3 Effective Ways to Explain SEO To Your Client

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3 Effective Ways to Explain SEO To Your ClientYour company offers web design, web development and SEO services, and you have just gotten a client who is interested in buying your web design services.

Unfortunately, the client doesn’t know anything about search engine optimization, and fortunately, there are several ways you can easily explain search engine optimization to your client who doesn’t know anything about it, and this short article will educate you how you can do that.


1) Getting Down to The Brass Tacks   

Know the Client’s Expertise

Before you start talking about search engine optimization with your client, try to figure out how much your client knows about the online world.

This can help you know what strategy you should use while explaining SEO. One thing that you must avoid is to confuse the client by using difficult terms or insult him by giving too simple answers.

Paul Henderson, a Managing Director of summondigital.com, recommends that client dealing is very sensitive than various other operations of the business. So, handling them with a positive tone of voice, listening to his concerns carefully and getting a chance of explaining to him the solution are important keys to retain him for a long time.


2) Breaking SEO Into A Couple of Parts

Explaining to Your Client What “Optimization” is

The client must understand that optimization makes it possible for search engines to read his/her site, and then review it. You can say something like this:

“Optimization makes it possible for any search engine to read the content material of your site. The major search engines will then show your website in the results if someone searches for the particular keywords that appear on your website.”

Explaining “Authority”,

The client should also understand that authority shows the search engine that his/her site is the best source of information. For instance, you can say:

“The more authority your site has, the higher up on the search engine results it’ll be. Having your site appear on results may persuade the major search engines that your website is better than others for the same information.”

Try to Put Two Parts Together

Once you’ve broken down search engine optimisation into “Authority” and “Optimisation,” you may need to repeat all that you have explained in a concise form:

“SEO contains a couple of things: making it possible for search engines like google to present your site while people search for it and while typing in the targeted keywords, and persuading search engines to show it before various other websites in the search results.”


3) Explain It with A Fishing Metaphor

Fishing Metaphor

Not everyone has gone angling before, but the majority of people know the way angling works, which can certainly make this particular metaphor helpful. Compare various parts of search engine optimisation to different elements of fishing.

Imagine Content as Bait and People as Fish

If the client wants to entice many people to his/her site, he/she will need lots of content material.

In the same manner, if a fisher wants to catch a lot of fish, he’ll need a lot of fish bait. If he doesn’t have a lot of bait, he’ll not catch a lot of species of fish.

In the same way, content includes things like:

  • Pictures, videos, images, and various other media content
  • Titles, grammatical construction, summaries and product descriptions
  • Multiple pages and links   

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