5 High Paying Work From Home Jobs For Stay At Home Moms

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5 High Paying Work From Home Jobs For Stay At Home MomsAre you a stay at home mom? 

Do you want to learn about a few ways you can earn cash online?

I am going to talk about 5 high paying work from home jobs for stay at home moms and you can get started today if you want to.

I am actually a stay at home mom myself and I work from home doing 2 of these methods out of the 5 mentioned below, this helps you make some extra money for my family and it really helps out.

If I can do it, you can do it too!

So without further ado let’s list the 5 ways that can help you work online:





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Being A Virtual Assistant

Virtual Assistant (VA) is actually a very broad name. If you want to start being a VA there are actually a myriad of things that you can end up doing as your task.

Some VA tasks can be really simple like approving people for a Facebook group. 

On the other hand, some VA tasks could be managing emails like going through your employer’s emails and answering questions for him or her. 

You can be given a lot of little tasks online that might include scheduling and answering calls.

All of these things will depend on who is hiring you and what kind of work your employer does. 

Scheduling and flexibility will also depend on the person who is hiring you, even though you are working from home, you might have to work according to their schedules.



Survey Type Checklist



And it is needless to say, that you will have deadlines and responsibilities. 

There are some websites where you can apply to be a VA online. I will list you the three best ones and describe them a little bit for your benefit: 

  1. Flexjobs: Found at flexjobs.com, this is a highly recommended website where you can find VA jobs.
  2. Upwork: Found at upwork.com. On this website. you can make a detailed profile and even set your own prices and skills. They can pay you through PayPal.
  3. Indeed: Found at indeed.com. Here you can upload your own resume and let clients find you or even look through the various jobs that they already have listed on the website. 

You can even find VA listings on craigslist at craigslist.com. However, I do not recommend it as it is really hard to verify anything on craigslist. 



Social Media Manager

Social media management is something that is really in demand right now as it a huge online draw for traffic, for visitors for companies and brands.

Companies and brands nowadays need to have an online presence on all social media platforms in order to create a loyal customer base. 

But they are too busy to post daily or frequently on their accounts and that is where you come in!

They mostly need someone to curate their content for them and to post consistently on their behalf. 

The job might also include tasks such as creating images and promoting the brand on platforms such as Instagram and building followers for them.

You also respond to comments, create campaigns, and are responsible for their presence on social media. 

You are actually required to have a creative mindset and communication skills along with skills of strategic planning in order to do this job as social media is all about engagement. 

There are a few websites where you can actually apply to be a social media manager and I will list a few important ones for you: 

  • ModSquad: This website found at modsquad.com is all about giving digital engagement services and you can apply to be a mod and get a job as a social media manager here.
  • Facebook: There are groups on Facebook where you can apply to be a social media manager and look at job listings.
  • Guru: Found at guru.com. This is a freelancing market place where you can either upload your resume or look through already posted job listings. It is a site that allows posting jobs for free so there is actually a high number of job listings.



Be A Freelancer

This is actually an easy one as you can offer any skill that you possess and you are good at it.

This skill could range from writing and different forms of writing such as blog posts, articles, etc.

Also, skills such as logo making, photoshop, data entry, transcribing are skills that are valued.

So what you can do is if you have skills to offer you can go to platforms such as Fiverr, this website is found at fiverr.com.

On this site, you can see that there are different categories of skills that are listed all over and get some ideas from that.

You will have to create a gig which is kind of like an advertisement or resume for yourself which will list the services that you have to offer.

And through the gigs, the clients who are looking for your services can find you. 



lady on laptop at coffee shop



Some people create multiple gigs for the same services so your chances of getting clients will increase.

If you have different skills to offer, you can also create different gigs in order to find clients for both of your services. 

So go to Fiverr and check out the categories and also the subcategories as there may be something that you can offer in your gig and it will give you ideas. 

There are also gigs where people are hiring and you can look at those and see if you can be a freelancer on a per-job basis.



You Can Be A YouTuber

Yes, you can earn actual money on YouTube, it is a real thing. 

And not only that, there are actually multiple ways that you can earn through YouTube. 

You basically only need a phone with a working camera, and all you have to do is create a channel regarding something that you are good at, something that you actually like and talk about. 

Everyone has something that they can offer, something that someone else cannot do and all you need to do is show how to do it on your YouTube channel. 

As long as your content offers some value to a targeted audience, it really could be something that you do regularly such as cooking.

If you are good at cooking you can show recipes, tricks that you use on your own kitchen which makes your cooking experience easier and show your audience how to cook.

If you constantly post every day or at least every week and once you get a certain amount of subscribers and a bigger following, you can actually start monetizing from your channel. 

There are 3 ways mainly that you can monetize from your YouTube channel:

  1. Own Product: For example, if you are doing a cooking channel and it grows big enough you can make a recipe book that will be your own product and promote that on your channel.
  2. Promote Other People’s Product: If your YouTube channel has enough subscribers, they can pay you on your to promote their products or services on your channel.
  3. Google Ads: This is another way to make money, Google will pay you to play their ads on your videos. 

I am also currently using this method to earn some extra money from home, you can learn more about what I do by subscribing to my YouTube channel. 

If you’re interested, here’s a YouTube course called Tube Marketing 101 that I had taken that helped me grow my channel and this course is a definite must-have if you are serious about building your own YouTube channel.



Start A Blog

This is the second one from all of the methods mentioned above that I also use to make money online. 

I talk about making money online, about affiliate marketing, and teach people how to start an online business on my blog

What I learned is if you blog a certain way, you can have your website attract visitors all by itself. It takes a little while, to build the content and once it does, it starts generating visitors by itself.  

On this method and on the YouTube method, you work on your own schedule and you earn money any time. 

In my opinion, this is the best way to make money online. 


Social Media




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If you have any questions or thoughts regarding 5 high paying work from home jobs for stay at home moms or anything else, please do not hesitate to leave me a comment below. I always reply to my readers! 🙂


Let’s make money online!

Grace @ Work Anywhere Now




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