$2,740 Per Day System Or Is Secret Millionaires A Scam?

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is Secret Millionaires a scamYou want to be a millionaire and think Secret Millionaires can help you do that or is Secret Millionaires a scam really?

I’m glad you’re wondering and that your curiosity has brought you onto my Secret Millionaires review because there are many sites like this and they all do the same thing: mislead you.

They make it sound like a super easy system to use since everything is done for you and all you have to do is send some people to your “millionaire website”.

I know it all sounds very tempting but my review of Secret Millionaires below will show you a much different picture.

I will take you through the following:



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Product Name: Secret Millionaires

Website: secretmillionaires.net

Price: $37/month + $1000’s of upsells

Recommended?  No.

The sales video on Secret Millionaires is telling you everything you want to hear: from not needing to do much work, to everything being automated for you, to making thousands of dollars very quickly.

They make you really want that kind of lifestyle too by showing you fancy cars, fancy houses, dream vacations and those testimonies, almost laughable because they claim they can earn thousands within their first week or month.


Secret Millionaires home page sales video


I hate to break it to you but there is no fast cash on the internet and there is way more to it in this system than they are telling you.

You are being misled to a very risky and expensive program you would otherwise would not join if you knew the whole truth about the hidden program.

That’s right, there is no “Secret Millionaires” system, this is just a website that feeds you lots of lies and BS so you can fork over your $37.

Once you do pay them $37, you’re going to be in for a ride and not a good one.

This is why I want to write this review so that people like you don’t get tricked and at least have all the details before making your decision.

Sites like Secret Millionaires are a dime a dozen and there are tons of them out there, here are just a few I’ve reviewed before:

In the next section, I will tell you what this hidden program is and how it really works.




So how this works is the Secret Millionaires site is just a sales funnel and not a system in itself, when you checkout, you will see that it leads you to a program called Aspire by Digital Altitude.


The Freedom Secret is a funnel to Aspire


What they don’t show you in the sales video is what’s all involved with this Aspire program which has a lot more cost to it than the $37 they tempt you with.

The only way to make those high commissions is to sell their high ticket packages but they have a licensing deal attached to them.  You must buy them first before you can promote them.

Here are some of their products that you will be spending on:

Aspire membership levels:

  1. Walker – $37/month
  2. Hiker – $67/month
  3. Climber – $127/month


The high end packages are one-time payment:

  1. Base – $595
  2. Rise – $1,997
  3. Ascend – $9,997
  4. Peak – $16,997
  5. Apex – $27,997

You see, you must buy into these before you’re allowed to promote them so it’s like a pay to play type deal.

You also can’t make any money on the levels you don’t buy into so you’re going to spend $127/month plus pay over $57K if you don’t want to miss any commissions that could be yours if you bring in someone who upgrades above you.


Secret Millionaires Gives You Free Mentor


Remember that “millionaire mentor” they will so freely give you?  Well, that’s because the job of that person is to get you to upgrade, upgrade and spend all your life savings away.

That mentor you get is the “sales team” for your sponsor that will close sales for him and if you bring in referrals, their mentor is your sales team, see how all this works?

But before you get any sales team, you have to bring in people which they made that sound pretty darn easy in the sales video.

However, the truth is, that is the hardest part of the whole process!

They will give you a one-page $20 website like this Secret Millionaires and you’re supposed to promote that one page site.


Secret Millionaires Hardest Part Of The System Leads


This part will NOT be automated and you’ll have to work at getting leads to this landing page.  Why is this so hard?  Because you’ll need to know how to use paid traffic and know how to have high converting campaigns so that you don’t also lose more money using paid traffic.

Unless you’re an internet guru who’s been in the business for a long time with a huge following, you’ll be finding this part the worse.

And who’s going to help you?  No one, because once they have your money, they will move to other people to close sales on, they have no more incentives to help you if you’ve already given them thousands of dollars.

You will need thousands and thousands of leads to generate any type of income that will recover your investment.

This is a highly risky business for any beginner starting to try to make money online.


Let’s look at some red flags:

#1 – Limited Availability

Yeah, I don’t think this is real at all, I can go on this site multiple times and the available spots left is always the same few.

Secret Millionaires Fake Limited Space Availability

This is very typical of them to use the scarcity tactic to make you think you will lose out but really, they will take as many $37 as they can so they can start spamming them with sales calls.


#2 – Disclaimer Tells You Will Fail

Secret Millionaires Disclaimer

On the bottom of the sales video, there is a Disclaimer that reads:

The average person who follows any “how to” information gets little to no results.

Then what’s up with all the thousands of dollars that everyone is making in the sales video?  Are these all lies?

Are you willing to risk your life savings to find out?  I wouldn’t.


#3 – Hyped Up Income Claims In A Very Short Time With Little To No work

This is one of the biggest red flags of all.  They tell you you can make so much money in your first week or even the first month but that is not possible as there is so much learning when you go into any kind of new program.

Do You Want To Get Paid $2,740 Per Day After Watching This Short Video?

There’s really no such thing as a magic system that will spit out that kind of money without doing any work.

Making money online is very real but you have to work hard at it and it takes time to build, you can’t just push or click a few buttons and sit back to collect thousands of dollars.

These types of sales video always tell you these kinds of lies to tempt you to get in the door so they can upsell you like crazy.




I’m going to have to say Secret Millionaires is a scam because it doesn’t reveal all the details of the hidden system before you buy into it.

You are not given a fair chance to evaluate your purchase or find out all the real costs involved.

This is on purpose of course and why the initial payment is not that high just so you will think it’s not that expensive to go and be a millionaire.

Don’t fall for these lies because this system is really set up for you to fail and it’s evident by all the horror stories I hear about people racking up thousands in debt from programs like this.

If their system is so great, why don’t they just tell the truth from the get-go?

I do NOT recommend Secret Millionaires or the Aspire program because they are misleading people big time.




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding whether Secret Millionaires is a scam or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now



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