Can You Really Make Money With BuilderAll?

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Can You Really Make Money With BuilderAll?You’re probably on this page right now because you’ve seen many posts about people claiming to make money from BuilderAll and how amazing of a platform it is.

Can you really make money with BuilderAll though? I can’t speak for everyone but based on my experience, I can confidently say, “Definitely!”

Of course, I don’t expect you to believe me right away, so allow me to share with you in this post what BuilderAll is all about and how you can make money from it.



About BuilderAll

Basically, it’s an all-in-one digital marketing platform founded in 2011. However, it was only launched in the US market sometime in 2017.

They primarily offer web hosting and various marketing tools to help online businesses develop.

The platform was built with the idea of getting leads to various web pages you’ve created for a specific product and use that to transform those leads into buyers.

Therefore, the tools they offer are used mainly to drive more traffic so you can build a customer list, get more sales, or bring in more members.


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The People Who Benefit From It

  • Small business owners who want to build a strong online presence and attract more people to check out their physical stores.
  • Manufacturers of both physical and digital products who also sell them through their website and social media channels.
  • Online Marketers who belong in the “How to Make Money Online” niche
  • Affiliate Marketers who aim to promote marketing tools and software for various consumers and online businesses
  • Web Developers who make money from creating and designing websites for their clients



About BuilderAll Business

Every type of business will have to use digital marketing to expand and develop. To achieve this, they need to have the right tools and resources.

BuilderAll offers various tools and services so you can start promoting and marketing your business in no time, just take a look at the features you get inside:

  • Website Builders
  • Sales Funnel Builders
  • MailingBoss: Unlimited Email Marketing
  • App Creator
  • Webinar streaming and Webinar Sales Funnels
  • Create your own course or membership site
  • Design Studio
  • Facebook Chatbot
  • Marketplace: Build Your Own Affiliate Program
  • and much more see here for full review…

Aside from the features I mentioned above, you can also become an affiliate for BuilderAll. You’ll earn attractive commissions and get special incentives. That is if you work hard for it.


The Benefits of Becoming a BuilderAll Affiliate

Once you become a BuilderAll affiliate (by purchasing the BuilderAll Business plan), you get to enjoy their 2-tier affiliate program wherein you get 100% commission on your first sale and 30% recurring if your referrals stay being members of the platform.

Moreso, when your associates make sales by convincing other people to signup the platform, you also get another 30% commission.

It doesn’t stop there.

If you reach 100 active leads, you’ll receive a car incentive of $500 each month to go towards a new car for you!

However, you need to maintain that number. This is the reason why you should always offer to help them or keep updating them so your referrals stay as members.

If you reach 200 active leads, you will receive $1,000 car allowance each month! That’s a really cool way of earning extra!

Builderall 2 tier affiliate program is amazing


Want To Test Out Builderall?
Only Here Can You Get A 7 Day FREE Trial:

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How to Promote BuilderAll

We all have our unique ways when promoting products. But, the two primary ways of marketing BuilderAll is by showing people what an awesome digital product it is and by sharing with them that it’s a great business opportunity that has a lot to offer.

1) As a digital product, BuilderAll offers all the tools one would need when building a website and using it to promote their business and products.

An effective website needs to have great features and you’re going to need many tools for that.

Instead of buying them separately, which will cost a lot, you can get all of them from this platform at a very affordable price!

2) As a business opportunity, you can promote it by showing and explaining to them the commissions they will enjoy once they promote and market BuilderAll.

I mean, this is a very unique affiliate program that offers incredible incentives like the car allowance and the second tier earnings which will make income jump without doing extra work.

The digital marketing platform is already an incredible sell by itself to have so many tools under one place for only $49.90/month (highest plan) is a steal in this industry.

Then, you also have the benefit of earning 2nd tier commissions is just cherry on top!



Make Some Money With Your Funnels

Another way you can make money with BuilderAll is through your custom-made funnels.

BuilderAll has a variety of sales funnels, but you can make your own and earn money from it. To make this happen your funnel must first be included in the Open Category.  You can find this in the Money Making Funnels on the BuilderAll platform.

But, before you can do that, you need to meet a certain requirement and request it to be included in that category.

What you need to do first is to promote BuilderAll through your funnel. You must make about ten to twenty sales before proceeding the next step.

Once you do, you’ll contact BuilderAll’s support and request for your funnel to be included in the Open Category.

When they see that your funnel is useful and getting sales and members, it will be added there.

The next thing you’re going to do is to convince affiliates to use your funnel and promote it. E

ach time an affiliate gets a sale through your funnel, you’re going to earn $1 each month for that. This is another great way to earn passive income!

So, to answer again the question, “Can you really make money with BuilderAll?” Yes, you can.

But, it will still depend on how hard you work for it and what methods you use to achieve it.


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Offer Your Services Through BuilderAll

Offering your services through BuilderAll is another strategy for people to make money with it, especially those who have the skills, talent, and experience in building and designing websites and sales funnels.

You can ask your client to pay you a one-time fee when you’re building and designing their website. It really depends on your agreement.

You can ask for a 30% or 50% downpayment then the rest will be paid once the website is done.

You can also be paid monthly after that if you and your client agree that you’ll maintain and update the website.

For sales funnels, you can ask your client to signup at BuilderAll (you’re also doing affiliate marketing here).

They can signup for the 7-day free trial or if they want to check out themselves what BuilderAll has to offer them, they can sign up for the $29.90 package.

After signing up, you can simply send them the layout or if you’re sending to different people, you can just provide them the link. It all depends on you how much you’re going to charge them for it.




These are the ways you can make money with BuilderAll. Can you really make money with BuilderAll? You definitely can.

Well, you know now that the platform truly has potential. You just need to learn how to use the tools in Builderall so you can either do it for others or show others how to use it so they can sign up as well.

Working hard at this business can really build you a full time income if you’re dedicated to it.

The biggest earning potential is being an affiliate for BuilderAll so you can earn those 2nd tier commissions, I mean, just look at their calculator here:


Builderall Earnings Calculator


In one year, if you only get 1 sale a week which is 52 paying members into BuilderAll, and if only 30 of those became affiliates (there would be more if you’re targeting affiliates in your promotions) but they only brought in just 3 paying members in the whole year, you are already at $2K/month in recurring commissions according to their calculator above.

That’s how quickly a 2 tier leveraged affiliate system can raise your recurring income!

If this is not an eye opener, I’m not sure what is because this 2nd tier is what is going to make your income jump without doing extra work!

This is how you can really make a full time income with this kind of affiliate program fairly quickly when you can build up a team of affiliates under you.

Start with your free trial now and start earning:

Want To Test Out Builderall?
Get Your A 7 Day FREE Trial Here:

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If you become an affiliate with the BuilderAll Business plan, you will also get the Top Affiliate Training bonus so you can promote this quickly once you get inside!

I also have a closed Facebook group for you to have me answer all your questions when you join, you will not be alone in our journey.


If you have any questions or comments regarding whether you can make money with Builderall, please do not hesitate to drop me a comment below! I always reply to my readers! 🙂


I hope to help you in your online journey!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now


6 thoughts on “Can You Really Make Money With BuilderAll?”

    • Hi Sheila, thanks for checking out this article. You will need to build an online presence and the best place to start learning how to promote affiliate programs is being trained at the platform I’ve been using since 2016, you can see here. Once you have an online presence, you will start attracting the right visitors and you’ll make money through affiliate programs like Builderall’s.

      The other way to build an online presence is doing social media, you don’t have to do them all, but just pick one or two platforms which I would recommend either Facebook Groups and/or YouTube. Those are big drivers for traffic as well.

      Any online presence you’re trying to build takes time and consistent work, so don’t just try for a month or two and quit. It just doesn’t work that way.

      You’ll be building an online presence over time and once you build that momentum, you can really start to earn.

      Best of luck to you!

  1. This is a great article on Builderall money making funnel system. I am also making a handsome amount of money nearly $100/day with their affiliate program, it’s a great program to join.

    I’m working towards 100 active leads so I can earn my new car!


    • Hi Roland, that’s so awesome to hear! I’m so happy for you that you’ve been able to generate so much money from their affiliate program. I also really like the way they have an abundance of training to use as well so you won’t be lost to get started.

      I hope you will get your car soon!


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