How To Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing for CBD Oil

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How To Make Money Using Affiliate Marketing for CBD OilCBD oil has taken the world by storm with its unbelievable growth on the market today and learning how to make money using affiliate marketing for CBD oil can help you cash in big time!

It is estimated that the CBD oil industry will generate over $3 billion by 2020.

It is a great opportunity to be able to work from the comfort of your home and work your own hours promoting CBD oil products as an affiliate.

There are great CBD oil affiliate programs you can join for free and get started immediately.

Checkout this article revealing The Best CBD Oil Affiliate Programs for more details.

Like I’ve always said, affiliate marketing is the best method to making money online.

When you yoke it together with CBD oil, a new and trending product on the market with a great following and profit potential, you’ll be in for a treat that’s for sure!

And for this reason, there isn’t a better time to promote CBD oil than now!

Let’s get started on how you can make money from using affiliate marketing with CBD oil in the following sections:



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I have put together this video for easier consumption if you wish to check it out:




Why use the CBD oil niche? For starters:

  • CBD oil is an emerging health product with great health benefits that experts are using in therapy to treat various illnesses like epilepsy, inflammation, acne, dyskinesia, broken bones and many others.
  • Niches in the health category are always very profitable.
  • CBD oil is a new & trending product.
  • Hemp derived CBD is legal in the United States of America after President Donald Trump passed the Agriculture Improvement Act of 2018.

Because of their natural benefits, it has become one of the biggest sought after product for healing or helping with certain health problems.

As well, CBD oil is not just used on humans, they are used on pets as well if you can believe that.  They use it on pets to calm them down and gives them relief from the same symptoms that are used by humans.

So there are a variety of uses for CBD oil for many health benefits, as well as being a natural substance,  that’s why CBD oil is so big right now and trending.




Now you have probably seen plenty of CBD oil companies coming up and many internet marketers getting on board and making money selling CBD products.

There are two ways to go about this: you can sell CBD oil through an MLM (Multi Level Marketing) company or just recommend CBD oil products through affiliate marketing, as you’re no longer “selling” as an affiliate, you’re more promoting for companies that sell the actual products.

With MLMs, it’s more about buying inventory and selling it yourself to customers and making money from building a team underneath you so you can earn commissions from your downline as well.


CBD oil with leaves


Usually you have to get people to sign up to a program and anything they sell earns you a commission.

People at the higher levels of MLM make a lot of money as opposed to those at the lower levels, as well you’re stuck with just one line of CBD products.

The second method of using affiliate marketing is by far the best way to make money on the internet and the main motivation for this article.

It is a tried and proved method of making money using the internet through earning commissions by promoting other people’s products using a medium like a website or social network.

Affiliate marketing for CBD oil is better than network marketing because of the nature of its simplicity.

It doesn’t require building a network of people (team) to promote products and definitely doesn’t require you to be at the top of the pyramid to be profitable.

All an affiliate marketer needs to do is drive targeted traffic to his or her affiliate offers and all is good, as well, you have way more flexibility in choosing which products to promote and from which companies.

In contrast, you are stuck with the MLM company you join and their one product line of CBD oils.

There’s no need to sell when it comes to affiliate marketing and that is why I recommend it to anyone starting an online business.

In this article I’m going to show you how to build a CBD oil affiliate marketing business for profit.

If you want to learn more about how MLM and affiliate marketing differs, check out this post here.



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Before you get your feet dirty in this business, you need learn and follow the laws surrounding CBD Oil.

There are several regulations that must be followed before you can sell CBD oil.

So before you start your business you need to know them and where they apply.

Currently there are 10 states in America where CBD oil is legalized both medically and recreational and only 3 states where it is still illegal.

In addition, medical marijuana alone is legal in 23 states. This also brings us to knowing our target audience or demographic before starting to promote CBD oil.

In Canada and the UK, CBD oil is an exception and is completely legal.




Choose Your Niche

With affiliate marketing, it’s all about niches. So since you’re going to build a business that promotes CBD oil products, you need do choose your niche first.

However, since CBD is already in the health or wellness niche, it makes it much easier to select high quality products to promote.

You can do a simple Google search, check out reviews on various CBD products and companies to determine and consider the best products for your customers.



There are many CBD oil companies out there. Try and research about 5 to 10 different companies and analyze their legitimacy.

The following are the main CBD oil niches:

  • CBD Bio care – These include general body relief products like sleeping aids, CBD tea, etc.
  • CBD Bio skincare – These include anti aging moisturizers and creams, skin rejuvenation products etc
  • CBD Bio Pet care – There are many CBD oil products for pets such as dogs, cats, that you can select to promote in your campaigns.


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Find The Best CBD Oil Affiliate Programs For Your Niche

The reason I like affiliate marketing is that you have a lot of affiliate programs to join and start your campaigns at no extra cost.

You can find quite a number of CBD oil products depending on your niche.

You will discover that CBD oil affiliate programs offer great commissions to their affiliates, weekly or monthly payouts via both digital and physical methods.

Important notice: You need to be cautious when looking for CBD oil affiliate programs.

Remember I said earlier on in this article that you can promote CBD oil using an MLM company but that isn’t the best approach for the reasons I mentioned.

Some CBD oil affiliate programs use a Multi Level Marketing strategy or network marketing tactic and charge money for you to be able to sell their products and sign up additional members.

Always research the CBD oil company you want to sign up with and make sure you they use affiliate marketing model of business to reward you.

This will help you choose the best companies to work with.

If you’re finding it difficult to find CBD oil affiliate programs for your niche, here are 10 Best CBD oil affiliate programs for high profits that you can join for free:

  • Joy Organics
  • CBD Pure
  • Receptra Naturals
  • CBD Essence
  • Hemp Bombs
  • Hopa Naturals
  • Verified CBD
  • Canna Trading
  • CBD Infusionz
  • CBDfx

Most of the above mentioned affiliate programs offer between 30 to 40% commissions on all affiliate sales and give between 40 to 180 cookie days.

They also offer electronic transfers to bank accounts for commissions on weekly and monthly basis.

Here are even more affiliate programs here for CBD oil.




Now that you have your niche, products to promote, and have signed up for affiliate programs, it’s time to make some money through promotions.

In order for you to effectively promote CBD oil products, you’ll need an online asset that will drive large amounts of traffic to your offers.

This is mainly because an online asset gives you credibility, trust and builds loyalty.

Your target audience needs to get to know and trust you so they will trust your recommendations and click your affiliate links.




The best online assets you can use are websites and YouTube channels.

First of all before you begin, you’ll need to learn what people are searching for when it comes to CBD oil by doing a keyword research.

Keyword research is simply the process of researching what people are typing into search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo.

This is important because it helps you know what problems people are having.

When it comes to CBD oil, products in this niche can be grouped according to a particular purpose they serve, a particular group of people (could be age, sex), for certain body parts, and also for particular animals like dogs.

Therefore, when you discover problems people are facing via keyword research, you’ll be able to provide them with solutions by recommending relevant CBD oil products to help solve their problems and earn commissions when they go buy the CBD oil you recommend.


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Affiliate Marketing for CBD Oil With A Website

A website will give room for your CBD oil affiliate marketing business and take you before profits.

Like I’ve always said, affiliate marketing loves websites.

One of the ways to promote CBD oil using a website is by creating content (articles) on your blog website and educating people of the health benefits of CBD oil.

In your content or articles, you gonna help people learn about CBD oil, it’s benefits, how it works and how its gonna help solve their problems.

Then you are going to show them where they can go to buy the best quality CBD oil products using your affiliate link.

You might wonder how you gonna build a website and create content but the good news is that you can have your CBD oil affiliate website in less than 30 minutes. I’ll show you how on a just a sec!


Affiliate Marketing for CBD Oil With A YouTube Channel

YouTube is the best way to practice affiliate marketing and will help you market your CBD oil business easily and effectively.

However not many people are confident enough to be on camera but that is okay.

A website is an equally effective option if you aren’t comfortable creating videos on YouTube.

Anyhow on YouTube, the best way to nail this is by reviewing high quality CBD products and recommending them to your target audience.

There are many CBD products out there on the market but not all of them are great.

You do not want to recommend fake or low quality products to your target audience as they will damage your business and tarnish your image or brand.

That is why researching these CBD oil companies is very important so as to be sure about quality.

In addition, some CBD oil companies can provide you with samples to demonstrate to your followers in your videos.

For those willing to learn how to use YouTube with affiliate marketing, here’s a quick video about it:




How To Make Money Promoting CBD Oil With A Website & YouTube

So by now you might be wondering how exactly you are gonna earn money promoting CBD oils with your website or YouTube channel.

The whole money making process on your behalf is gonna work by you simply leveraging the power of affiliate marketing.

Remember you signed up for a CBD oil affiliate program. So in your content (article or blog post or YouTube review video), you are going to have affiliate links embedded within.

When someone clicks on your links, they’ll be redirected to the CBD oil affiliate website you signed up for.

And when they go on to buy, you will earn money (commissions).

It is that easy. You don’t have to do the actual selling, you just make sure people are clicking on your links and the rest plays itself out!

If you create high quality content on any of your channels, teach and educate people about CBD oil and address their needs and offer solutions to their problems, you will make money, make no doubt about that!

In addition, most CBD oil companies use cookies to help track your traffic. Depending on the number of cookie days ( 30 or 180) it doesn’t matter if some of your traffic doesn’t purchase anything on the destination site.

When they return within the given cookie days and finally end up purchasing, you’ll earn a commission.

Same thing happens, and you still earn commissions when they keep returning as long as it is within the given cookie days.


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If you are new to internet marketing, most of the things I’ve shared today may be strange to you but that’s understandable.

Everybody starts somewhere. I did too when I first got started in affiliate marketing.

But like I mentioned, it’s easy to create a website and have your very own CBD oil business up and running in no time, if you have the right help that is.

CBD is a very profitable niche and by learning the strategies that govern affiliate marketing, you can build and launch a profitable CBD oil business.

Thumbs UpI’d like to introduce you to an affiliate marketing training platform that can help you create this business in a matter of minutes, it’s the exact training I used myself to build my online business in affiliate marketing.

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I’ve used the training in this platform to learn how to build and run profitable websites, YouTube channels and others.

The community I found is global and full of knowledgeable entrepreneurs willing to give insights into your business.

In fact, it is the most active affiliate marketing community and platform I’ve ever come across.

The world of business has changed because of the Internet and so has the way you can get your education and help.

With this training, I was able to generate $40K in 2018 and as far as this year (2019) is concerned, it’s only going to keep growing as I continue to work on my online business.

So I have the confidence that this training platform will help you establish your very own CBD oil affiliate marketing business and be on your way to passive income!

Now before I can drown you in a sea of excitement, I’ve put up a free money making guide for you to go through and discover how the whole process of affiliate marketing works as well as detailed explanation of everything I’ve shared with you today:


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I also unravel the training platform I use daily in this guide to expand my business to make it even more profitable.

Remember success is a sense of achievement; it’s not an illegitimate child.

It’s not all about believing and taking credit for success but rather taking responsibility for your past failings and turning them into motivation to succeed.

It does take time to see results. But if you’re serious and work smarter, be consistent and willing to learn, you will surely make it!



If you have questions concerning affiliate marketing for CBD oil, or regarding affiliate marketing in general, please do not hesitate to leave a comment below. I always answer my readers. 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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