Best Guide on How to Write Product Reviews for Money

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How to Write Product Reviews for MoneyIf you’re into online marketing and not writing product reviews for money, think thrice!

A lot of online marketers like me build their income this way in all types of different niches. Whether it’s beauty, home décor, fitness, tech, landscaping, or personal stuff, you name it…

Literally, product reviews are relevant for every niche because every niche has products.

So in this article I’m gonna explain how to write product reviews for money.

Topics included are:

  • What are product reviews?
  • Importance of product reviews
  • How I write product reviews
  • Strategies for writing money making with product reviews
  • Conclusion

Back in the days, product reviews were all over the place. Today it is kinda tricky.

If you do it wrong, you can easily be sued by product owners and end up fighting a war you didn’t plan to engage with in the first place.

Therefore it is very important to proceed with caution. However, I’m gonna show you how to write good product reviews that won’t get you in trouble.



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What Are Product Reviews?

Product reviews are articles about a particular product or service.  Before buying something, people usually search for a review of that product to see what pros and cons there are before making that final decision.

Therefore, when someone searches for a product review, it means they are very close to a buying decision.

So if you are the one providing the product review to a highly searched product, you could make a lot of money on that product or on a product you do recommend because you’ll have so many visitors coming on your product review if it’s ranked on 1st page.

More on this later.


Types of Product Reviews

Product reviews can be of two distinguishable types:

  1. Product reviews by customers – These are common on shopping websites like amazon and other e-commerce stores. Customers are given an opportunity to comment and rate the products they’ve purchased.
  2. Product reviews by people like me – These are combinational reviews based on speculation and facts. They target products and services essentially on the rise or those that are yet to be consumed by the customer.

Whether a product review is conducted by customers or online entrepreneurs like me, the goal is to offer a great experience for the final consumer in understanding the product.

A Product review embodies the process of developing good product intuition (sixth sense).

A reviewer is tasked with the responsibility of understanding what kind of features or attributes of a product resonate with people so as to help them satisfy or break a purchase decision.

This involves 2 core tenets:

  • Understanding people’s desires
  • Understanding how people react to things

Remember, the customer is the main focus when it comes to making product reviews.

Thankfully, we are all humans and all of us react to things. So in case you are looking around for a way to start honing your product intuition, start with yourself and how you personally experience anything new.


Laptop on table bright window background


Flow of a Product Review

A product review will have an overall summary of what that product is about in a broad sense and what your readers will find out if they continue to read all the way down.

Then it will flow into the following sections:

  • What the product is about
  • How it works and its features
  • Costs
  • Pros/Cons
  • Whether you recommend product or not
  • Conclusion
  • Rinse and Repeat

With this format, you can use something like that as your template for each product review you do.

Depending on what kind of product it is, you may have even more sections or less and that’s okay as well.  You will have to be the judge of what information you’ll include or exclude in your article.



The Importance of Product Reviews

More important to the consumer – Product reviews are meant to benefit the consumer more than they benefit you. If you don’t have this kind of mindset, you won’t be able to captivate them.

This is because people don’t buy because of how great a particular product is. They buy out of emotion and how they relate to you and your story.

Treat your business kinda like a love story between the sales man and his customers.

Most people who click on a review article are already interested in the product but aren’t entirely convinced about making a purchase.

So it is your goal to help them not just make any decision but the right one.

Unfortunately many people have been lied to and made to purchase obsolete products that do not deliver.

That is why most online searchers have trust issues. In order to make them believe a word you are saying, you have to empathize with them.

Speak their language, relate to them, feel their pain, their struggles.

After all, that is why you started your blog right?



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How I Write My Product Reviews

In this section, I’m going to take you through step by step how I write my product reviews. This is the format I maintain and you can simply rinse and copy this layout.

This is based on products I have reviewed in the “make money online” niche but I hope it applies to any product you want to review.


Research the product you want to review, this is the first step. Research material can be found at sales pages and affiliate networks they belong to.

For example visiting the affiliate page for a product you want to review can provide you with great insight and a starting point for your review.


Know the Product

Having a clear understanding of the product gives you full knowledge of the in’s and out’s and sets a stage for a genuine review that is going to be helpful to the final reader.

Also, check if it has been reviewed before by other bloggers. Research product details on the sales page or video and know everything there is to know as this ensures a quality product review.

You have to be well equipped with information and facts about your target product and not just rely on guess work and impression, or else you’ll only mumble jumble in your reviews!


lady on laptop at coffee shop



Watch the Sales Video Until the End

Notice the title of the sales video. You’ll need it as the headline for your review.

This is because product titles such as these are click baits themselves and you need that kind of situation for your review.

For instance, the video could have a catchy title with bold statements like “secret loophole siphons $4k in your bank account in less than 12 hours”

I bet you’ve seen something like this before.

Also be keen on the success stories and testimonials in the sales video. In my experience, most of these turn out to be fake.

So a little digging into the authenticity of success stories, testimonials and income claims would help your review.



What is the cost of the product? Does it have upsells, downsells?

Is it a $37 product promising to help you make $100k a month? Every little detail is important.



Who is the creator of the product? What is their name? Research them.

In my experience, most of these “make money online” product owners have pen names and use stock photos. I wonder why they want to hide behind a mask.


Buy the Product

This is the best way to carry out a product research that you intend to do a review about.

Remember you’re not just doing this for you but for your customers and by going through great lengths to unravel the truth about a product, you’ll be silently gaining trust from them.

This makes it possible with time, to turn visitors into subscribers and buyers. This is the law of reciprocity.
However if you’re a beginner, I wouldn’t encourage you to buy all the products you wish to review.

This can be because of a low budget problem might be facing or a total lack of experience altogether.

So I’d encourage you to get relevant training on the topic first.

In any case, buying a product which is protected by a money back guarantee is the safest option to take.

That way you can dive into it, do a thorough examination while gathering relevant points. Within a few days, you can be outta there after requesting for your money back of course.

This should do the trick. However, always read the terms and conditions of the given company.


Other points to note:

  • What is your feel and experience with the general outlook of the website / product How was the getting started process like?
  • How was your signup experience?
  • How does the product explain itself in the very first minutes?
  • How easy to use and explore was the product?
  • Did the product deliver on your expectations?
  • How long did you spend using the product?
  • Did you get Help? Support?
  • How long did it take for you to see results?

I don’t know about you but I always form my opinion of a product within the first few minutes.

A quick run through always gives me a sense of whether the product offers value, easy to use or navigate.

It shouldn’t take you a few hours (in case you bought it) to formulate a conclusion especially if it’s a shady product.



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What is the product about?

In this section, you are going to summarize the whole product in 4 simple outlines; the products’ website url, price, owner and state whether you recommend it or not.

This is like a little snapshot of your review and a quick way for someone to see what your review is going to result.


How does product work or perform?

This is where you go into depths to explain how the product works. And most importantly how it helps you make money or do what the product is supposed to do.

Also include the methods used in the training (do they use video or pdf, do they provided webinars, Q&A, support) etc.

This is where having absolute knowledge of the product comes in handy.

If you didn’t do your homework well enough, you’ll simply mumble in this section. Approximately 500-600 words should do the trick here.


Business people


Is the product effective, does it work? Is it fake or a scam or legit?

This is the section that your readers are most interested in. So you should make the attention it gets count!

After your findings on the product, what is your general consensus? Some programs and websites are simply obvious scams.

In your niche, it could be something else people are trying to find out.  So you’ll need to know what your audience will be looking for in that product for your niche.

So in this case, you should write it in black and white. But sometimes, a product has mixed effectiveness.

It might deliver some value but not enough to help someone succeed in a long run.

In this case I usually state the facts and leave the final decision to the readers’ conscience. However, it is important to proceed and recommend a better option.

This must be a product you’ve used before, believe in, trust and have succeeded with.

So this leads us to the final segment…


Recommendation / Final Verdict

Here, you recommend a better product or stick to the one being reviewed if you know it’s good.

As you state your final verdict, speculate how successful the product will be in a year or so from now, how does the product compare to other similar ones?

What do other people think of the product and finally, what do you think of the product?

This gives the reader a sense of judgment and in most cases, they go with your recommendation so make sure its really good.



Strategies for Writing Money Making Product Reviews

What makes a perfect product review? It is one that embodies the following key points:

  • Honesty
  • Fairness
  • Unbiased critique
  • Clean
  • Factual
  • Detailed
  • Straight forward
  • Well summarized
  • To the point

There are many ways to do a product review with millions of topics to select from.

You can do reviews for physical products like gadgets or accessories from platforms like Amazon and other similar mediums.

Reviews for services and digital programs like yoga, weight loss, health fitness, affiliate marketing programs and networks, MLM companies. The list is endless!

But it all depends on your niche. However, in order to be effective in doing product reviews, you have to select a niche you resonate with for specialization and quality purposes.

People tend to write better about things they are passionate about.

So you do not wanna be all over the place reviewing everything you come across.

So below are strategies for writing the perfect product review that will make you money.


Launch Jerking

This is the process of reviewing a product before it officially launches.

An online entrepreneur has the privilege of signing up as an affiliate for these products before they are released to the public.

When a product is set to launch, there are people who specialize in building hype for it.

These are mainly online influencers and marketers with very big email lists.

They send out mails in the most subtle ways to try and get people excited about an upcoming product or service.

I’ve received such mails quite number times. A good example is the funnelxroi product by David Dekel that received huge traction prior to and after its launch.

Another great example is the funnel hacking product by Russell Brunson. It was (is) a high ticket product that generated a lot of hype last year before it launched.

Affiliate commissions for this product were up to $400k per sale.

The people that reviewed these products on their blogs and YouTube channels or whichever medium they used made a lot of money. That is how launch jerking works.

The hype building acts as free marketing on your side.

Curiosity about the product will lead large volumes of traffic to your review when the product launches which generates high revenue for your business.

So you might be wondering where to find and review such products. The best place to laugh jerk products is “JV Notify Pro” – just search it on Google if interested. There, you’ll find many products in many different niches to review.

The most common ones are bizopp products. Signing up is free though they have an upgrade option.

All in all its a great place to find products to review that will make you money.



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Niche Down

Writing good product reviews has a lot to do with narrowing down your niche. Some people have general websites and I respect that.

But as a beginner I’d recommend you deal with specifics. Writing a bunch of unrelated stuff tends to get harder to find traction to your reviews.

When you niche down, it becomes easy to find topics to talk about. It also becomes simple for customers to find your website as it is easy to spot a red jacket among white ones.

This helps in strengthening your brand.


Keep Writing

This is where consistency comes in. When starting out initially, do not think of making money. Just get those reviews out every week.

Following the script and not giving up is highly essential to your online success.

Keep writing even though you’re not seeing any results. Treat your review website like a portfolio or resume that you keep updating from time to time to match with the latest trends.

And by the time you’ve published a good number of posts on your site, it slowly brings out your niche and theme of your site.

Therefore when people visit your website, they are interested in potentially every post.

This will lead to more brand exposure as well as more experience as you try out different products.

With time, you’ll start to find your voice in the market and improvement in your writing skills.


Level Up Your Branding

Depending on what niche you’re in, you wanna build a brand around it.

Work on the general organization of your website. You want something clean and professional looking.

Make categories for your reviews so your readers can find things easily. You can have a category for bad reviews and good reviews.

Use captivating titles for your headlines, relevant pictures, captions, comparison tables, graphs.

Fill out your About page and let people know what your website is all about.

Include a business email to let companies and partners easily connect with you. This is essentially helpful when it comes to monetizing your website.

Extra tip…


Video Reviews

The best place to do video reviews is on YouTube.

I cannot fathom the science behind it but video reviews always work like a charm.

It does not involve writing but with online services such as GoTranscript, you can have your YouTube video transcribed.

This generates a text version that you can simply edit and post on your review website.

Talk of hitting two birds with one stone 🙂




Product reviews certainly drives tons of traffic and you can easily convert your visitors into customers if you have provided your audience with a thorough review.

It’s important to know how to write product reviews for money properly so you can drive the highest ranking and traffic to your site.

If you’re finding it hard to write, not sure about SEO, or know how to use keywords, then it’s highly advisable that you take on some training.

Especially, if you don’t know how to monetize your product reviews.  Writing all those product reviews will be useless if you don’t know how to use affiliate marketing to earn you money.

You’ll need to know how to use the affiliate marketing business model to earn you commissions so you’ll need to learn how to use affiliate programs, how to insert affiliate links into your product reviews, etc.

This is why getting training on how to do this will determine whether you will be successful at writing product reviews for money.

I have used an affiliate marketing training platform when I started this blog and learned all about how to do it properly to receive the best results.

Check out my free guide here to see which training platform it is and know that you’ll have my full support if you join me. 

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For questions, inquires, or related experiences, please leave a comment below. I always answer my readers 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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