9 Tips on Writing Blogs for Money: Success Is Here!

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9 Tips on Writing Blogs for MoneyMany people now are trying to earn money through blogging to add more to their current income or start a new career online.

You’re likely one of those people so I’ll share with you some tips on how writing blogs for money can really create a passive stream of income.

I will be completely honest: When your website is still new, monetizing it can be challenging because you don’t have enough traffic.

So, with my tips here are both detailed and realistic, I’m hoping to help you in starting your own blogging business the right way.

Here are my 9 tips on blogging for money:

  1. Learn About Your Niche Market
  2. Know The Right Keywords for Your Niche
  3. Decide How You’re Going to Monetize Your Blog
  4. Build Your Website
  5. Make Informative Content and Enticing Titles and Subtitles
  6. Focus on the Value and Helping Others, Not Just Promoting Products
  7. Remember: Results Don’t Happen Right Away
  8. Work Hard Consistently!
  9. What to Do When You’re Not Happy With the Results



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#1) Learn About Your Niche Market

Before you can start your business, you must determine first who you’re targeting, and if the demand in the market is high. This process is known as the “niche market.”



Many people fail in this step because they choose topics that are too broad, which will result in either competing with giant companies (which you clearly won’t win) or they make a site that is vague and does not appeal or help any particular audience.


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When choosing your niche, it must be practical, profitable, and something that you can compete with personally.

Do you need to be an expert on the topic? No, you don’t have to be, but you have to at least have some knowledge and experience about it.

You also must have some interest in your niche and can see yourself talking about it for a long time, because it is where you’re going to earn your money from.

If you’re blogging for money, you’re building a business so pick a business you are going to stick with in the long term.



2) Know The Right Keywords for Your Niche

When finding the best keywords for your blog, you’ll have to think like your customers.

Since you have already identified your target audience, you can put yourself in their position and think about how they’re going to search for a product or service on Google or other search engines.

As you’re thinking what they are going to search about, these are the words that you’ll need in your blog that answers their problem.

Study your competitors. Check out their websites and see what keywords they are using on their content, meta tags, etc.

Use long tail keywords. These are keywords with a combination of three or more words. These keywords may produce lower search volumes, but they usually generate more relevant traffic and are less competitive.

Using keyword research tools will also help you in finding the right target keywords for your blog.

When you have enough right keywords on your blog, you can see traffic like mine:

Work Anywhere Now Jan19 Traffic


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3) Decide How You’re Going to Monetize Your Blog

Here are some ways you can monetize your blog:

  • Pay Per Click Advertising – The name says it all, you get paid each time a visitor clicks the ads on your website. You will sign up to a company or seller and they will provide you with a code for you to display on your site.
  • Advertising Space – You can make money by renting or selling space on your site for advertisers to place a banner. Usually, you’re going to display these banner ads for a specific amount of time for a particular fee.
  • Affiliate Marketing – If done right, this method is an excellent way to earn a great income from your blog. You can use this with any niche as long as there are companies that offer affiliate programs. In this method, you’re going to earn a commission each time someone purchases a product through your special affiliate link.  This actually accounts for 3/4 of my blog income and quite worth while to learn how to do.
  • Consulting – You can offer consultancy services in your niche. However, for you to earn from this method, you need to have a large following already and must have a good reputation. You can provide one-on-one consulting through Skype, Facebook Messenger, over the phone, etc.
  • Guest Posting – Once your blog has built a good following, other bloggers and advertisers would love for you to feature their guest posts on your website. You can accept guest posting for a particular fee. For instance, you can charge them a $67 fee for a 500-word article. If it’s longer, you can charge them even more.
  • Make and Sell Your Own Products – If you created a product, you can definitely sell them on your website. For example, you can sell some of your finished works if your hobby is knitting. Or, you can be a programmer and has made a mobile app. You can let your audience download it on your site for a certain price.
  • Email Marketing – Building your email list will allow you to send and promote new products, events, and workshops that you may be handling. This will invite your audience to keep visiting your website.



# 4) Build Your Website

While it’s always a plus to be creative, I recommend that you keep your website as simple as possible. Sites with simple designs will allow your visitors to navigate your site easily and comfortably.

When a site gets too confusing, people tend to get turned off and will move on to another website.

I strongly recommend you use WordPress when making your website. Setting up your website with this platform is really easy, which makes it ideal for beginners.

It also has a lot of designs and plugins you can choose from. Most importantly, Google loves WordPress, so it really helps with your SEO.

Building your website can be very easy with the right site builder, so may I suggest this post here to see how you can create a blog in under a minute.

Or, just try it yourself and see how fast you can get a free blog website here:



#5) Make Informative Content and Enticing Titles and Subtitles

There is no ideal formula on how lengthy your content should be. However, according to where I trained how to blog, content should at least be 1,000 words these days.

Why a thousand words is because this tells search engines you have valuable content and likely helps you rank your articles appear in search engine results.

With this considered, the best way to go is to provide all the important information your audience must know about your topic or have it well researched.


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It’s helpful to consider the quantity, but make sure it does not compromise the overall quality of your content.

Don’t just write for the sake of writing, you can always breakdown a post 1,000 post into several sections.  I actually show you how to easily write a 1,000 words in a free training I created here.

Also, make sure to come up with enticing titles and subtitles that will lure your target audience to your content. Make them catchy and benefit-rich.

Click-through rate (CTR) is another ranking factor and the more enticing you have you for your meta title and meta description, then you will get ranked higher with a better CTR.

You also want your keywords in your title as well to you will have to creatively get the keyword plus any enticing hooks to make people click on your post.



#6) Focus on the Value and Helping Others, Not Just Promoting Products

One of the important tips on writing blogs for money you should remember is when creating content, your initial goal must be to help your target audience first.

Create helpful posts that they can apply in their everyday lives or that answers questions that people in your niche have.

Do not immediately promote any products because they will have the impression that you don’t really care about them, and all you want is to make some sales.

Once they trust you, you can slowly promote your products. Provide all the reasons why they should try it out. Mention all the benefits they get to enjoy from the product.

If there are any drawbacks, you must also mention them. You just have to state clearly that the drawbacks don’t outweigh the benefits. This way, they will see you as someone honest and sincere.



7) Remember: Results Don’t Happen Right Away

You might have read several posts about how you can get rich right away. There might be people who were so lucky that they made a lot of money in just a few months.

Unfortunately, this does not apply to everyone. So, don’t expect that you’re going to earn a stable income in just a few months after starting your blogging business.

Blogging takes time to make money because you need time for your blog posts to rank.  Without visitors, you can’t earn much.

In the waiting period to get traffic from search engines, you can do your own promotions like doing posts on social media and build up a following.

Or, do some YouTube videos which get ranked faster than blog posts.  Also, adding videos to your blog posts will add another ranking plus to your posts.

We cannot really tell when you’re going to start making a regular income. For some, it will take around six months, while for others it will take a year. However, some earn good commissions as early as four months.

It took me 1.5 years to hit 4 digits and have been earning that way since, but look at how gradual I was earning in my first year or so:


Sep 2016 - Dec 2018 Wealthy Affiliate results by month
(My personal results are not typical and not to be construed as what you will earn, if at all, if you did the same as me.)


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Look at my crazy Nov/18, the potential for more is just right around the corner.  

This is why it’s important to blog consistently and frequently in your first year or so as you’re building momentum for your blog.

Your first year is the building phase of your blog and you’ll need all that content so you can start seeing results like the above when your website catches that SEO traffic!

When your traffic starts to soar, that’s when you’ll be seeing lots of results if you have all the other elements all lined up right.



8) Work Hard Consistently!

When you’re not seeing results right away, don’t get discouraged immediately. The key to thriving in online business is to always work hard.

When you are not seeing results, it means you need to work even harder if you thought you were working hard already.

In order for me to get the results I got, I was blogging more than one article a day sometimes, if not daily for a few months.

That seemed to work for me and that’s why I say the first year is a build up, you need to build a lot of content so you can start ranking on search engines and get that highly targeted free SEO traffic!

The very little that I earned for all those months frustrated me to bits, believe me, it wasn’t easy, but that didn’t stop me from doing what I love: affiliate marketing.

I made a lot of mistakes, but I also learned from them, so here I am now: making a stable income and being able to remain as a stay at home mom.


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9) What to Do When You’re Not Happy With the Results

When I failed with my first blog back in 2011/2012, I decided to do something else as I wasn’t getting anywhere and realized that affiliate marketing is nowhere easy, or blogging for that matter.

When you are blogging for money, there’s a lot you’d want to learn because it’s not just a matter of putting a blog up and write a few posts.

There’s a whole process that you need to learn and I realized this later on as I didn’t know a lot of things.

Therefore, when I decided to try affiliate marketing again with a blog, I decided to get training, and it’s been the best decision I’ve made for my online business.

If you see that things are really going downhill despite these tips on writing blogs for money I’ve mentioned, I suggest that you get training too.

You can visit my free blogging guide to see the training platform I use that has helped me get to where I am now:

  • I earn a 4 digit online income consistently month after month
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Getting training will help you a lot in your online business and avoid making unnecessary mistakes. When you know exactly what to do, you’re going to start making money faster.


I also FREE coaching on that training platform and you’ll see how you’ll get it in my guide:


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I really hope I can help you in your online journey!



If you have any questions that are related my tips on blogging for money or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below! I always reply to my readers!


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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