5 Ways To Get Paid To EAT! Yum! Make Money Eating And Get Free Food!

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5 Ways To Get Paid To EATAre you a foodie and love trying out new food? 

Did you know that you can actually earn some cash by using your tastebuds and sharing opinions on food?

I will show you 5 websites that will actually pay you to eat yummy food!

All you have to do is become a mystery shopper, there are companies that will pay you to go eat in certain shops and restaurants to see if everything is going according to plan.

I am going to show you 5 different mystery shopping places that will pay you to eat.

You do have to be at least 18 or older to register on all of these websites.

I suggest you register for all 5, so it will give you better chances to eat food for free. 

So let’s look at the list of websites that will pay you to eat:





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Secret Shopper

Secret Shopper is a premier mystery shopping company. 

If any company, businesses or brands want to hire a mystery shopper to see if their business is running in the way it should, they come to this site.

You can find this website at secretshopper.com and all you have to do is go shopping or eat in restaurants.

When you go to their webpage, click on ‘Shopper’ and sign up. 

Their site is actually available worldwide so they have restaurants and shops registered with them from all over the world. It is available in countries such as the US, North & South America, Africa, Middle East, Europe, Oceania, and Asia. 

There are more than 1 million shoppers who are already registered on their site and are trained by them and you do not even need any experience to join them.

They do have some conditions that you have to meet in order to start working for them, you have to be a reliable, articulate, and observant person. Being detailed oriented is also a plus.

You will also be needing computer access because you have to submit all shop reports online. 

You have to touch, smell, or consume different types of products and different types of food and give your honest opinion about them.

The sessions will last about an hour each and you get paid around $20-$25 for each session but can vary on the gigs as every gig will be different.

If you are in the US, they will pay you on the 20th of every month through check and if you are outside of the US, they will pay every two weeks through PayPal. 



Market Force

Market Force is a market research company and one of the things that you can do on this site is to register for becoming a mystery shopper.

All you have to do is go to their webpage which can be found at marketforce.com, go to the bottom of their webpage and click on ‘Mystery Shopper’ and sign up.

By signing up, you can eat and shop for free.

They help local communities to become better places for consumers and they are always looking for ways to improve so you will be helping various businesses to learn more about their products to make it better for consumers.

They also have an extremely good rating which means that people have used it and liked being a mystery shopper for them.



homemade baby food




Bestmark is actually one of the oldest sites that has a lot of mystery shopping engagements. 

You go to the webpage, which can be found at bestmark.com, go to the top-right corner and click on ‘Become A Mystery Shopper’.

By registering you will be able to become a field representative for their site, as a field representative you will have tasks such as:

  • Mystery Shopping: Pose as customers to evaluate the customer service quality that you will receive in a particular shop or restaurant.
  • Intercept Interviews: These people just gather information when customers are about to leave the store, to collect data on how to better their experience.
  • Auditors: You can become an auditor for their site, all you have to do is review companies on their pricing policies and employment procedures.
  • Panelists: You can do panels and join focus groups to sample different products.

They are looking for people who are detail orientated, able to follow proper instructions, honor commitments, meet deadlines, and submit reports completely fact-based. 

You can earn as much as $17-$20 per hour but it may vary depending on gigs.

You will be paid twice a month through Paypal, direct deposits, or gift cards. 



Discuss Research

Discuss Research is another website found at discussresearch.com. Here you can earn extra cash by being a mystery shopper. 

They actually have a much higher rate of pay as they help in developing new products and services every day. 

You can earn about $75-$250 per session and each session is about 60-90 minutes.

There are 3 easy steps to join them: 

  1. Register: Sign up for free, there is a very short and easy form that you need to fill up, but do fill it up correctly and honestly as they will match you to products by the information you provide on this form.
  2. Participate: You will need about 1-2 hours for completing a session and you can do this online or in person.
  3. Get Paid: This step is easy, you will earn about $75-$250 per session and you can cash out through PayPal.

Focus groups are always held on weekday evenings and in convenient locations and it is also held online. 

They will notify you or call you when they need you and you will also have to share your opinions on packaging and advertising along with sampling products.

Interviews are also held face to face or on-call and you can also go shopping with their members. 



Laptop with 2 pens and phone



Contract Testing

Contract Testing is a website found at contracttesting.com. Unlike other websites, they really just concentrate on food.

More than the top 10 food and beverage companies and businesses rely on this site for product testing as they specialize in food.

When you go to their webpage, go to the top right corner or go to the bottom and click on ‘ Become A Tester’ and you will be able to register.

All you have to do is share your honest opinions on various types of foods, beverages, household, and personal care products. 

You have to make a very detailed and correct profile on their site so they can match you with the proper tasks that they want you to do. 

You will be able to sensory testing and eating for them, there are also options of just smelling the food and giving them feedback. 

Like the other sites, they are also looking for observant and detail orientated people as they can always give the best reviews.

You will be paid about $20-$25 per session but it will depend on the length and type of the gig. Each session is about 1 hour. 



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