Affiliate Marketing FAQs: What You Need To Know

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Affiliate Marketing FAQs: What You Need To KnowAffiliate marketing is an awesome means to earn income out of your blog. If you are just persistent and patient enough, this method can bring you a lot of bucks in your bank.

But of course, nothing about affiliate marketing is straightforward. I can say that it is a complex process that requires time and effort. It requires your dedication because promoting a product or service from a third-party company is never an easy thing.

However, once you get it right, you are on your way to an endless stream of opportunities.

I know that you want to start right now. But there are a lot of questions in your head that keep on stopping you.

What is affiliate marketing?

How can I be an affiliate?

Can I earn good money from it?

All these questions will be answered in the following sections. If you are eager to know the details, then let’s get started.


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In this FAQ post, I am going to answer all of the prevalent queries about affiliate marketing.

Hopefully, you will find the answers you’ve been looking for here so you can get started on your affiliate marketing journey.


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FAQ #1: What Is Affiliate Marketing?

The definition of affiliate marketing is pretty simple. Specifically, it is a type of venture where an entity will serve as the “middleman” between the seller and buyer.

As a middleman, an affiliate has the right to gain commissions per every successful sale. Every purchase that comes through the middleman’s affiliate link gives the latter a percentage share of the earning.

Many blogs today are made for the sole purpose of becoming an affiliate. They make their sites as a powerful marketing machine for sellers to be able to connect to their market.

This business model creates a win-win situation for everyone because:

  • The company or brand that makes the product don’t have any marketing costs until new sales are generated by their affiliates.
  • The affiliates, people like you and me, have a way to monetize our blogs and make money online without creating our own products or services.
  • Customers are served since they got help finding the products/services that they needed and were searching for.


FAQ #2: Who Can Become An Affiliate?

There are a lot of people who have been asking if they can become affiliates. Right from the get-go, affiliate marketing has been generous to individual bloggers or those people who aren’t connected to any company or whatsoever.

Sites that have an affiliate program (such as Amazon) will accept anyone as long as they have met the standards and requirements, but others don’t have much requirements like at Clickbank and anyone can sign up without being approved for it.

Blogging sites are the most common affiliate sites these days. They are a proliferating community because of their noticeable growth in recent years.

However, they are not the only sole entities that can become an affiliate, here are some examples.

  • Deal websites
  • Reward and loyalty sites
  • Social influencers
  • Coupon sites

Most affiliate programs are free to join, only a few have fees attached to it.


FAQ #3: Why Choose Affiliate Marketing For Blog Monetization?

There are various means of how you can monetize your blog. But on the flipside, affiliate marketing arguably offers the best deal when it comes to benefits. Here are they:

  1. It can give you a lot of money
  2. Very low cost of entry to use affiliate marketing.
  3. You can do your work and passion simultaneously.
  4. It generates passive income.
  5. You don’t have to a shop owner.

It can give you a lot of money

The first reason why affiliate marketing is great is due to the scale of income that it can give to you.

Depending on the products that you are promoting, the number of incentives that you can get from them can be huge.

Some digital products out there can earn you huge percentage of commissions up to even 100% for front end products since they have more to earn in the back end.

Looking through each affiliate program details about how much you can earn, when you get paid, how you get paid is all important information you should be checking out when looking at these affiliate programs.


Conquering Misconceptions: Does Affiliate Marketing Make Money?


Very low cost of entry to use affiliate marketing.

You usually can join affiliate programs for free so, there is not much cost at all to start adding this to your blog and start monetizing it quickly.

Compared to many other ways to earn from your blog or website, you have to invest a lot of time and money into your own products or services.


You can do your work and passion simultaneously

Furthermore, affiliate marketing ensures that you can do both work and passion at the same time. You can promote any products or services that you are interested in. Things will never get boring to you.


It generates passive income

Take into account that affiliate marketing lets you earn passive income.

The hard work is just on the initial stages of your blog. But once it is already established, you can just already leave it and just update when it is necessary.


You don’t have to have to be a shop owner

Affiliate marketing will allow you to promote products without having our own products to sell. It is a capital-free endeavor but the yields that it can deliver are truly remarkable.

You have a merchant that produces the product. All you have to do is to sell them so you don’t have all the other shop owner headaches like customer service, payment processing, refunds/exchanges, dealing with vendors and suppliers, etc.

You have it a lot easier as an affiliate marketer.


FAQ #4: How An Affiliate Site Gets Paid?

There are numerous means how an affiliate site gets paid and various greatly from one affiliate program to another.

Of course, it is the merchant that dictates the payment terms. If you don’t see that they have given you an agreeable condition, then you are free to turn down their offer.

There are three methods of how merchants pay their affiliates. Here are they:

  • Pay-per-click
  • Pay-per-lead
  • Pay-per-sale

So, you can earn a commission based on one of those methods that will trigger a commission.  Some affiliate programs only require you to get an email sign up, some pay you just for producing clicks to their site.

The amount that you earn can vary greatly as well depending on each program… it could be as low as a penny for clicks or you can earn hundreds or thousands per sale, it all depends on the program.

Always keep in mind that conversion is necessary before an affiliate is eligible for payment. It doesn’t mean that once you become an affiliate, you are already entitled to monthly incentives.

You still have to work until such time you become an established affiliate site already.


FAQ #5: How Long Will I Wait Before I Can Earn?

Many bloggers have been asking this question. But you see, affiliate marketing doesn’t have a specific timetable.

Some affiliate sites can earn as quickly as two months. While others wait for a half year before they can see significant results. However, it is not a good thing if you will compare your predicament with other sites. Your circumstances and methods might be different.

What determines whether one blog does better than another is the amount of keywords and value that their content provides.

Here’s a look at my blog income from Sep/16 – Dec/18:

Sep 2016 - Dec 2018 Wealthy Affiliate results by month


You can see that I earned very gradually and not a lot in the beginning of my blog, the first whole year wasn’t earning that much at all.

However, during that time, I was building it and working hard on it that helped me generate the income you see in my second year and beyond.

You need to be able to blog in a way that attracts visitors to your blog like mine does, if you don’t know how to generate traffic from your blog, then you will need to learn this first.

If you don’t, you will not have much visitors on your site and so you will not be able to earn from affiliate marketing.

Your effort and dedication are two factors that dictate the time you have to wait before you earn your first dollar. At some point, you will realize that if you want to earn fast, you have to work harder.


FAQ #6: How Much A Merchant Will Charge Me For Signing In Their Affiliate Program?

As far as I know, sites and merchants that offer affiliate program don’t charge those who want to join in their affiliate program.

It is quite a surprising thing, but that’s really how affiliate programs work. You can apply to multiple affiliate networks and expect zero cost from doing it.

Even prominent sites like Amazon don’t place signing fees for interested affiliates. However, they will subject you to strict requirements that you have to comply duly. Otherwise, you won’t become their affiliate.

There are some affiliate programs that do charge and that is because you earn a lot more in those types of affiliate programs.


FAQ #7: How Much Do I Earn From Becoming An Affiliate?

If you are an affiliate for a company that is product-based, you are probably going to earn approximately 1%-20% of the actual price of the item that you have sold. It is a standard rate for various affiliate networks unless stated differently.

For digital products, you can earn anywhere from 10% – 100%, you can earn higher initially for products that have sales funnels that will sell them higher 

Promoting expensive products–such as appliances and gadgets–can potentially give you significant yields. However, your site has to be reputable enough for people to trust. Otherwise, they will still not make a purchase through your referral links.

This post here shows you the types you programs you should really be using.


FAQ #8: What Companies Have an Affiliate Program?

One should know that it is not only Amazon that offers affiliate program–although it is considered the most popular.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of companies out there that offer affiliate programs and you just need to look on their websites to see if they offer one.

Prominent retailers like eBay, Target, Nike, and Adidas are among the companies that accept affiliates. Of course, niche-based retailers (such as sporting, finance, or even tiny house plans) have an affiliate program as well.

These companies are making better sales when they started to open their doorways to affiliates.




In this affiliate marketing FAQs, I have answered some of the most common questions asked by people regarding the affiliate program.

However, more than those questions, people are quite eager to learn how to make a successful affiliate site.

I have already mentioned that making an affiliate site is not easy. You just have to learn the ropes before you can generate sales.

This usually involves traffic generation, content creation, website designing and so forth. Without proper training, you cannot get these things done.

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If you don’t know how to blog properly to generate free traffic, then this is the platform for you to learn from.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the affiliate marketing FAQs or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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