Is Legendary Marketer A Legit? REVAMPED: My RESULTS Are In!

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Legendary Marketer Review - Is Legendary Marketer Legit?Updated May 23, 2020

If you want to make money online, you may have come across the Legendary Marketer system and wonder if it will work or is David Sharpe legit?

Will you make money with Legendary Marketer?  How does Legendary Marketer work? What is Legendary Marketer?

Looking for an updated review of Legendary Marketer?  I can tell you right now, a lot of the reviews out there are outdated, so beware of any reviews dated before 2019.

I’m glad you’re here if you have the same questions because in my review below, I will answer all those questions including the significant changes Legendary Marketer has made earlier this year to make this learning platform even better.

This is an updated review because of all the changes that were made in Jan 2019, so there are a lot great changes they made in order to stay compliant with the FTC.

As well, this is a program I am personally involved with myself and have seen what’s going on inside, which I can provide a truly full, honest review for you.

I will give you the low down on what this program really is, what’s all involved, and if you can even make any money with it.

See the following sections of my review for your answers:



Check Out Legendary Marketer Here:





Program Name: Legendary Marketer


Price: $30/month + Optional costs

Owner: David Sharpe

Recommended? Yes

David Sharpe is no newbie to the industry and his latest creation is Legendary Marketer.  David has generated multiple million dollar businesses in his lifetime and his best work yet is here at Legendary Marketer.

Legendary Marketer is an online training platform for anyone who’s looking to build an online business and they offer top of the line training to those who want to learn affiliate marketing, how to build their own coaching business, how to create their own digital products, how to build their own events/masterminds, etc.

Here’s my detailed video walk-through of their entire program that will give you even more information on how this all works:


One of the biggest changes that makes them compliant with the FTC is that they don’t lure people in with high income claims anymore and they also don’t allow affiliates to promote their program using income claims as well.



Legendary Marketer sales video



Legendary Marketer new sales video


They don’t want to misrepresent consumers into thinking that can make the kind of money they say because everyone’s results will differ and it will highly depend on each other’s own efforts to see what results they get.

They have also revamped their entire affiliate program to make it more compliant and now it’s free to join their affiliate program which I’ll talk about more below.


Legendary Marketer home page


Legendary Marketer no longer requires you buy into anything before you can promote them so that’s a major change and what makes Legendary Marketer more of a legitimate program that I can recommend.

The way it is now, the platform is really just a training platform and you have can take that training to build any kind of online business you want to create.

If you want to promote their program while you learn then that’s okay to do too, it’s your choice now.




At Legendary Marketer, the changes they have made I’m quite impressed by especially now that I’m also learning from their training, this program is indeed worth it and I’ll tell you why.

Most training you buy is without much support and usually you are left to figure things out on your own.

At Legendary Marketer, you are taken by the hand by their business coach/advisor and you are really going to get a business plan created just for you.

Then you’ll choose the training you want to learn from.

The method they teach is affiliate marketing using sales funnels/landing pages, email marketing, and using paid traffic to get visitors to your affiliate offers.


Costs For Their Training

Their training starts as low as $30/month, $2,500 one time fee for each of their Blueprints, and can go as high as $30,000 for their biggest package which is the Legendary Leadership Group as all live experiences start at $8,000.

Here is a list of all their products:

Legendary Marketer Products 2019


Although their training is expensive, they actually have a tuition reimbursement program where you can get your money back in FULL depending on what you buy, you can ask your Business Advisor about their tuition reimbursement program.

So essentially, learning at Legendary Marketer can be FREE to you if you take that path!  I was very impressed with this option and really what got me to buy.

Which I’m glad I did because the Blueprints are AMAZING and the Traffic Rolodex is out of the world! 


Check Out Legendary Marketer Here:




Let’s check out each of the products:

Marketer’s Club

This is the Netflix of online marketing!  This $30/month program will give you the foundational knowledge you’ll need going into this online venture.

This program will give you the basics to start learning how to make money online, get monthly live trainings, connect with their community, and new classes each month.


Traffic Rolodex

You’re taught paid traffic on each of the ad platforms you can advertise on by people who’s been using paid ads for years.

You are truly being taught by experts as I’ve seen the training with my very own eyes:


Legendary Marketer Traffic Rolodex


I couldn’t even screenshot the whole thing but you have 8 paid traffic sources to learn from and you really only need 1 – 2 to master at.

You are taught Facebook ads, Google ads, YouTube ads, Native ads, and not just a light tutorial, they are full on courses for each of those ad platforms.  Really worth it for the Traffic Rolodex!

You are taught by experts who use those platforms for their very own businesses as well as for clients who’s spent thousands of dollars if not millions on these ad platforms.



As you progress in your online journey, you may want to opt for one of the Blueprints as they provide you with a full step by step path on how to build one of those businesses.

The Blueprints will set you up to build one of these businesses:

  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Digital Products
  • Coaching
  • Events/Mastermind

Each of these are $2,500, and they are priced as such because they are complete courses that you can follow to build those types of online businesses.

Again, these are part of the tuition reimbursement program so check with your business advisor about how you can get your money back!

Each of these Blueprints is complete on its own and gives you the exact steps to take to build one of those businesses.

Legendary Marketer often has promotions on their courses as well, so be sure to ask your Business Advisor (you get a business advisor when you send up with any of the red buttons on this page) about this.



Check Out Legendary Marketer Here:




Live Experiences

Live experience packages start at $8,000 which are experiences that will really excel your business to another level where you get to attend masterminds at a location.

For example, the DFY Brand Builder is one that will have experts create your brand for you, set up your business for you, set up your email sequences tailored to you, set up your ads even, etc.

Get all the technical stuff done for you as well and have your business delivered to you on a silver platter!

If I had the money, I would go for this one!  I’d like to use their expertise so I don’t fumble around for waste a lot of money and time.

The other live experiences usually take place in an exotic location where you will learn directly from multi-millionaires in the industry.

People come back incredibly recharged and ready to take their businesses to the moon!


15 Day Business Challenge

This 15 Day Business Challenge comes with the Marketers’ Club at $30/month where you will go through to learn about what affiliate marketing is how it all works.

I really loved going through this because the videos really show you in a very easy to learn way.  Dave Sharpe really knows how to explain things at a level that’s easy to understand how making money online works.

You’re also going to be talking to your coach as you go through this challenge so you can get your business plan created and start your online journey on the right foot.

Once you are finished with the 15 days, you should be set up to start earning very shortly after that.




They have also revamped their affiliate program in 2019 where you do NOT have to buy into any training or packages in order to promote them and earn commissions from them.

This is NOT a requirement, and is available if you wish to choose this option to promote Legendary Marketer’s courses.

If you’re not an affiliate of Legendary Marketer, then you will just use their training to build the type of online business you want to do in your particular niche and make money with the online business that you build from their training.

However, you can use the Legendary Marketer affiliate program to earn some of your money back if you want to get your money back as well as use the Tuition Reimbursement program to your advantage.

They have a Free Basic account for their affiliate program but they also have a Pro account now as well which earns you MORE if you pay for the Pro account.

The Pro affiliate account will cost you $29.95/month and you earn a lot more (Pro Commission) than the Free affiliate account (Basic Commission) as you see below (updated Aug 2019):

Legendary Marketer Affiliate Program Compensation Plan Aug2019
(Click Image To Enlarge)


As you can see, promoting Legendary Marketer’s training is very lucrative and can really build a 6 figure a year business pretty quickly.

You can also get the first 6 months of your Pro affiliate program paid for by Legendary Marketer if you ask your Business Advisor how you can get that.

The training on the Affiliates page is out of this world, I really loved it, and the way they have set up this affiliate program, is really HIGH converting and you just basically need to just send traffic to.

I haven’t seen another affiliate program with so many “done for you” sales funnels & a huge “done for you” email sequence to promote with that sets you up for success!


Check Out Legendary Marketer Here:



On top of all this, their Pro affiliate program allows you to earn even more because you can set up your affiliate links for three other revenue streams and they will convert them for you in their sales funnel as these are tools everyone needs in their business anyway.

This is one feature I’ve NEVER seen in any other affiliate program before and another WOW factor!




With all the positive changes they have made in 2019, I can safely say that Legendary Marketer is definitely legit nowadays, and in fact, they have one of the best online business training I’ve seen in this space.

If you want to learn how to make money online and not have to wait for months to get a blog to rank, this is the training you need!

The way they do affiliate marketing is next level and I have already learned so much from their training which is very easy to consume and they have SO MUCH to learn from.

I have always used this blog to drive traffic to my affiliate offers but now the way Legendary Marketer teaches, you can get up and running even faster because you’ll be taught how to use paid traffic.

You’re also going to learn the importance of email marketing which is really the key to this system/method they teach.

You’ll learn how to gain trust from your leads and turn them into sales.

Because of my positive experience, I highly recommend Legendary Marketer, check it out here!




I will be updating this section whenever I hit new milestones with this training program.

I only started promoting this in June 2019, but I do have a blog here as well as a small YouTube channel, so my results are not typical, which I have to say anyway by law.

Also, my results is not a guarantee that you’ll get the same results as me if you signed up or get any results at all.

Your results will vary and solely dependent on your work ethics, your background, and your dedication to building your online business, amongst varies other factors.

My results below is from my own experience with Legendary Marketer and I’ve also been an affiliate marketer since Sep 2016, when I started my online journey with another training program (let’s call this one WA) to learn how to build this website you’re on, Work Anywhere Now.

Now, in May 2019, I bought Legendary Marketer to learn other topics that the WA training program above didn’t offer:

  • Blueprints on how to build other types of online businesses
  • How to use sales funnels
  • How to run campaigns
  • How to use paid (extensive training!)
  • Free traffic (social media, no website training like above first training program)
  • Email marketing
  • High ticket sales
  • and much more like Done-For-You options…

I’ve gone through the training in May 2019, but there are some training like some of the Blueprints, I won’t be using til later on in my online business as I’m not ready for those yet.

So I’ve been using mostly their:

  • 15 Day Business Challenge (really awesome training for beginners)
  • Traffic Rolodex (very extensive training on paid ads, should be easily sold much higher this itself)
  • Affiliate Marketing Blueprint (nicely laid out, you’ll get started right away with their training)
  • Affiliate training sections – I got into their affiliate program, and their affiliate training is really top notch if you guys can get in.

Because I really love the training I’ve seen, which I’ve learned from myself, I can honestly tell you, their training is for everyone because everyone starts off small at the Marketer’s Club at $30/mo which you’ll get the 15 Day Business Challenge with, then you learn your way up with their other courses as you wish.

I am planning to grow with their courses as I continue my journey with them.

Here is a list of my success videos of Legendary Marketer, if you like the videos, please click here to subscribe to my channel, or go like the videos here (Thank YOU in advance):



Check Out Legendary Marketer Here:




Check Out Legendary Marketer Here:





I have seen a lot of different programs in my time and I have reviewed hundreds of make money online programs and opportunities.

What Legendary Marketer has done is create a program that ANYONE can get involved with because they are priced that way.

They offer low ticket training so those who can’t afford the higher priced courses can still learn but again those higher priced courses have a tuition reimbursement program that can get your training for free!

I think that’s great option and fair to give this a try.

I have seen many different programs and this is one that will get you faster results, much easier.

But remember, this is still a business and businesses take time to grow, you need to learn the how-to’s before you can earn.

So be patient, learn from their awesome training, and take action few times a week, if not everyday.

CONSISTENCY is key to success guys.  Small steps everyday leads to big results in the future.

Don’t have a get-rich-quick mindset, there’s no such thing.

To make any business work, online or offline, you need to put in the work it takes to achieve success and you need to make the training work for you by taking action and applying what you learn.

This is absolutely life changing if you are dedicated to see this online business through and get results!


Check Out Legendary Marketer Here:




If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Legendary Marketer is a legit or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




30 thoughts on “Is Legendary Marketer A Legit? REVAMPED: My RESULTS Are In!”

        • That’s super cool! Do it if you can. There are going to be costs though in building an online business so you’ll need some money to start. You’ll also need education and that’s what Legendary Marketer is all about, teaching you how to build different types of online businesses and how to drive traffic for your business. The tools you’ll need, etc.

          So I want you to go into this knowing that there will be costs.

          You’re young so you may want to take a part time job so you can fund your online venture.

          Legendary Marketer is an online training platform for serious people who want to build a full time online business.

          It’s going to be worth it to educate yourself on how to do this business well.

          Ask me questions if you need help, I’ll be here to answer any questions you have about Legendary Marketer.

          Thanks for stopping by,


          • Hi I have been looking at Wealthy Affiliate from you and I am just wondering why you are on this marketing site called Legendary Marketer ?

          • Because they teach different things Melissa. WA teaches you how to build an affiliate website using the blog format and LM teaches you more than affiliate marketing, like building your online business with 3 other business models. LM also focuses more on paid traffic and usage of sales funnels.

            They are both online training platforms but they teach and focus on different aspects of affiliate marketing, plus other businesses as in the case of LM.

            I come across many who have different needs so I recommend based on what they’d rather do online.

            Here’s my video comparing the two:

            So, if you want to go to Wealthy Affiliate, CLICK THIS LINK.

            For Legendary Marketer, CLICK THIS LINK.

            I hope this helps,

    • Hi Levin, thanks for stopping by and glad you were able to check out my blog about Legendary Marketer. The difference between the two is the way you learn how to get traffic. At Wealthy Affiliate, you’re learning to get traffic from a blog/SEO strategy, with Legendary Marketer, you’re learning how to do paid traffic and using email marketing to earn trust from your leads.

      The strategy at Wealthy Affiliate is more long term since, once you get rankings from search engines on the first page, you can really earn from the traffic you’ll be getting there for as long as your rankings stay up there. Rankings can stay for a very long time for a lot of blog owners.

      The Legendary Marketer way is more quick to earn than SEO strategy but you’re also always chasing that traffic instead of having that traffic come to you.

      Really, in an online business, you should have both free traffic from SEO and paid traffic to scale, that’s the best combination, so there is much to learn with both of these strategies.

      Start with one and master it first then start the other, that’s my advice to you. 🙂


  1. Hi, thank you for this but I have a question, after making the $30 payment for the training (for the 15days), can I start making money then after the 15days ???? If yes, kindly tell me what range I mean will it be something like $20 – $100 per day or what?. Please explain

    • Hi Michael, Yes of course it’s highly possible you can make your first sale in 15 days, I did it in 8 days (See Proof Here) but how much you make and how fast you make it highly depends on YOU. I did it in 8 days because I’ve got some experience, with no experience, it’s still possible with what they teach. That’s how hand holding this program is.


  2. Hello Grace, thank you for your reply and I’ve checked the video. It was great!!!!!
    I have 2 more questions to ask Grace

    1. Up till the moment you made the video that I just watched, how much have you paid or used to subscribe on LM

    2. I want to join LM but I’m not from US and I read something about 8 countries that are not accepted or so, could you please shed more light on this

    • Hi Michael, glad you’re back and enjoyed my video. 🙂

      I invested quickly and early actually, so I paid for all the Blueprints since they offered me a deal I couldn’t resist. I really love their tuition reimbursement program as well which is why I went for it.

      I hope you will join me here!!

      I have no idea which countries aren’t allowed but they are pretty much worldwide, so you really don’t know until you try to buy from them. That’s the only way you will find out if you can use them or not.

      Their affiliate program is SO awesome and highly recommend that you promote this program as well if you choose because their affiliate program can make you a LOT of money! 🙂

      Anyway, let me know if you have any other questions.


  3. Hello Grace,

    Thank you for your review. You said we can learn the 15 days challenge for free? It’s $7 on the checkout page.

    Can I use my smartphone to learn and make money with Legendary marketer?

    I’m wondering if it would be better to go for the 15 days challenge and the free affiliate program or to go for the Legendary marketer’s club. Which option do you think is best?
    I’m glad I found you.

    • Hello, I reviewed my post and I didn’t say the 15 Day Business Challenge is free.

      I said the 15 Day Business Challenge comes with the Legendary Marketer’s Club for $30/month.

      When you click my links/buttons above, that’s where you would be going to sign up.

      So not sure where you’re even seeing the $7.


    • Hi Paul, I clearly tell you in my review above and in my videos in this post that you do NOT have to buy any courses to be part of their affiliate program or earn from their free affiliate program.

      They have a free Basic affiliate program and a Pro affiliate program that you can apply for.

      As an affiliate myself, I cannot provide you direct access to their affiliate program, you need to directly apply to them because they don’t just let anyone market for them.

      If you go through my affiliate links in my post (or CLICK HERE) and join their Marketer’s club at $30/month (which gives you training for beginners, a 15 Day Business Challenge, and a Business Advisor on the phone), then you could apply for the Basic or Pro affiliate program this way as well.

      If you get approved at this point, you DON’T need to buy anything else and can earn from your affiliate links with anything that’s sold through your affiliate links.

      Hope this helps you,

  4. Hi, thanks for your review. You said they show you how to use sales funnels that means you have to have funnel, they just show you how to use it or do they have funnels like click funnels? If they don’t which funnels do you recommend? Also will they reject an affiliate based on nationality, background, or race?

    • Hi Marvy,

      They have funnels for you to use through Clickfunnels and they teach you how to use the funnels as well. They teach you a lot of things, everything you need to know to make money online.

      Of course you will not be rejected based on nationality, background, or race – this is not allowed in the United States.

      Hope this helps,

  5. Hey Grace, great job here!

    just a few questions:

    1. How much did you spend on Udimi solo ads before you made your first sale?

    2. Does Legendary Marketer teach you about how to promote other online products? Or is it really just a funnel to promote Legendary Marketer?

    3. I like what you say about having free traffic and paid traffic for an online business. Have you heard of Savage affiliates? It seems like a pretty good and legit course too.

    Great review, thanks for sharing!

    • Hi Mike,

      Sorry for the delayed reply, there’s been a death in our family.

      Here are the answers to your questions:

      1) The fist sale I didn’t need any solo ads, I had my email list.
      2) You are going to learn 4 different business models, and all of it is to teach you how to have your own online business, whatever you want to promote.
      3) Yes I have, I feel that course will provide much value to you.

      Thanks for stopping by Mike, appreciate this. 🙂

      • Hi Kovi,

        Do you think a dentist can do his or her job without tools?

        Do you think a carpenter can build anything without tools?

        There are many more questions I can ask you but I hope you get my point.

        If you want to build an online business, yes, you’re going to need some tools if you don’t currently already have a landing page builder and an autoresponder.

        These are tools you’re going to need if you are going to follow the teachings of Legendary Marketer.

        They don’t offer things that are not to your benefit. When you use Clickfunnels, you can get your job done so much quicker cuz Legendary Marketer gives you shared funnels so you work off of done-for-you templates… you can use them as is or modify them to your own branding. So instead of you going out there to learn how to build your own landing pages, you can use the Clickfunnels route and get things done much faster.

        Autoresponder is a must in an online business. You need to build an email list so you can build an online asset that’s yours, no one else’s. That’s how you’ll warm and connect with your leads that come into your business.

        Also, no one is making you buy anything. You don’t have to buy any tools. You can look for other tools if you wish that can do the same job but cheaper. But then, you’ll lose all the done for you templates.

        They are teaching you their way of how to build a successful online business so they are going to suggest the tools you’ll need (that they use too).

        Those are the same tools I use in my online business, I have Clickfunnels and Aweber, and I had Aweber long ago before I joined LM.

        LM is to be trusted. I know first hand how they run things and I see the owner Dave Sharpe out there helping his customers and affiliates everyday.

        Because their online training courses are so top notch, I decided to become an affiliate to promote them too.

        I have all their Blueprints, and other courses, their training is very well done and in great detail.

        Anyone coming into LM should be able to learn and launch an online business.

        Remember this is a business and so there are risks, but I feel from having years of online experience that the benefits much outweigh the risks.

        But still, it’s a business so know that there are no guarantees and you need money to build a business because you need tools to build an online business.

        You also need money for education. You weren’t born to know how to do this, so this is your online school.

        If you think you need to learn more after the 15 days, you may want to invest in yourself and buy more courses from Legendary Marketer.

        You don’t need to but there is a LOT to learn in this online space, if you’re serious about this, then you need to learn.

        And LM provides several paths you can learn to build your online business.

        With Legendary Marketer, you will get solid education you need to build a thriving full-time online business.

        Anyway, do as they say or not, it’s up to you really. No one is going to push you into anything but they need to teach their method with the tools they use. Make sense?

        If it doesn’t make sense, please ask me more questions.

        But I’m hoping this makes sense that you need tools to build an online business, any business comes with costs to run it.

        I wish you best of luck in your online journey.

        Thanks for stopping by,


  6. Nice review, thank you. They seemed to have changed from what I had known of them. Good to see these changes. So, we really don’t need to pay $1,000’s of dollars?


    • Hi Erica,

      First of all, thanks for stopping by, so appreciate you reading my review of Legendary Marketer!

      Second, nope you don’t. You will need to pay a small fee (under $10, I think) for the 15 Day Business Challenge which is an awesome series of video training.

      You’ll be blown away by the material you’ll get.

      You can go through the 15 day business challenge and then apply for their affiliate program or build your own business with the training you got.

      However, there are more training you can get after that if you wish to further your education and gain more online skills that can make you a full time income and much more.

      But remember, you’re learning from their training to build a business, and businesses take time to build.

      There are no get rich quick schemes here.

      Please let me know if I can further help answer anything else.



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