How to Make Money With Uber Using Affiliate Marketing

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How to Make Money With Uber Using Affiliate MarketingWe all know about Uber. It is arguably the most proficient commercial rental service in the world today. Patronized by millions of people around the world, the popularity of Uber has indeed grown extensively.

However, it is not only the passengers and commuters that benefit from Uber. Whether you believe it or not, this company offers an affiliate program that anyone can join.

Surprisingly, their affiliate program can pay well so this is why I want to show you how to make money with Uber using affiliate marketing.

Don’t even fret if you are a not driver at all. This affiliate system that has been implemented by Uber is entirely free for those who have registered with them. You just have to learn the ins and outs of this system so that you too, can generate income with it.

Learn how to make money with Uber using their affiliate program here.



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An Introduction to the Uber Affiliate Program

Uber has an affiliate program that can be used by anyone. Anyone can freely join as long as you have the heart for marketing stuff. Otherwise, you wouldn’t really earn from it.

Before I go too much further, just want to briefly explain to those who don’t know what affiliate marketing is or have heard of it but not sure how it works.

Affiliate marketing is a business model where you can earn commissions from driving new sales for companies and brands.


Guy driving view from backseat


You do this by signing up for their affiliate programs and you’ll receive an affiliate link or referral code that you can use to promote which will track back the commission to you.

Many affiliate programs have different stipulations on how commissions are derived or triggered (doesn’t always have to be a new sale) and each affiliate program will determine how much you’ll earn.

Just like other affiliate programs, the affiliate program of Uber uses affiliate links but they also offer another way with referral codes. 

I will expand more on these below, but just quickly, the system works like this: you promote Uber services via the referral code or affiliate link, and in turn, you get a commission from it when someone signs up to Uber with your referral code or affiliate link as a new driver.

Now, that’s simple, right?



Why Use Uber Affiliate Program?

This system has been implemented by Uber to give alternative means for drivers, couriers, and also non-drivers or non-customers, to earn additional income.

You see, despite the popularity of Uber, there are still those who want to give up with the company. There are numerous reasons for this predicament.

Dealing with rude passengers, the distance of the travel, and wearing out of the vehicle are among the drawbacks that many Uber drivers experience.

While it is true that Uber gives drivers an endless stream of passengers, the dough they make from it may not be significantly huge. After all, these drivers just earn through commission basis.

For every payment made by the passenger to the driver, Uber gets a commission.

The Uber Affiliate Program is a systematic approach that gives its partners a chance to earn more. If I were an Uber driver, I would definitely dig this program. It is simply a good means of making money whether you are driving or not.

You just need to have as many people as you can to sign up for Uber as a driver. This offers a different way for those who don’t want to drive or as well as drivers to make money with Uber.

The commissions can really add up if you have a flourishing blog that has tons of traffic like mine. But of course, the rate is still dependent on the state where you operate.

Apparently, the referral program also applies to Uber Eats–an extension of the Uber company, you can refer drivers and people who do delivery on bikes and scooters.

With all of these things taken into account, it is no wonder why a lot are trying to take advantage of the affiliate program of Uber.

Fortunately, the system is still not saturated. You still have the opportunity to ride this wealth wave and earn money from it.



How To Make Money With Uber Using Affiliate Marketing?

There is actually two ways to make money with Uber without having to be a driver:

  1. You can join their affiliate program and become one of their affiliates which you don’t have to be a customer or a driver.
  2. You can join their referral program as a driver or rider and earn extra money to use towards your rides or Uber Eats deliveries.

We will check out how you will earn with both ways.


1) Make Money with Uber using Affiliate Marketing

First you need to sign up to their Uber’s affiliate program here, it’s for people in the US and Canada.

People who join this affiliate program don’t have to be a customer who’s used the Uber service or become a driver.

This is simply for people who want to share an affiliate link to get Uber more drivers so people with blogs who want to monetize their website can use this to get people to start making money as drivers to sign up to Uber with their affiliate link.


Uber Affiliate Program application form


For this affiliate program, you will earn $15 – $45 per approved driver, depending on the participating city the driver signs up for.

Another way to earn with this affiliate program is pay-per-call where you’ll earn $3 per lead that calls into their call center and stays on the phone longer than 30 seconds.

So, that would be an interesting way to market to those who’d like to get on the phone with someone regarding becoming an Uber driver.

If you have a blog that drives a lot of traffic in this niche, it would be a great way to earn with this affiliate program in more than one way.

Or, you can use other free traffic sources like social media and YouTube to get more leads to go to your landing page about your affiliate offer.

A landing page would be helpful to educate your leads and warm them up to your affiliate offer.

It also serves as a second security to be able to post on any social media site since you won’t be post directly affiliate links, you can post your landing page website link instead.

Here’s a landing page builder called Builderall, click here for a 7 day free trial, that’s great for a beginners with a tight budget. 

Builderall’s half the cost of leading brands and has way more digital marketing tools with not only landing page capabilities but also including, sales funnels, email auto-responder, webinar platform, create your own course, create your own affiliate program, and much more.


Builderall Sales Funnel Templates 2


Plus, make money with their incredible 2-tier affiliate program where you can make 100% commissions on your new sales and 30% recurring after that for as long as they stay on.

Then, if you had recruited affiliates, then, you can earn 30% off of their earnings too when they go out and make money.

Their 2-tier affiliate program earns you 2 passive income streams: your monthly recurring members (your direct sales), and your 2nd tier commissions which you earn without getting doing more work.

Check out this video that explains more about Builderall’s amazing affiliate program!


2) Making Money with Uber using Referral Code

With your referral code, you’re able to get a link to that code which then acts like an affiliate link but you earn differently with these codes.

The very first part of the process is to ensure that you are already a driver or rider of Uber. If not, you must sign-up first. You cannot get the referral code if you are not their accredited member.

Once you have successfully joined, a referral code will be given to you in the Uber app under “Free Rides”. Of course, there’s a guarantee that this code is only unique to you.

This referral code is not really meant for the passengers. However, it is for people who can potentially work as drivers for Uber.

If you can make a person sign-up for Uber using the code that you have, you will get a commission from it. Make sure that the person has completed the application for the transaction to be valid.

Take into account that Uber has taken measures to prevent fraud registrations. There were some cases that the person did sign up but didn’t really drive at all. That’s still a cheat in the eyes of serious affiliate marketers.

To prevent this from happening, Uber will not pay the driver unless the person that he has referred to in the program did not complete a certain number of trips.



How to Promote Your Uber Referral Code?

It is not affiliate marketing if there’s no “marketing” that takes place. You have to realize that you are not the only driver who wants to join this program.

One way or another, you will still have to compete with them to get yourself a piece of that prize.

But don’t let this discourage you. There are tested-and-proven means where you can promote yourself and your code, here are some of them:

  • Business Cards – This old-school method doesn’t fail at all. It can market anyone–even an Uber driver. You can simply make appealing business cards with your referral code written on it. Give this card to anyone you meet, and you got a chance of earning extra already!
  • Social Media Marketing – You can always market yourself through your social media networks. Even if it is just Facebook, as long as you have a substantial number of friends, you are already on your way there. You can also go to niche-based pages and groups to promote your link but just be careful of the rules before you post any link.
  • YouTube Videos – YouTube is a great means to promote yourself. We have seen viral contents that came from this platform. You can always take advantage of this social network to make personalized promotions. The best thing about this strategy is that you can share the videos you made in your social media pages or websites.
  • Start A Blog Website – You can start a blog about ride-sharing and have all the affiliate links you want on it.  Of course, you don’t want a spammy looking site, so be distreet on the way you use affiliate links in your posts.  Also, to learn how to create an affiliate blog website properly, it’s best to learn where I did, find out where here.

They taught me how to build my blog here you’re on so that it generates 40K-45K visitors a month and this is a small, young blog still at 2.5 years old.  I made $40K last year with this website without paying for any ads because of this factor.

So, check them out here and see the secret weapon to my success!

If you have any budget, you can also do paid ads but it’s wise to get yourself some training on it first before you start because you can lose money real fast.

Just be careful and start very slow, paid ads can be very profitable if you know what you’re doing so it’ll take some money to test and test before being able to profit.



Gain More With Uber’s Affiliate Program!

Now that you have learned how to make money with Uber using affiliate program, I am pretty sure that you are excited and giddy already.

However, you need to make sure that you can fully maximize the profits that you can get from this system.

I do recommend that you check out my guide on how to do affiliate marketing like a Super Affiliate. I’ll show you how I’ve been earning online for the last 2.5 years and how you can do the same!

This course will teach you the secrets of successful affiliate marketing. With a step-by-step tutorial, you will eventually learn the procedures in no time.

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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding how to make money with Uber using affiliate marketing or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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