How To Make A Landing Page That Converts Like Crazy

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How To Make A Landing Page That ConvertsBefore we dive into the details on how to make a landing page, allow me first to provide you a closer look at what it is and how crucial it is in marketing your products.

If you’re promoting anything online, you will need some sort of page that you want everyone to go on to make your sales.

So this is the page we called Landing Page, since that’s the page you want everyone to see and hopefully get them to buy at that point when they get to your landing page.



What Is A Landing Page?

A landing page is where your visitors will “land” once they click a link or an ad in your marketing campaign.

With that in mind, imagine your target audience lingering through the internet as people who don’t have any connection to you or the products you offer.

A speck of interest made them click your ad/link. Those people land on a webpage, but to make them stay, they have to take action. This is how important landing pages are.


Builderall Sales Funnel Templates 2


They are distinct pages on your site that will serve as an instrument to convert your readers into leads.

What makes them different from the other pages is that they create user action through an online form. When users provide their email details, they’ll have exclusive access to content and other marketing offers.

Apart from getting leads, landing pages are also an effective way of collecting info on which of your audience are converting. With this info, you’ll understand your leads more on how your product is going to help them.

To entice your leads to convert, you need to have effective content and attractive designs for your landing page. So, how are you going to do that?



Tips On How To Improve Conversion Rates of Your Landing Page

Here are some tips on how you can improve the conversion rates of your landing page:

Focus on what you’re offering.

I understand that you want your company to grow. But, you should remember that the purpose of your landing page is to send your leads to a specific offer, and not to your company in general.

The moment your leads reach your landing page, they should see right away the content they were offered through the call-to-action (CTA) button or the ad they clicked.

Avoid putting lengthy messages because many people dismiss them right away.


Avoid any distractions.

An ideal landing page should be simple, only offering a single and easy way for your leads to take the required action so they’ll have access to what is being offered.

You must prevent cluttering it with multiple CTAs, as these will confuse your leads and will likely discourage them from converting.


Come up with compelling content.

Starting from your headline to your CTA, the content of your landing page must be clear and precise. The descriptions must be direct of what your visitors will get once they go through with the registration.

Make sure your content is relevant to what your audience was looking for when they clicked on your landing page link.

Whatever made them click needs to stay relevant once they get on your landing page as well so your message must be consistent or else you won’t convert.


Use simple lead-capture forms.

The conversion or lead-capture form on your landing page must be simple to fill. Only ask for the basic information, which is already enough for you to consider them as legit leads.

If you really need to ask for more details, like their annual income, you should match the time and effort they used to register with something essential, like exclusive content that they won’t get anywhere else apart from registering.

Also, don’t forget to adjust your landing pages so they’ll be mobile-friendly. This will include adjusting the texts that they are properly visible on mobile screens and that the buttons are big enough to easily click on touchscreens.


Allow social media sharing

Including social media buttons will make it easy for your leads to share what you’re offering. When a lot of people share your landing page, it means that they trust you. This will make you an expert on your field and you will gain authority among your readers.


Don’t add too many links

The goal of your landing page is to let your readers click the CTA. That’s it. Having too many links will cause you to lose the opportunity to convert them.


Improve your page with attractive images.

You can add some of your personality and creativity to your page through attractive images and videos. This will help you connect with your prospects on a personal level. Also, images and videos help capture someone’s attention.


You need to keep testing.

Your work doesn’t stop once you’re done setting up your landing page. You’ll have to collect and analyze data based on its performance by using an analytics tool. Your analysis must include recognizing the right improvements to be made. Keep testing your landing page and make the necessary changes, even how small they are.



Make Your Landing Page Using Builderall

You need to have the proper tools so you can make an effective landing page. You can use Builderall for your digital marketing needs, which include not only making landing pages, but also creating video animations, sales pages, and banner ads among others.


Builderall Home Page


Builderall is the ultimate platform for your online marketing campaign as it has so many digital marketing tools for an affordable price.

It offers a variety of tools, and depending which membership plan you sign up for, you’ll have access to these, which can include an unlimited email autoresponder, sales funnel builder, website builder, sales page creator, mockup generator, presentation builder, and so much more!


A Fun and Easy Way of Creating a Landing Page

I’ve made a step-by-step guide on how you can create a landing page in BuilderAll. It’s really easy that you’ll have your page up and running within minutes.

  1. Once you’re on the Builderall dashboard, click Builders.
  2. Then, choose Drag n Drop Responsive Builder.
  3. Choose New Site.
  4. On your page, you’ll see different categories and a variety of options of templates.
  5. Let’s say that you’re going to offer your leads a free ebook. For this kind of landing page, choose the Giveaway Funnel 001.
  6. You will then see that the page has a huge headline, access button, and a CTA.
  7. There’s an image on the left side, which you can edit. Just right click and choose which you prefer. You can use existing images on the platform or you can upload your own. It’s good that you have your own pictures so you’ll stand out and you can create an image for your brand.
  8. You will also see email components on the page. These will ask the email details of your leads. When you right click, you will see the “configure” option. When you click it, you’ll see that you can connect it to different email marketing software including MailChimp, AWeber, MailingBoss, etc. I recommend that you choose MailingBoss because it comes with the membership plan. Also, with this autoresponder, you can enjoy unlimited email subscribers with the option to expand.
  9. You can change the form button if you prefer something catchy like “Send me my FREE e-book now” or “Instant access.”
  10. Just go around the rest of the page and right click if you want to edit something. You can change the logo, the text size, fonts, etc. It’s really simple to use.
  11. When everything looks good, go to the top right corner and click save.
  12. Don’t forget to check if your landing page will still look good regardless of what device your visitors are using. At the top, you can see the tablet view and mobile view option. Click them to see if your landing page looks good using those types of devices. If not, just make the changes.
  13. Click preview again. If it still needs to be adjusted, then do so. Keep repeating this process until you are satisfied with the appearance of your landing page.


Other Features Builderall Has to Offer

Builderall is a platform that offers the most tools necessary for digital marketing. It doesn’t only help you with your landing page, but other tasks as well. Depending on your membership plan, some of the tools you can use in the platform are:

  • App Creator – With just a few clicks, you can create mobile apps through this tool. It’s totally free because you’ll be using Builderall’s account if you want them included in the app store. If you want to earn from them, you can do so by setting up your own account in Google Play, Apple, and Amazon.
  • Facebook Chatbot – A chatbot is really useful if you want to increase your online engagement with your readers and generate more leads.
  • Design Studio – This tool lets you add images or videos on a particular area of a picture, like picture frames, mobile screens, and TV screens. You can also upload your own video where you can choose which part of the screen the video will be shown.
  • On Page SEO Tool – This tool will analyze each angle of your SEO, grades you, and will give you tips on how to improve it.
  • Script Generator – This will help you make efficient webinars, emails, videos, sales pages, and sales letters.

What I’ve mentioned above are only a few of the tools you can use in Builderall, see my full review here to see all that they have to offer.

To use these tools, you’ll have to pay a certain amount ($9.90/month – $49.90/month), depending which membership plan you’re going to sign up for.

However, I can offer you a 7-day free trial so you can check out Builderall and try their tools without paying for anything. This will help you determine if the platform is what you really need for your online marketing needs.



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Builderall won’t always be for free, so I strongly recommend that you try the free trial now. I hope to see you there!


If you have questions about Builderall, landing pages, or anything you want me to clarify, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below! I always reply to my readers. 🙂


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