3 Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing Anyone Can Make Money In!

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3 Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing Anyone Can Make Money In!Making money in affiliate marketing could be lucrative but you will have to choose your niche wisely.

It is possible for people today to start up a blog covering a wide range of topics. However, if the person is planning on monetizing the pages, there are some things that he or she should consider before starting to write up a storm.

When the individual neglects certain things or avoids them, it is hard for their posts to reach the appropriate audience, and they might find it hard to sell products as an affiliate.

One vital part of the organizing phase is that of choosing a niche and I have the 3 best niches for you to use in affiliate marketing which will bring in the money if you do it right!

Let’s get right into it.


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Picking a topic to cover is easier said than done sometimes because you can really go into so many directions but you want to narrow it down to something that is specific for your blog.

It’s harder to rank if you just go in all directions as the search engines are learning your site and what it’s all about.

So if you’re more specific about your niche, then you’ll be able to build a more authoritative site which makes you seen as an expert in that field which is important in affiliate marketing since you need to create trust between you and your reader.


3 Best Niches For Affiliate Marketing


3 Main Niches That Can Give You Multiple Sub Niches

The three main niches that I’ll be going over are just big areas to focus on because you’ll always be able to make money in these niches.

It’s really a matter of how well you can find sub niches within these big ones to make it so that it’s not too competitive for yourself to get good rankings on search engines.

A sub niche will be slightly or a lot easier to rank for depending on what golden egg you find, but there are always pockets of sub niches within these three big niches that you can make money in.


1. Money And How To Make It Online

There are a couple of things that most people have in common. Folks believe they work too hard and don’t think they make enough money for their troubles.

Hence, if you blogged about how to make money online, have info about scam-free ways to earn money from home or understand what gives entrepreneurs an edge, visitors will come to your site in droves.

Where you can learn about online money making opportunities is on affiliate networks like Clickbank under the category Internet Marketing or E-Marketing.

There are plenty of ways to make money online you can find like paid surveys and doing online tasks.

You could basically review those money making products or other platforms like the surveys or get-paid-to sites you find and write about them to tell people if they are good or not.

You could use affiliate marketing itself as your niche and teach others on how to use it to make money on their blogs just like this one you’re on, Work Anywhere Now.

You could also use these other sub niches as your way to build your website on:

  • Earning Funds Through Blogging – offering tips on blogging and how referring people to a training platform so they can learn how to use blogs properly to make money
  • Get Paid With Legit Work From Home Opportunities – you could offer tips on business opportunities that people could do from home or online jobs from legit companies.
  • Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – you can teach people about affiliate marketing and how to use them to make money.
  • Product Reviews of Make Money Opportunities – this is the kind of site I was doing here on Work Anywhere Now for awhile which led me to become a Super Affiliate status on the training platform I use because I was doing it so well.  This type of site will work and make you money because you’re talking to people who are in their buying stage and if you can provide good, valuable information on why certain products are better than others, they will be able to convert your readers into customers.


2. Health And Well-Being

Today, it seems as if everybody is on a health kick so this is one of the best niches of affiliate marketing as folks want to lose weight, get into shape, and live happy, wholesome lives.

If you can answer readers questions and assist them in accomplishing their goals, this may be the perfect topic for you.

Health and well-being is a very broad niche so breaking it down to a specific sub niche within the health industry will be very lucrative as well.

Health industry is always very competitive so narrowing it down to a sub or even a sub-sub niche may be even better for you to get rankings easier.

Some ideas for sub-sub niches in the Health industry are as follows:

  • Exercise & Body focused:
    1. One specific area of the body – get to get a flat belly or shoulder & neck pains to solve.
    2. One specific type of exercise – running & treadmills or specific exercise equipment like “for the home”.
    3. One specific type of training – training for the marathon, training for a mud run or obstacle course.
  • Food focused:
    1. One specific way to make food – barbecue, baking, slow-cooking, or steaming.
    2. One specific type of food – smoothies, curries, noodle soups, wings, or pizza.
    3. One specific type of kitchen gadget – coffee makers, blenders, rice cookers, slow-cookers, pressure cookers, or even air fryers.
  • Dieting focused:
    1. Changing the way you eat – being vegan, being vegetarian, or educating on different types of diets like keto or paleo diets.
    2. Meal planning for work and school – so many busy parents out there, this will save people time and money.
    3. How to use specific oils – you can advise on the different types of oils like coconut oils, olive oils, almond oils, etc.
  • Well Being focused:
    1. How to reduce stress and anxiety – this could be even more sub niches within here as well depending how the stress is created, like at work, relationships, financial hardships, etc.
    2. Self development – you can advise on how to be successful or improve one self to be more confident.
    3. Spirituality – mental health, meditation, visualization, etc.

3. Dating & Relationships

Sometimes, it is difficult for people to find love. It has been in the past, and it is still an issue today.

Plus, now, there are dating websites that often complicate the process even more. If you know how to create an exceptional dating profile or believe you can take someone’s dating game to the next level, this may be one of the best niches of affiliate marketing for you.

Here are some sub niche ideas for you:

  • Age Group Focused:
    1. Young Professionals who don’t have time to look for love.
    2. People who are starting over after a marriage so people in their 30s – 40s.
    3. Seniors who are widowers and want to find company for their remaining years.
  • Dating Platform Focused:
    1. Tinder/eHarmony/etc – how to navigate and get the best matches for you.
    2. Specific ethnicity or sexual preference focused platforms to meet people specific types of people at.
    3. Specific religion focused platforms so others could meet others with the same believes.
  • Romance Focused:
    1. How to keep long relationships alive and fun
    2. How to keep long distance relations
    3. How to spice up marriages

With these three big money making niches, you can see how you can easily narrow them down into tons of different niches.

What’s important is that you narrow it down to a manageable specific topic that you can really dive into deep and one that you’ll want to work on for a long time as building this business is not a quick thing.

I will go into next how to succeed in any niche you pick.




A very important concept in affiliate marketing is that you are there to help people.

No matter what niche you pick, the end goal is to always help people in your niche, whether it be helping them solve some problem or get something done.

If you’re able to provide this value to your audience, then you will create trust.

This is the first step to succeed in affiliate marketing.

The second step is to get educated about how to build your blog website, and it may seem easy to just create a blog, which it is nowadays with all these site builders that just one click install and you’re done.

However, that’s just the beginning.  The way you will make your blog a success is by knowing how to write, how to use keywords, how to research keywords, how to SEO your blog posts, how to use affiliate links properly and everything else.

I didn’t know much when I first stated and that is why I searched out a training platform that helped me build my blog website here to a 4 digit online income.

Knowing how to build this affiliate marketing business properly is crucial to your success because without it, you may not get far.

I know this because I tried blogging without any training or education before and I failed miserably.

It was not until I found this training platform here that I finally started succeeding in affiliate marketing!

Their memberships are packed with features as seen here, and there’s really nothing more out there that even come close to the community they have inside where you can get help 24 hours a day.

Finding support and help is definitely another aspect that was a crucial factor in my journey and there’s no way I could have done it without their community.

You really have experts at your fingertips you can depend on.




Picking a niche is just one aspect of you becoming a successful affiliate marketer and if you stick within one of the big threes, then you can have a pretty good start in this industry.

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If you want to own your very own money making asset, then start building your future today!



If you have any questions or thoughts regarding the 3 best niches for affiliate marketing that anyone can make money in or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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