5 Apps That Pay You PayPal Money To Watch Videos 2020

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5 Apps That Pay You PayPal Money To Watch Videos 2020Do you want to earn money by practically doing nothing? 

I will show you 5 apps that pay you PayPal money to watch videos in 2020.

This is an online method to earn money as you will be watching videos and you can do this at home or anywhere.

This is also a very quick way to start earning money online.

But keep in mind that these are some fun ways and you are not going to get rich by doing this. 

If you want to learn how to make a full-time online income, keep reading.

So let’s look at the list of apps that will help you make money online by watching videos:





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Cash Pirate

You can find the Cash Pirate website at cashpirate.mobi, this app will make you easy PayPal money.

All you have to do is install the app which is available in both IOS and Android and complete simple tasks online to earn money. Just download and register to make your profile.

Once you earn enough Pirate Cash, you can start swapping them for rewards. Rewards such as gift cards from Amazon, iTunes, Steam, or PayPal cash.

How does it work?

  • Collect Coins: You will be able to collect coins for each completed task, it could be installing free apps, watching videos, paid survey, etc.
  • Get rewarded: Redeem gift cards and cash by swapping your coins.
  • Refer Friends: They have a great referral program, you can send invite codes to your friends and they will get 500 bonus coins. And if they use your code to register, you get 10% of their earnings and 5% of the earnings of all the friends, your friend referred, so you both profit.




Rewardable can be found at rewardable.com, this app is very interesting and available in both IOS and Android. 

There are a lot of testimonials and reviews on this app which means a lot of people are using it and are satisfied with it. They have paid out over $5 million dollars already and you can do this on your phone at home or on the go.

There is also a variety of tasks that you can do on this app to earn money alongside watching videos. I will list you all the options right now: 

  • Watch Videos: This is the main and the easiest thing you can do on this app.
  • Complete Surveys: You can complete various surveys that are similar to your demographic.
  • Enter In Daily Sweepstakes: You can enter in daily giveaways on this app.
  • Give Product Feedbacks: You can shop on this site and give product feedback.
  • Visit Retail Stores: You can decide to visit stores and give reviews if some products are being properly stocked on stores.
  • Answer Trivia: You can also answer trivia questions to earn points.



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On this app, all you have to do is complete simple online tasks, earn rewards and you can earn bigger rewards and bonuses as your profile grows. 

Also, you are going to get paid in cash through PayPal.



Grab Points

Grab Points is another website with which you can earn a little cash on the side and the website actually lists four ways that you can earn which includes watching videos, answering surveys, completing offers, and downloading apps.

The website which is found at grabpoints.com actually gives you a detailed description of their webpage on how this website works.

It says that advertisers pay their websites to promote their products or services so they can get a better view and gain more knowledge about their targeted consumers. 

They pay Grab Points for social engagements and they recruit members like you and give rewards to do easy tasks online that you normally do anyways such as downloading apps and watching videos.

As soon as you sign up there are some tasks that you can do to earn some points right away, this includes:

  • Verifying Your Email
  • Completing Your Profile
  • Reading Their Guidelines
  • Daily Survey Point

There are also some trial offers that Grab Points offer and these are simply some online tasks that are extra and a bit different than their regular tasks but you can earn more rewards in this way. They actually have the best rewards.

You can see other leader’s incomes on the site so you know how much you can potentially earn.

You can earn through free gift cards or PayPal cash. 

Also, this is a highly rated website, very active, and happening. Also, they have thousands of testimonials listed on their webpage. 



Inbox Dollars

The next site you can earn from is Inbox Dollars and can be found at inboxdollars.com. Brands pay Inbox Dollars for consumer input and they recruit members like you to do online activities.

Online activities such as: 

  • Paid Survey: There are surveys listed on the website and if you complete them, they will pay you for your opinion. Surveys may range from $0.50 to $5 for 3-25 minutes each, which is more in the high paying window.
  • Paid Videos And TV: They will pay you to watch movie trailers, product features, etc. Big brands want you to watch some of their videos and they pay Inbox Dollars and Inbox Dollars share some portion of those earnings with you. 
  • Paid Shopping And Coupons: By shopping through their app, you can redeem free food, grocery, and coupons.
  • Play Video Games: They will even pay you to play video games, this will make it fun for you to use this site.



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You are always going to earn real cash, there is no point system. 

There are also ways to get cash for easy tasks such as reading emails and even get coupon cash rewards sometimes.

They have paid over $59 million already. 



Money App

The money app’s website is found at moneyapp.org. If you download their app, you will be able to see that they actually have exceptional ratings both in IOS and Android.

More than 200,000 people have rated it 4.9/5. Do you know what that means?

If that many people have actually taken the time to rate the app, at least double the people are actually using the app.

On the app, you will be able to see that there is a ‘Hot Offers’ tab and if you click on it, you will discover all the things that you can do to earn money from this app, which include: 

  • Watching Videos: You can literally earn by just playing something on your phone. If you ask me that is one of the easiest ways to actually earn some extra cash. If you do not want to you do not even have to watch it, you can just keep on playing on the background while you are doing other work.
  • Sharing Surveys: You will be able to do paid surveys, where you have to share your honest opinions about certain products and services. 

Your balance will be displayed on the top right corner of the app and you will be able to get paid through PayPal. Once you request the money you will be able to receive it within 48 hours.

This app is so highly rated, I definitely recommend you try it out it will be a good one if you want to make money on your phone.



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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding 5 apps that pay you PayPal money to watch videos in 2020 or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

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