Is Also An Option 

Humanatic provides you with an easy job that you can earn money with. Humanatic is a website found at humanatic.com where you are paid to review calls for other businesses. 

The only requirement that is needed to start working for this business is a verified PayPal account and they pay you weekly through PayPal on Thursdays.  

Your work hours are completely flexible although Humanatic does inform you about the busiest hours so you know when to come to work in order to earn more. 

You just have to review calls and they pay you around $1-$4.50 per hour according to accuracy and skills. Although they do hint on the website that you can earn more with time. 

You just need to verify your PayPal account and you can literally start working from today. 



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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the 9 best online jobs that pay you to work from home or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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