Want to Make Fast Money With Affiliate Marketing? See HOW!

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Want to Make Fast Money With Affiliate Marketing? See HOW!People looking to make fast money with affiliate marketing will have another thing coming to them because it’s definitely not as easy as it looks.

Sure the concept of affiliate marketing is quite simple and I love using it to make money here on my blog, but getting someone to click on your affiliate AND buy, that’s the hard part, conversions.

Earning in any kind of online business will vary by a lot of things. Among these are the time and work you invest, how fast you identify your mistakes, learn from them, and correct them, the support you have, etc.

The best way to address whether you can make fast money with affiliate marketing or not: You can progress and earn faster if you have the right strategies and support.

I had my fair share of struggles because I didn’t really know where I was going and didn’t have the right methods.

I do understand why people ask this kind of questions. Many are not really in a hurry in making money, but they are worried that they might be exerting too much effort and time and not really going anywhere.

Nevertheless, I’m still going to say this to keep your expectations at bay: Earning in affiliate marketing can take up to a year.

Sure, you can earn some money from time to time in the few weeks or months, but receiving a stable income like 4 digits a month and up, it will mostly take a year.

You might have read about get-rich-quick schemes. I cannot guarantee anything but many of these are scams. You probably read about this guy who earned thousands of dollars in just a few months and in just a few years, is already making millions.

I’m not saying that this is impossible to happen, but this is not the norm, not just in affiliate marketing, but in other types of businesses as well.

One of the things I’ve learned as an affiliate marketer is: fast money is not long-term. If you didn’t really work hard for it, there’s a huge chance it won’t be around for a long time.

So, if you want to earn fast and easy money, then affiliate marketing is not for you as there is no easy money really.

However, there are proven paths you can take and that’s really HOW you’ll get there is to follow the paths before you.



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The Proper Way to Start Affiliate Marketing

How fast can you make money with affiliate marketing? How you’re going to start it in the first place will greatly affect when you’re going to start earning a stable income.

So how should you start affiliate marketing?

Below is a step-by-step guide on how you can become an effective affiliate marketer:

Step 1: Review the Products Within Your Niche

The first step is to review products, assuming that you already have a website, if you don’t, see here to get one for free, and have decided on your niche. One of the reasons why I love affiliate marketing is I no longer have to think about creating an idea for my business.

As an average consumer, we have also used and tried different products and services. So all we have to do is to talk about them and promote them publicly.

The good news is, almost any type of product is profitable. You can talk about gardening tools, toys, electronics, and anything that you like.


Conquering Misconceptions: Does Affiliate Marketing Make Money?


The important thing is, you choose a topic that you love or interested in. You can choose others that you don’t really have experience, but make sure you do your research.

It will be difficult to be helpful to your readers if you’re not knowledgeable about your topic.

The challenge lies in how you’re going to connect with your prospects and market the products. Make sure that you genuinely want to help people through your content.

If they sense that you’re just trying to sell them something, they will get turned off immediately.

When writing reviews, you can include your affiliate link to the products you’re promoting. When you have been helpful to your readers, it will be easier to convince them to click the link.

Usually, writing product reviews is the first step to earning commissions by affiliate marketers.


Step 2: Create an Email List That Contains Your Prospects

Email marketing is a traditional way of marketing products but is still effective up to today. One way to get their email is through your landing page. Your landing page is really important because it’s a medium you can use to convert your prospects into actual customers.

An effective landing page is offering visitors useful information, like an ebook or some kind of freebie, in exchange for their contact details.


Builderall Sales Funnel Templates 2


You can also use a sidebar widget. Take note: only have one call-to-action. Still, offer them something important in exchange for their contact info.

Do not put too many sidebars. Confusing your visitors to do more than one thing will usually end up with them not doing anything at all.

Once you have your list, keep them engaged. Ideally, you can send them one email per week. It shouldn’t be all about selling. For instance, you can email them when you have a new product review.


Step 3: Educate Your Prospects

One way of providing useful content is educating your prospects about your topic. For example, you’re going to promote a hair straightener.

You can do a live video or simply a blog on why women need a hair straightener, where they can use it, how will they use it, etc.

You can use this guide when educating your readers:

  • Share your history with the product
  • Provide the features of the product
  • Show different ways of how the product can be used
  • Weigh in the benefits and the drawbacks
  • More info which you think your readers should know


Step 4: Work Hard and be Consistent

You shouldn’t stop working when you have already built a large audience. Affiliate marketing is a continuous process and will need you to work on it consistently.

Keep providing your audience with helpful content they can apply to their daily lives. Keep writing product reviews. Upload how-to videos, webinars and other methods that you think will help your business thrive.

Your website should stay updated if you want to keep your readers and earn some more. If you have earned their trust, make sure that you don’t lose it.

Keep learning new methods on affiliate marketing. There are actually so many things you can do.


Step 5: Find Other Means of Making Money Online

When you have established a good reputation and has a large audience, advertisers and other bloggers will be attracted to you.

Aside from promoting your affiliate products, you can also monetize your blog or website through letting other sellers and companies “rent” space on your blog by posting ads.

You can also allow guest posting with a certain fee. You can write about other products too. There are a lot of ways you can monetize your blog or website.




To shorten your learning curve, it is best to get some training on how to do this properly so you have a path to follow instead of blindly treading the sea of the internet by your lonesome.

Thumbs UpThat’s what I did the second time around when I wanted to try affiliate marketing again, I didn’t want to waste anymore time so I went for this training platform here.

They specialize in training you in affiliate marketing and shows you how to build out your online business in a way that gets you massive targeted visitors without needing to pay for ads.

It’s what I used to get me to Super Affiliate status!

The HELP you get will be amazing on that platform because they have a very supportive and engaging community inside.

I also provide FREE coaching so you can check out how you can get that by clicking here to see my free guide here.

So, how fast can you make money with affiliate marketing?

It will also depend on what strategies you’re going to use, which means you don’t only have to be hardworking, but also smart with your affiliate marketing business.

You can earn in your first 3 months if you do things right and work consistently during that time, but results will vary and success boils down to you.


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If you have any questions about affiliate marketing or anything about making money online, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below! I always reply to my readers!


Let’s make money online!

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