The BuilderAll Affiliate Program: 2 Tier Explodes Your Earnings

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The BuilderAll Affiliate Program- 2 Tier Explodes Your EarningsWhen looking for a lucrative affiliate program to promote, I always like to use ones that will create more passive income for you without creating more work.

Affiliate programs with a membership business model will certainly do that for you since members will need to continue paying to access the platform you’re promoting so you will be earning from each person you refer for as long as they stay there.

That’s why BuilderAll’s affiliate program is definitely one to look at because it is a membership site but more importantly, this affiliate program is 2 tiered!

In this post, I will go over what that really means for you and how you can really cash in with this affiliate program in the following sections:



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What Is BuilderAll?

Before we talk about the BuilderAll Affiliate Program, let me introduce what BuilderAll is about.

Being an affiliate marketer for over 2 years, I’ve learned many things and one of them is not to be swayed easily by appealing launches of different internet marketing tools.

What I believe in is sticking to the one that works well for a long time without having me to keep switching to a different platform each time something new and exciting shows up.

I found that in BuilderAll.


Builderall Home Page


It’s the first platform that I came across in this business that offers me a lot of tools compressed in one place. What’s more, it comes at a very affordable price.

That’s something!

For just $49.90 a month, I get to enjoy an email responder with unlimited subscribers, a landing page creator without limit, video creation, and app creation, plus more than 10 other tools inside.

If you purchase these online marketing tools from different sellers, you’re likely to spend at least $200 in total on a monthly basis.

To see more about the tools details and what’s included, you can check out my full review here.

In addition to all of these amazing tools, BuilderAll offers a special affiliate program that can help you build a full time online business with and one that will create a lot of passive income for you.



What Is the BuilderAll Affiliate Program?

The “BuilderAll Business” Plan

Like any products, you can promote BuilderAll as an affiliate. The process is similar – you generate traffic, people will sign up for a membership, and you earn a commission when they buy.

BuilderAll Business is a 2-tier affiliate program. To be clear, this is not an MLM (multi-level marketing). To become an affiliate, you need to sign up for their “Builderall Business” $49.90 per month plan.

This will provide you access to the BuilderAll Business area as well as their entire suite of digital marketing tools on the platform.

Since it’s software membership site, there’s a recurring profit too. You earn 100% commission on the initial purchase, then you’ll receive 30% for each month the user continues to use the software.

With this kind of arrangement, your commissions will go up pretty much quickly and you’ll only need to sell ONE new membership a month to have your own BuilderAll membership paid for.

That’s NOT all you earn though… here’s the good part!


Builderall 2 tier affiliate program is amazing


This two-tier program will not only give you 100% commissions of your initial sale and 30% commission monthly thereafter from members who signed up through your affiliate link, but also, if those members also get a sale from other people, you will receive another 30% commission as well. This means that you can build a growing network that allows you to earn a good amount of profit.

This 2nd tiered 30% commission is where you can really build a lot more passive income if your referrals also sell memberships, therefore, helping your referrals build their business will only benefit you.


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How It Works

The affiliate marketing world is made up of many niches (work at home, sports, health, parenting, etc) and different products (digital products, physical products, and services). Each type has a different target audience and a different marketing approach.

You can see BuilderAll’s platform in various niches since it targets a general audience – any company or individual that needs to set up a website and those who need digital marketing tools, such as landing pages, autoresponder system, etc.

As a product, BuilderaAll is a platform that includes various tools used for website building, membership site builder, email marketing, and script generators, among others. All of these come at an affordable price of $29.90 per month.

However, for the company to keep up with the fast distribution targets worldwide for countless users (their attempt to compete with leading companies like Clickfunnels and WIX), they have decided to return a huge portion of the monthly cost of products to marketers at fixed commissions monthly. This is the BuilderAll Business (their affiliate program).

This two-tier program will give you 30% commission monthly from members who signed up through your affiliate link, and if those members also get a sale from other people, you will receive a 30% commission as well. This means that you can build a growing network that allows you to earn a good amount of profit.

You may now be thinking of a hierarchical design with what I just explained, but no, BuilderAll is not the same as those pyramid schemes. You will only receive commissions from two levels and nothing beyond that, which is why it’s referred to as a two-tier program.

But, wait, there’s more!


An Attractive Incentive

Once you’ve reached a particular amount in sales, you will receive a car allowance! It’s such an attractive benefit, but keep in mind that you need to work hard for that. This is how it works:

There are two levels for their car allowance. The first one is you need to reach 100 BuilderAll Business active leads to get the first $500 each month. So, you need to have 100 active members each month to be able to receive this monthly bonus. This is why you must assist those members who signed up through you so they’ll decide to keep their accounts.

To keep receiving the $500 allowance, you must maintain those 100 active members.

The next level is you will receive $1,000 each month for 200 referred active members for the BuilderAll Business program. Just like the first level, you need to maintain the 200 members to receive the car allowance monthly.

As I’ve said, you need to work hard for it. But, you can’t deny how attractive this incentive is. If you offer help to your referred members regularly, it’s likely they will keep using BuilderAll.


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How to Market BuilderAll

There are two common ways to market BuilderAll. Some affiliates focus on how amazing BuilderAll is as a digital product. They put emphasis on how it can help you build various websites with all the tools needed in one place.

Others focus on how the platform can become a business opportunity and how it can generate a good amount of income if they market the software too.

What I’ve noticed with many new affiliates is they market the product too much. They make it sound so perfect that they’ve unconsciously made an illusion. This is wrong in every way. Always remember this major rule: do not make false impressions just so you can sell the product right away.

Also, some claim to make money in just a span of thirty days. I’ve seen landing pages and ads with “Want to Earn Income in 30 Days? Click Here!” I’m not saying that it’s not possible to achieve this.

However, you cannot be marketing with such claims because you can never guarantee how much anyone will make since you don’t know how much they will work.

Keep in mind that the size of someone’s disappointment is twice the size of their expectation. Sure, you can get a lot of people to sign up and you get a good amount of commission.

But, it won’t be long when they notice that what you claimed was entirely false and one by one they will discontinue their membership.

I recommend that you explain everything to your followers, including the advantages and disadvantages. You have to show them what BuilderAll has to offer and what a huge opportunity it is.

But, you must also tell them that to achieve that, they must work hard for it. While it’s not an overnight success, BuilderAll is a business that has high potentials.


Different Methods of Promoting BuilderAll

So, I’ve mentioned above how many affiliates promote BuildAll either as a business opportunity or as a product. But, they use different marketing methods.

Facebook is a widely-used channel to reach a large target audience. Others use paid methods like paid ads to target certain landing pages. There are also free methods like participating in groups related to the target audience.

You should be careful when using Facebook. They are well aware that most marketers use their platform to promote and sell products.

Also, they particularly don’t like ads related to money making niches. When you send too many invites with links and uniform texts, they will block you from sending for several days. Some accounts get suspended and even get blocked.

YouTube is another channel to market BuilderAll and how-to videos are very effective. Take note that the competition in this platform is also growing.

So, you must upload useful videos regularly with captivating titles. YouTube also offer paid advertising, which can also be helpful.

Other social media sites you can promote the software is Pinterest, Instagram, and Twitter.



Take the Big Step: 7 Day Free Trial Here & Bonuses

If you’re convinced on the idea of BuilderAll is and its affiliate program, I recommend that you sign up for their 7 days free trial here. This way, you can see and experience what it really is and truly understand its potential!

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If you sign up with me with the above green button, you will get:

  • Exclusive training from a TOP Affiliate at BuilderAll to show you how you can start making money quickly.
  • Private Facebook Group where you can ask me any questions and get help!

This lucrative affiliate program can’t be passed up and I know I can help you do this too. 🙂


If you have any questions about the BuilderAll affiliate program, please don’t hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers!


Let’s make money online!

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