11 Best CBD Oil Affiliate Programs That Can Make You BIG Money!

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11 Best CBD Oil Affiliate ProgramsWelcome to my Best CBD Oil Affiliate Programs article! I hope you will find the right affiliate programs for you.

Believe it or not, legislation around the world is changing drastically.

The market for cannabis products isn’t about to fade off to sleep but rather is exploding and booming impressively.

CBD oil is a huge market well worth over $20 Billion at the time of writing this.

This market is where you’ll find all sorts of products with varying price points. Some higher, some lower, ranging from $20 to $50 and others push up to over $100.

Because CBD oil is a new product gaining traction by the day, the demand for it is raising and there’s no better time to get in like today!

It is a lucrative niche that has a very high rate of returning customers, reordering potential, educational potential and has got the controversy element which one can use for extra promotional opportunities.

In fact it isn’t too late to get started promoting CBD oil with affiliate marketing.  This is the easiest way to get involved in this industry.

But in case you’re not sure what CBD oil is, well, in simple terms it is short form for cannabidiol, a natural solution found in hemp plants called cannabis sativa.

It has dozens of health benefits such as pain relief, anti inflammatory attributes, maintaining brain health, skin disease remedies and so much more. It has nearly no side effects.

Now guess what happens when such a product is introduced in the world market that is desperately in need of such a remedy?

Well, you guessed it. People just won’t stop buying and that is why people like me and you need to get on board and join the best CBD oil affiliate programs and do what we know how to do best – affiliate marketing!

Whether you’re an online influencer, YouTuber, blogger, freelancer or you’re just getting started online, you can make money promoting CBD oil products with the power of affiliate marketing and earn commissions by promoting products to your followers, email lists, your readers etc.

Now if you clicked on this article (best affiliate programs for CBD oil), you’re actually in the right place at the right time because I’m going to show you where to go and find high quality CBD oil products to promote and make money.

I’ll also add in a few more words on how you can turn it into a full time business and work at the comfort of your home.

Alright let’s begin with the best CBD oil affiliate programs. I’m going to list 11 of the best and expand on them.

As well, I have a video below that will help you understand how to use affiliate marketing to promote this CBD oil niche, so here we go, let’s get started!



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I have put together a video to explain how you can use affiliate marketing to make money in the CBD oil niche as well as giving you even more variety of affiliate programs to use.

I hope you will enjoy this:




Now, here are the 11 Best CBD Oil affiliate programs you can check out to see which one you will like:

1) Joy Organics

Joy Organics is a new CBD oil site founded by Joy Smith. It is one of the fastest growing CBD oil brands today with high quality products and dedicated affiliate support.

They use affiliate marketing model of business to reward their affiliates.

This means that, your only job is to send traffic to their online store through your medium (YouTube, blog, email, Instagram, Facebook) etc and the site does the selling. CBD oil products at Joy Organics actually sells themselves.


Joy Organics Products


Joy Organics Affiliate Program

Becoming a Joy Organics affiliate is darn simple and free too! It’s like any other signup process that requires your personal information.

After you apply to become an affiliate, they will review your profile and if there aren’t any concerns, you’ll get started immediately and start sharing your affiliate link with your friends, family and followers and earn commissions.

The Joy Organics affiliate program rewards you commissions of 25% for each sale you refer to their online store.

They offer 3rd party tracking – Joy Organics runs its affiliate program through Impact Radius, an affiliate management program which tracks visitors, clicks and sales on your behalf.

60 day cookies – Joy organics maintains a tracking cookie on your referrals computer so in case they come back and buy within 60 days, you’ll earn a commission.

Monthly pay – Commission are paid out to affiliate twice a month. At the beginning and mid month.

And finally Joy Organics offers discounts to your followers to increase your clicks and purchases.


2) Hopa Naturals

Hopa Naturals is another great CBD oil site with high quality CBD hemp oil that your followers can trust.

Hopa Naturals Affiliate Program

It is free to join Hopa Naturals and start promoting their CBD oil products.

Affiliates are accepted after they fill in the ‘contact us form’ found at the site. You simply send them a message with your name and email and state clearly why you want to partner with them and how you’ll promote their products.

Once you’re accepted, you’ll earn 20% commissions on every sale for life.

Hopa Naturals deliver great affiliate support to all brand ambassadors to help them increase their sales.

They have a well defined dashboard for tracking your sales, clicks and visits to your campaigns.

They also offer a generous 60 day cookie tracking on all affiliate links.

Commissions are paid monthly.


3) Verified CBD

The name says it all. Verified CBD is a company that offers high quality and natural CBD oil products.

The company works with experienced experts who aid in manufacturing of natural products with no chemicals and shy of GMOs.

Verified CBD pride themselves as far as innovative product formulation, environmental responsibility and pharmaceutical-grade Testing is concerned.

Verified CBD Affiliate Program

The Verified CBD affiliate program is free to join for anyone who can drive traffic to their online store through all sorts of preferred mediums.

You will earn unprecedented 20% lifetime commissions on CBD oil products from Verified CBD.

This simply means that, all customers you refer to Verified CBD will be yours in that you’ll get paid as long as they stay and keep shopping versus just earning from the usual one time sale.

And it is for this reason that I highly recommend affiliate marketing as the best business model out there on the internet.

For example, if 10 of your customers stay with Verified CBD and purchase CBD products from time and time within a few months or even a year, you’ll be in for a solid passive income!

However, the standard commissions for a one off purchase is 30% and this comes with a 30 days cookie tracking period.




4) Canna Trading

Canna Trading Co. is owned by MHE Manufacturing LLC. They have high quality and essential CBD product lines and one of the best CBD affiliate programs in the industry.

The company prides itself in offering premium CBD products ranging from vape, tinctures, capsules and petcare CBD products.

They extract pure CBD oil from carefully and specially bred hemp plants and its not synthetic. Neither unneccessary additives or fillers are added to their CBD products so you can share them with your followers confidently.

Canna Trading Affiliate Program

25% commissions are paid to affiliates upon each sale made on a monthly basis through PayPal (this is so far the only payment method they use).

Once your affiliate application has been accepted, you’ll have immediate access the affiliate dashboard where you’ll see information regarding tracking, sales, payouts, visits and your affiliates.

Important notice: Canna Trading takes affiliates very seriously. This is actually a good thing because you know you’re dealing with a serious company whose sole goal is to help people and make money.

Therefore they have thorough vetting process before your application is approved.

They require their partners to have a fully operational website with at least 5,000 targeted visits per month or followers.

In short, you don’t wanna join Canna Trading if you’re trying to be an affiliate as a one off thing but you’re serious about your online business then this is the place to be.


5) CBD Infusionz

CBD Infusionz is another great CBD oil company that offers top quality CBD products that your audience can count on.

They’ve been around for a good 3 years now and they offer a wide variety of services including the sourcing of hemp CBD isolate, distillate, wax and live sauce.

They also manufacture products such as hemp CBD edibles, capsules, soft gels, dog treats, lotions and much more.

CBD Infusionz Affiliate Program

The company allows partners like YouTubers, bloggers, and social media influencers to help spread the word about their CBD products through their lucrative affiliate program.

They offer 20% in commissions to their affiliates across the board and if you’re a new affiliate, you’ll enjoy a 5% commission bonus on your first sales.

If you’re a video marketer, you can reach out to them and they’ll provide you with some sample products to demonstrate to your audience.


6) CBD Essence

CBD Essence is a top quality CBD oil trader and manufacturer of medicinal grade hemp CBD oil which is perfect for pain and anxiety.

Your audience will love these products, no doubt.


CBD Essence affiliate program


CBD Essence Affiliate Program

CBD Essence partners with clients in a way that is most comfortable to them.

Whether it’s promoting their CBD oil with your brand on it, or building a complete CBD business based on their brand on your website.

The company pays affiliate 20% commissions on all sales while offering one of the longest running cookie tracking period of 180 days.

Products sold included on their online store are grouped in categories of CBD Oil Tincture, CBD Oil Capsules and CBD Oil Candy Edibles.

Commissions are paid on a monthly basis.


7) CBDfx

My emphasis has always been based on quality products and services.

As an affiliate marketer, you dont wanna recommend low level products to your followers because that’s gonna tarnish your brand.

With CBDfx, you should be confident of signing up with them as an affiliate with no concerns because they maintain efficiency in quality.

They are a proud provider and manufacturer of one of the highest quality, full spectrum and organically grown CBD products on the market today.

They go an extra mile to produce great CBD oil related drinks, Dabs and Gummies.

CBDfx Affiliate Program

Commission: 20% on all CBDfx product sales
Cookies: 90 days
Payment method: PayPal, Check (US Only) or Bank Transfer.
Payment period: Monthly


8) Hemp Bombs

Hemp Bombs provide premium CBD oil products to their consumers. They source their CBD from premium grade and organic certified industrial hemp that is free from pesticides, metals, GMOs and other unnecessary additives.

They also offer great price and great consumer care and engagement which helps boost the conversion and sales rates for your business.

Hemp Bombs Affiliate Program

Products sold include CBD lollipops, Gummies, Syrup, and CBD pet products.

The affiliate program is rich with tons of benefits for affiliates such as weekly payouts, 90 days cookie tracking period and ready marketing content to use in your campaigns.

Simply go over to the ‘contact us’ page and select the ‘affiliate opportunities / partnership inquiries’ option from the drop down and send them a message regarding your interest to become an affiliate / reseller or partner with them.


9) CBD Pure

Another well known CBD oil company in this ever green industry is CBD Pure.

They’ve been in the industry for over a decade now, researching and manufacturing CBD Oil for consumption.

One of the things I like about CBD Pure is that they offer their customers a 90 days money back guarantee which sends a strong message on how confident they are regarding the quality of their products.

It is no doubt they are among the best on the market.


Bottles of CBD Pure Hemp Oil


CBD Pure Affiliate Program

CBD Pure has one of the best affiliate programs on the market. If you have CBD, marijuana and other related traffic, you owe it to yourself to join their program.

Affiliate program breakdown:

Commission: 40% on all retail sales (One of the highest in the industry)
Payouts: Monthly
Experience: With over a decade of marketing experience, you can be rest assured that your traffic will be sent in the right hands. And they also offer a 90 days money back guarantee, backing up CBD pure’s high customer satisfaction rate.


10) Pure American Hemp Oil

Pure American Hemp Oil (PAHO) is a veteran owned company based in the US that manufactures and distributes premium CBD oil with no THC.

They partner with farmers in the agricultural state of Tennessee where they grow their hemp plants in the best fields, maintaining the quality of the final product.

Filling, packing and free shipping is done with a professional touch that you can trust for your business and your followers.

Pure American Hemp Oil Affiliate Program

Commission: 30% on all sales
Cookie: 30 days
Resources: They provide affiliates with free informational tutorials about their products and health benefits of CBD Hemp Oil that can come in handy while running your campaigns and educating your followers or interested parties.


11) Receptra Naturals

Our last affiliate program on the list is Receptra Naturals.

Receptra Naturals is a family owned company rocking the cannabis industry with high quality premium CBD oil products for its customers.

Receptra Naturals Affiliate program

Receptra Naturals had one of the most genuine affiliate programs in the industry.

Affiliates can earn rewards points for referring people to their site. Once they create an account, both you and your referral earn 500 Receptra rewards points and if they purchase anything on the site, you earn 800 rewards points.

You can exchange these points for discounts and free merchandise at the Receptra store!

Commissions are 20% per sale with a 60 days cookie tracking period.

Wholesale program – In case you have a physical business on the ground with an address, you can register to partner with Receptra Naturals and benefit from a full suite of high quality premium hemp extracts of CBD oil products and a dedicated wholesale team that offers the highest level of transparency, customer service, training and support to help boost your business.




Okay now that you’ve gone through this list of the best CBD oil affiliate programs, you might want to get signed up with one or two of them above if you haven’t already.

And like I promised, I’m gonna add in a few more words in this section on how you can turn this ever green and booming CBD niche into a full time business and work at the comfort of your home.


7 Essential Affiliate Marketing Techniques For Beginners - woman on laptop


Signing up for any affiliate program is darn easy. But to actually make money promoting their products and services could be quite challenging.

Gone are the days when we spammed affiliate links on social media and blog comments and forums looking for a sale.

Nowadays people are waking and do not just click on any link they see on the internet.

In order to create a full time business promoting CBD oil and avoid spamming people, you need to have a digital space to build your online estate.

And this digital space I’m talking about is a website where you’ll run all your marketing campaigns, build trust and loyalty with your audience and create a brand name that will stick.

Thumbs UpFor the last 2.5 years, I’ve been blessed enough to have found an affiliate marketing training platform that has taught me how to build profit generating websites around just about any niche.

This training platform has done wonders for me because I now make 4 figures at home on a monthly basis and my business continues to grow daily.

And in this case with a booming CBD oil niche, this training can be a perfect start for you to make a full time business out of it!

Find out what this affiliate marketing training platform is in my guide here:

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They have high quality and detailed affiliate marketing trainings that are updated to match the latest trends and evolving tactics that are proven to work in today’s market.

If you want to know more about this one training platform that has changed my life for the better, I’ve created a Free Affiliate marketing Guide that unravels the exact training platform I use on a daily basis, that has taken me from zero to 5 figure yearly income!

My Guide will also show you how you can have me as your personal coach, a Super Affiliate, so be sure to check it out here.

Otherwise I hope you’ve enjoyed reading  about the best CBD oil affiliate programs, if you want to learn more about this industry, I have another post here about how to use affiliate marketing with this niche.

By selecting a couple affiliate programs, getting training on affiliate marketing, and following the proven strategies on the affiliate marketing training platform I recommended, you can use to make a full time CBD oil affiliate marketing business at home!

Remember, to succeed in affiliate marketing the key is to:

  • treat your online business like a real business
  • be patient
  • be consistent in your work
  • work smarter that you did before by getting training

You start to earning a passive income stream if you follow the training that sets out a step-by-step path for you to follow.  In no time, you can have a story to tell and inspire others!



If you have any questions about the best CBD oil affiliate programs or anything concerning affiliate marketing, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below because I always answer my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



2 thoughts on “11 Best CBD Oil Affiliate Programs That Can Make You BIG Money!”

  1. Hi Grace how are you getting past the obstacles of Facebook Ads and others are putting up against CBD Oil and payment platforms that will not accept payment for these sites?

    • Hi Brenda, I’m not in the CBD oil niche myself. My article is just introducing people on 11 affiliate programs using the strategies I’ve used for my own niche which is making money online.

      My niche also has problems with FB ads and such, so I have not used paid traffic for my website here. I’ve only used free organic traffic from search engines, which are highly targeted.

      I get tens of thousands of visitors a month coming to my blog all for free.

      I learned how to do this with an affiliate marketing training platform which you can learn about here.

      By the way, have you tried solo ads? Solo ads are people who rent their huge email lists out to people who want to send an email to their audience. So you pay a certain amount for a certain amount of clicks, you will just need to find a vendor in a CBD/health niche.

      I’ve been using Udimi here if you want to try it out, you’ll get $5 free with this link. You can look through the vendors and ask who is in the health niche for your product.

      Have you tried selling on Amazon? There are tons of vendors on there selling CBD Oil, so that’s another option for you.

      Please let me know if you need any help with anything else. 🙂

      Best of luck to you,


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